August 2008

[Love Exchange] Episode 16

Such an exciting episode!!

Michael and Power were having a talk where Michael admits to Power than he and Anita have developed feelings for each other.

Michael: Everything I did before, I always believed there were either black, or white. There would never be an in-between. Bonnie’s death, is like god testing my judgment. When I thought I figured out the truth, there would be another finding.
Power: What clue did you find out this time?
Michael: I’ve always been searching for the truth, but the more I find out, I get more confused.
Power: I’ve always been trying to convince you not to be so stubborn.
Michael: How can I let go now that I’ve figured out this far?
Power: What if you never find out the truth for your whole life? Dead people are gone, but you’re still here alive. Do you want the rest of your life gone like this? If Bonnie loved you, she wouldn’t want you to be lonely for the rest of your life.
Michael: It’s not that I didn’t try. But in the end, we still have a ‘chi'(splinter?)
Power: ‘We’? You and Zita?
Michael: Funny isn’t it? My wife is suspected of having an affair with her husband. As a result, it made me and Ji Yiu(Anita) develop feelings for one another.
Power: It’s not strange, only in trouble will you find true love. Only you two understand each others feelings the most.
Michael: It’s because I understand how she feels, our feelings can’t progress further. She still has to face her mother in-law and brother in-law. Comparing to me, the pressure she is facing is even greater. I don’t want to force her.
Power: You two still have to many things to consider. I feel your pain.

The ‘battle’ between Tracy(Sophie) and  Krystal(Jackie) continues. Power and Tracy come out together from watching a movie and Krystal calls Power, saying she wanted to watch that movie a long time but he never got the time to watch it with her so she watched it herself and she happened to sit in the row behind them. She tells Power that she really wants to see him, even for a bit and was in the next level below. Power hesitates but does, telling Tracey that he need to go to the bathroom. As Power walks away, Krystal calls Tracy, telling her that Power has actually gone to see her! Tracy was so angry and upset as she watches Power find Krystal. Tracy had to hold back her anger and pretend she didn’t know…poor thing! (I find myself rooting for Krystal though, even if it’s wrong XD)

Tracy decides to go find Anita and asks her whether she knew about Power and Krystal’s relationship. Unable to answer, she indirectly admits and Anita quickly defends by saying it was in the past. Tracy tells Anita that Krystal must have lied to her because they were still seeing each other. Krystal is  in charge of Tracy’s Insurance, so Tracy transferred it to Anita instead.  This ‘war’ is getting exciting! When Krystal finds out Anita has ‘taken’ her client,  Krystal becomes  really angry at Anita and confronts her, saying she is on Tracy’s side! An argument broke out as Anita continuously told Krystal not to interfere in the relationship.

Krystal: Anson loves me more than he loves Sophie.
Anita: Even if he loves you more, but for his own interest, how much does the word ‘love’ worth? A woman can give up the world for a man, but if a man wants to get the world, he would give up the woman.
Krystal: I am not an ordinary woman. Anson isn’t an ordinary man. I will help him get the whole world.
Anita: When will you wake up? Every women thinks that they are placed differently in a man’s heart. Don’t be so naive!
Krystal: Enough! I’m not here today to listen to you talk about principles. I just need to you answer me, are you helping me or Sophie?
Anita: You will always be my best friend.
Krystal: So you’re helping me?
Anita: I once thought that Dick was seeing someone else, so I really understand how it feels to know my husband is cheating on me.
Krystal: Ok, I know clearly where you stand.
Anita: Jackie, you’ll always be my best friend!
Krystal: Stop talking about friends! I told you before, I don’t need friends!

Suddenly, a man named Daniel appears, looking for Michael and more of the truth is unfolded and revealed!! omg..Daniel is actually Angela’s obstetrician and he knows that she really wanted to have a baby but because of something in the past, it was really hard for her to be pregnant. She kept this a secret from Michael because she knew he really wanted children. The doctor secretly fell in love with Angela but was afraid to express his feelings towards her. He wrote messages on the stars and gave it to Angela in hope she would see it someday. He also stuck the message on the wine bottle, and hoped she would see it after the bottle was finished. However, Angela ended up giving the wine to Dick instead. So …the person who left Angela love messages signed ‘D’ was actually Daniel and not Dick! When Michael went on his business trip for a month, Angela finds out she was pregnant but soon loses the baby and can never give birth again. Dick was the one who sent her to the hospital and when the doctor saw Dick comforting her, he got really jealous. One day, the doctor went to Angela’s house …

