Linda Chung- My Love Story

I was just browsing through the net and came across…Linda Chung ‘s 2nd album: My Love Story ( pre-order version) available @! I was quite surprised because I would have thought Myolie’s one who have been available for preorder by now (as I recall that it should be released this month?) Linda’s 2nd album (limited pre-order version) will be out on 12 November, 2009 and will come with 7 postcards, stickers, and a photo sticker album XD (I wonder what the normal version would include ^^) I’ve had a sneak peak at “Missing You Day & Night” and thought it as pretty decent~ I like those type of melodies 🙂 Hope the album won’t disappoint!

01. 日夜想你
02. 明爭暗鬥
03. 暗示
04. Fly Me To The Moon
05. 有一天
06. 戀愛令人心痛
07. 生死也為愛
08. Cha Cha Bounce
09. 聽說你愛我
10. 白羊座的情歌
11. 有一天 (國)
12. 讓我繼續愛你 (國)

1. 日夜想你
2. 明爭暗鬥
3. 暗示
4. 有一天
5. 讓我繼續愛你 (國)
6. 有一天 (國)

Here’s an excerpt from YesAsia website:
TVB actress Linda Chung’s first year on the music scene was very promising, as her debut album “A Dinner For One, A World For Two” established her as one of the most popular Canto-pop newcomers of 2008. This year, Linda builds upon her initial success with her second album My Love Story, in which she flexes her creative muscles with encouraging results. The 12-track album contains several songs composed by Linda herself, including the main cut “Missing You Day and Night”, “Live and Die for Love”, and “Someday”. Also included are Linda’s duet with Philip Wei called “Love Hurts”, which is composed by Jay Chou, and two Mandarin numbers. The bonus DVD contains 6 music videos.

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