August 2008

[Love Exchange] Episode 15

In hope that Krystal would back off, Tracy holds a 5th year anniversary party for her and Power (Anson) She gets Krystal to shop with her and helping out in organising the party. During the party, the Insurance company work mates get Krystal to go on stage to sing a song for them (since they say he’s a good singer)Later, they also drag Power up on stage to sing with her, making Tracy even more angry and upset!

Back at the house, Tracy slaps Krystal across the face, confronting her that she knows the truth, telling her to back off.

The next day, Krystal takes a sick day leave and Power goes to find Krystal again that night. As Power leaves Krystal’s house, Tracy watches the two from a distance.

Krystal: You saw everything.
Tracy: Anson is my husband, we have a marriage certificate, we are legally husband and wife! Don’t bother him again!
Krystal: I think the word ‘bothering’ isn’t that appropriate. I didn’t call him to come today, he came himself. Also, the day of the plane accident, the first thing he did when he got off the plane was to find me. Do you know what he said to me? At life and death situation, the one who he misses the most is me. So strictly speaking, your husband is the one who shouldn’t bother me, not the other way around.
Tracy: You’ve done it too much. There are so many men you don’t go after, you have to go after my husband!?
Krystal: I’ve always been very open minded when it comes to relationships. I’ve never thought about fighting over it with you because I can’t win. It’s because you are his wife. But I should really thank you for slapping me yesterday. It woke me up. Why should I have to put myself down? The one he loves is me. Why should I let go?
Tracy: He wouldn’t love you, he only loves me!
Krystal: We’re both women, who does he loves? You know clearly in your heart. You gave him a million dollar worth watch, so what? You think you can keep him? I was only feeling a little unwell, he came to find me right away.
Tracy: He won’t like you! He will never like you!
Krystal: If you’re so sure, when you saw us before why didn’t you come out as ask him for the truth? It’s because you’re scared. You’re scared that once you ask Anson, he’ll choose me and not you.
Tracy: Don’t say anymore, don’t say anymore..! *Tracy wants to slap Krystal but Krystal holds onto her wrist*
Krystal: Being a women you should know  if you don’t want to lose your husband, the best way is to endure/tolerate it.

From that moment on, there is a ‘war’ going on between Krystal and Tracy. The two women know that the each of them know but Power doesn’t.

In another scene, Krystal watches Tracy and Power from afar. Power tells Tracy about his plans about setting up a old people/retirement village and if the project suceeds, Tracy’s father would let him join his company. Soon, Tracy and Power could work together.

Who will win in the end? This is getting excitig ^^

On the other hand, while Michael was on his job with his team in protecting a dog, Anita buys Michael a boxing set equipment to play with in case he was bored. Later, Michael gets jealous when his cop friend (played by Ai Wai) is interested in Anita. Ai Wai claims that Anita and himself are in love and this really bothers Michael. When Michael saw that the boxing equipment that Anita bought him was broken by Mandy (on accident), he becomes really angry and tells her off.

Michael: Ji Yiu (Anita) gave it to me! How can you break it!?
Mandy: It’s already broken , I was scared you’ll yell at me!
Michael: If you’re afraid I’ll yell at you, you shouldn’t touch my things! I don’t get you! How could a girl be so aggressive? can’t you be more gentle!?
 Mandy: Before if i did anything wrong, you wouldn’t yell me me like this. Now because of something someone gave you, you’re yelling at me!

Later a man breaks into the house and attempts to get the dog but gets arrested. However the dog escapes when the door was left open and Michael and Anita go out to find it. After they find the dog, the dog walks around them, tying their legs together and almost trips the two over. Anita’s mother in-law sees the two holding each other/supporting each other and is not happy. Later at home, Anita’s mother in-law tells Anita not fall in love with him because their relationship is too complex.

At the end of the episode, Michael’s sister in-law finds a book that belonged to Angela, and Michael remembers Angela once reading the book and was moved to tears. The story was about a girl who was stuck in deciding between her husband and another man but in the end she realized the one she truly loved was her husband. At the back of the book, a message was left behind by Angela, dated a few days before her death saying how much she values her husband.

On the other hand, when  Anita was looking at the wedding photo taken with Dick, a CD falls out behind the frame! It turns out that it contained the original video clip (uncut version) of the file he sent to her in the USB in episode 1. Dick’s apology was indeed not about having an affair, but the fact that he has engaged in illegal dealings to earn quick money (changing over ‘black’ money into ‘normal’ money)! He has decided to stop but he fears the people won’t let him off the hook that easily…

Michael and Anita suspects that perhaps, the two were really not having an affair, but were in fact murdered!! Now this is shocking!

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