Angela: Thanks for visiting me everyday, but I’m already feeling a lot better, I don’t want to bother you again.
Doctor Daniel: Don’t say that. Can’t you feel it at all? The feelings I have for you? Don’t torture yourself anymore, leave your husband.
Angela: No, I love my husband a lot.
Daniel:  You’ll only feel guilty facing him.
Angela: Yes, I can’t help him have children, I feel guilty so I’ve decided to have a divorce with him. But..but that doesn’t mean I have to accept you. I want to thank you for your kind thoughts, but please don’t bother me again.
Daniel: Why!? Why won’t you accept me??
Angela: Don’t come near me! Let go!
*Dick opens the door and comes in and Angela runs and hides behind him*
Dick: You..why are you bothering Bonnie again? You think she’s not frustrated enough?
Daniel *points at Angela*: You said you still love your husband? It’s fake! You’re having an affair with him! *Dick punches the doctor*
Dick: What are you saying!? Bonnie and I are clear. Don’t put us down! Can’t you see? *puts up his fist showing his wedding ring* I’m married! I have a wife! My wife and I are very in love! Not like you~ breaking up someone’s family!
Daniel: But why do you have the house keys?
Dick: Her husband isn’t in Hong Kong! I was worried if something happens to her and no one knows! That’s why I asked for her keys so I can take care of her!

I like the friendship/bond between Dick and Bonnie (Angela)..aww the truth is quite sad. So all along..Angela and Dick weren’t having an affair after all!! Angela and Dick were just good friends and I can’t imagine how Michael and Anita would have felt after finding it out..both whom blamed their husband and wife, thinking they cheated on them..I pity them..

They also find out the man who didn’t give his statement when the incident occurred-the man who was working on the house (Anita and Dick were about to move into). It turned out that night, he took a women and slept in the new house, but heard a car noise the during the night. Thinking it was the landlords, i.e Dick or Anita, the two escaped quickly. Only taking one glance back as they dashed out, he saw a person wearing a cap at the car (where Dick and Bonnie were found dead) pushing the door shut!! Could the man wearing a cap be Power (Anson)??

Later at the office, a newcomer delivers the wrong reports to Anita’s office and Anita notices something wrong with Krystal (Jackie)’s client history. A huge amount of money has been put in and taken out in one go and she suspects that someone was illegally using the Insurance company to change over the ‘black money’! When Anita was planning to ask Krystal about it, she bumps into Power at the door so she tells him everything about it. Power then revealed that the client was handed over to Krystal, but the client originally belonged to Dick!! OMG, the pieces of the puzzles are  finally coming together! Could this be what Dick was referring to in the video??
Power is finally given a chance to prove himself worthy of joining her father in-law’s company and he grasps this opportunity. Believing he has come a step closer to realizing his dream in working for the company, he invites Krystal out to celebrate and tells her the news. Instead of being happy for him, Krystal’s insecurities show and becomes upset when Power suggests that they do not see each other in the upcoming three months. Power thinks she is being unreasonable but Krystal is angry that he would choose career over her. She feels he is implying they break up as he returns back to his wife and his father in-law’s company. Krystal was in tears as she drove away, having ‘losing him’ and suddenly flashbacks of sad memories flood her mind. She remembers how her ex-bf left her when she begged him to stay, but he just pushed her own to floor. It was then she had ‘awoken’, saying Anson has become what her ex-boyfriend was before!! Wil she turn evil and seek revenge??

3 Responses to “[Love Exchange] Episode 16”

  • kinki says:

    Personally, I really liked the shopping mall scene (I was rooting for Jackie too, lol) To me, Sophie looks more evil than Jackie at times. Was it planned or was it Tracy’s poor acting?

    I was (still) rooting for Anson & Jackie @ this point (ep16).

    I finished the episode a couple of weeks ago. Before I spoil anything for anyone, me gonna keep my mouth shut on the rest of it until Kerry post again. =P

  • Rin says:

    I was totally shocked when I was watching this episode! I was like wow.. didn’t expect that lol.
    I thought Crystal was really mean when she purposely did that to anger Tracy.
    At this point, I don’t really like Anson…

    I finished this series already so I don’t want to say anything else that might spoil it.

  • KTVB says:

    To kinki: I’m not sure lol I think its a bit of both- Tracy being angry and a bit of her acting skills. But yesh! I’ve been rooting for Jackie and Anson too!

    To Rin: I think the series will start to pick up from here!

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