August 2008

[Love Exchange] Episode 11-14

I ended up watching this batch of episodes in one go!

Micheal decides that he won’t reveal the truth and leave it as it is because he doesn’t want to affect Anita and her family. However he goes into a depression, going to boxing but he won’t fight back. Luckily with the help of Anita and Power, they were able to bring him back to start his new life, putting the past behind him. The secret/truth does however eventually gets leaked out and Michael’s sister-in law and Anita’s family find out about Dick murdering Angela. Now that the truth is revealed, how will this affect Michael and Anita’s relationship?

Michael and Anita

In episode 12, Anita introduces to Michael one of her clients who needs personal security. Later Anita discovers that her client has actually lodged a false claim for his “injured” leg which in fact has already recovered and has some romantic connection with the ‘doctor’ (women). .Anita is determined to find evidence to report him in and get back the Insurance payment! She asks Michael to help her gather evidence since he was with him (as his bodyguard), but Michael tells her its not part of his job and he’s not supposed to.

Michael helps her give her a massage when she strains her neck.

When Anita’s brother in-law and Michael’ sister in-law comes up and the two immediately separate from each other, clarifying and emphasising there’s nothing going on between them XD I mean..who said they were anyway? XD

Later in the episode, Anita puts a camera in the doctor’s room and does a recording! Later she returns to retrieve it but the doctor sees it and chases after Anita! Luckily Michael was there to save her and pulls her aside. When the women pushes open the door, Michael helps Anita by pretending they were kissing each other to distract the women, omg, sooo sweet! XD

Michael: Do you need to call the cops?
Anita: We’re grown ups..we don’t need to report this kind of stuff… (thinking Michael was referring to what he did to her)
Michael: I’m talking about the man’s fake insurance claim.
Anita: oh..*nods* yea, yea we need to report him..

Such a cute scene!! You can tell the two felt something towards each other but trying to brush that feeling/idea away and act ‘normal’.

There were some awkward scenes between the two afterwards when they exchanged glances. On one job when Michael had to protect a grave, and Insurance was bought on it, Anita and Micheal stayed overnight together to look after the grave and to protect the assets which were in it with the corpse. While the two were sitting together, Michael was telling Anita about a girl that he liked back when they went camping when he was young. He took her out one night and just like the current moment, it was cold and so he gave his jacket to her. Michael said that they slowly moved closer to each other and he eventually hugged her. Anita was really excited about the story and grabbed onto Michael’s arm “Did you kiss her?” At that moment, Anita and Michael’s faces were so close to each other XD As much as I had hoped, the two did not end up kissing each other and Anita broken the silence lol ^^;

The two also went boxing together and afterwards they went to a bar for some snacks and drinks where they shared and exchanged drinks and food. Mandy Cho was watching at a distance with Jimmy Au getting extremely jealous XD

All things seem to be going well for Anita now.~ she has been getting really good results at work and she was awarded for her great efforts in catching fake insurance claim. Later she also gets promoted to the same level of Krystal =)

Power and Krystal

In a scene where Power is at Krystal’s house, Power gives her his credit card when she commented on some expensive bags and shoes but she refuses to take it. She’s happy spending her own money, and she won’t buy really expensive bags and shoes because she can’t depend on them for life and would rather save money to give her a sense of security.

Power: You have so little trust me in? I said I’ll take care of you- today I will, forever after I will.
Krystal: The future is hard to say. The thing you just said, isn’t the first time someone has told me.
Power: I really want to know who that person is, that is able to make you love so deeply, and hurt you so deeply.
Krystal: *amused* You’re not jealous are you?
Power: To me he doesn’t exist, I’m just heartbroken for you. Promise me to forget all the sad things in the past. I want you to be happy every single day, it’s true.

I can no longer hate this couple, even though they are having an affair. They seem to truly love each other and you just cant hate them anymore. Their exchanges are quite interesting to watch and they seem so compatible in personality and background-wise. It feels like its the dilemma of Power getting married to the wrong women, and not wanting to hurt her. I sort of hope things just stay how it is and Tracy never finds out ..butI doubt it it would..

Because of a button on Power’s shirt, Tracy suspects that her husband is seeing another women. Her father (Lau Kong) goes to investigate on him and they mistaken Anita as the women he was seeing, spilling red ink on her, telling her ‘that was what she got for messing with someone else’s husband’. Angered and shocked by what had happened, Anita couldn’t stand it any longer and angrily blurted out to Power and Krystal that she knew they were having an affair all along and it was because of them she was attacked! Someone else has realised the two were having an affair!

After this incident, Krystal decided to break up with Power because she didn’t want Power’s family finding out or for him to risk it. She also didn’t want to force Power to make up for her, because that type of pressure wasn’t the type of relationship they were both after. Power reluctantly agrees not to see her other than at work.

While Krystal and Anita were having lunch together:
Anita: When I talk about you two now I’m so much more relaxed.
Krystal: I was sitting here just now, worried that you wouldn’t turn up. I’m so useless, I always said I don’t need friends but then I’m worried you wouldn’t come, I’m such a failure.
Anita: I really did think about not coming, but after some thought, if I lost a good friend just like that it’s not worth it.

Krystal tried giving herself chances, and to break it off him once and for all. Anita even tried helping her by introducing Ai Wai to her (of course that didn’t turn out XD) . On Krystal’s birthday, her colleagues celebrated with her with a birthday cake and ‘someone’ sent her a bunch of ‘forget me not’ flowers…

Later that night on the streets, Krystal received an sms birthday message from Power and she was really happy. However, she turns around and looks up in a building where she sees Power and Tracy having dinner together…

In one incident when Power went overseas for a business trip, a plane accident happens on the flight of his return and thinking he got onto that plan, Krystal was really worried and scared that she would lose him. She went everywhere in hope to find out news about the plane accident and when Power got back safely(having changed his flight) the first thing he did was go to find her~ The two confessed their feelings for one another, saying she knew clearly in her heart she cannot live without him and he is the one she loves most. She also regretted leaving him and doesn’t want to make any more regrets in her life. Similar, Power confessed that when he thought about what would happen if he got on that flight, she was the only person on his mind and he knew she was the most important person to him! Like that, the two got back together..

As the two hugged each other other on the streets, Tracey was the her car and she saw the two as she drove pass!!

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