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23 Responses to “[Lives of Omission] Favourite Couple Poll”

  • Chibi says:

    My vote goes to Laughing and Jodie =) I like watching them way more than Bosco/Kate.

    I can’t really like Bosco/Kate pairing when I dislike the characters themselves. Their on and off relationship just goes in circles and I really question what’s in it apart from their lust and sexual desires of each other. It doesn’t help that I really don’t like Kate’s character. All she really cares about is advancing in her career. Bosco puts much more into the relationship than she does.

    On the other hand, Laughing and Jodie are very natural.

    • sMilEyfACe6881 says:

      lol..i agree about bosco and kate..i thought their relationship was going to be more interesting..and kate’s character just annoys offense..but she didnt really do a good job..i dont like watching kate’s scenes..with or without bosco..i like michael and fala’s relationship was really cute when fala hit micheal when he was playing the violin..and also when they were “spying” on each other..and during the scene where they were both cooking steak..or w/e it was

      -nice tablecloth
      -nice candles
      -nice steak thing

      -newspaper as tablecloth
      -stuck a bunch of birthday candles in his orange
      -bad steak thingy..

      • Chibi says:

        haha yeah :} I also enjoy the kissing/hug scenes between Laughing and Jodie more than the other two. The other two are always kissing, it makes it less interesting it’s almost like we’re just expecting it. Hope something more intriguing will happen though, since it’s still too early to tell.

        I like Laughing’s humour, so cheeky he’s such a flirt XD

    • KTVB says:

      I agree with you chibi! I like Laughing and Jodie together too XD They’re so cute XD XD looking forward to more of their sweet moments together!!

      From Episode 17:
      Laughing and Jodie in Episode 17

    • AC says:

      I totally agree about the Bosco/Kate pairing and I dislike their individual characters as well.

  • Lavendar_Bluez says:

    LAUGHING&JODIE all the way. I love the two!! so adorable!!!they more or less compliment each other well.. haha i loved that part where fala whacked michael’s head while playing the violin too!

    On the other hand…Bosco & Kate…seems very “friends with benefits” ..Kate’s role is so materialistic ..even though she does care. But everytime i see Bosco & Kate..they’ve got to make out etc… it kind of ruins the feeling for this couple..because there hasnt seem to be any relationship development or something to look forward to…. i blame whoever wrote this couple’s storyline

  • Snow says:

    bosco and kate! they r so sweet, even tho they r more like a friends with benefits thing but i think its more than that, its like they cnt live without each other esp. bosco.

  • `Amethyst. says:

    Definitely Laughing and Jodie! Not only do I like Fala but I also watched The Turning Point and I thought Karen and Laughing were really sweet together, sad that she died >_> And I initially thought Laughing and Jodie might not be as cute (Even though Jodie and Karen are the same person) But after the latest episode (And their building chemistry in the other episodes), wow. I love their chemistry. Especially when Jodie confessed, the sweetness was just overwhelming. Laughing and Jodie FTW.

    Michael and Paris are everyone said. Sweet, but like ‘Friends with benefits’! Paris totally went ditched Michael for some party -__- And he did so much for her, ugh >_>

    • echizen says:

      Yeap although Michael is evil but he did put some sincerity into the relationship but Paris is just a big rock who’s all into career and benefits!!

      • `Amethyst. says:

        Thats what I thought but guess we all can’t really blame Paris now. She gave up her body to her mentor to save Michael O.O” Wonder if there’ll be more development for the couple later on…

        In the meantime, still loving Laughing and Jodie! Even though Jodie tries to distance herself from him you can see she’s still very much worried for him. That’s just so adorable :33

        • beanie says:

          Yes Jodie is so much into Laughing and keep worrying about him. That’s so cute. I love Jodie’s cuteness.

        • Chibi says:

          Yeah, I was surprised Kate gave up her body for Bosco, yet still, she comes across as “one of those girls” anyway :/ Wonder if her character will get any better…

  • echizen says:

    The writers are so unfair!!

    Ugh they make Michael and Paris characters as dislikable human beings who are selfish and only want to fullfill their won desires! How can audience vote for them?? There’s only some evident feelings from Michael’s part but so far Paris is all about her career! They should show more of Paris and Michael slow development instead of making them kissing lustly and deeply all the time! This should be rated more than PG!

    Meanwhile all the sweet and step by step development goes to laughing and Jodie!

    Wow I feel sorry for Bosco and Kate. They are too into their characters but their storyline sux and their characters are evil individuals. Blame the writers.

    • echizen says:

      Sorry I just feel as if the writers really hate Kate and Bosco and want to make audience dislike their characters. I feel sorry for them because Kate and Bosco(especially Bosco) look very much absorbed into their character but their characters are just villainous 🙁

  • beanie says:

    Jodie is too adorable and cute! She’s absolutely adorable around Laughing so of course Jodie and Laughing!

    I hate Paris! She doesn’t deserve to be a lawyer at all if she’s willing to do anything to save the bad Michael! I can’t forgive what they both did the pitiful young undercover! I was beginning to think they’re quite sweet in episode 11 and 12 but after Michael tortured the newbie undercover without any remorse and Paris willing to cover Michael I can’t root for this couple!

  • Cammie says:

    Gee, what’s up with this excessive kissing/making out and sexual desires between Michael and Paris? I liked Gong Sir and Lam Yee the most.

  • Suki says:

    Bosco and Kate! Michael and Fala were sweet, but ultimately boring. Bosco and Kate were much more interesting and passionate. They were unpredictable, while Michael and Fala had a very cliche bickering relationship.

  • hehehe says:

    People are going to disagree with me but I actually really liked Michael and Paris. Even though they always broke up and got back together over and over again. Jodie and Laughing were cute but cliche. And I think it’s also an age thing for me. I feel like at Laughing and Jodie’s [characters’] ages, it was just not interesting to watch a romance develop. They were the typical conservative couple that Asian dramas always liked to show. I thought Michael and Paris had a lot more passion and it was different. I don’t see couples in dramas like that a lot.

    At the end I genuinely felt bad for Paris more than I felt bad for Laughing. Laughing and Jodie’s love story was just awkward to me. I don’t think they look good together either.

    Michael and Paris look great together. I feel bad because now I’m slowly starting to ship Kate Tsui and Bosco Wong when I’m suppose to be a Bosco and Myolie fan instead xD

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