August 2008

[Love Exchange] Episode 17

Power goes to apologise to Krystal and ends up spending the night with her. He manages to reassure his love for her and convinces Krystal that three months will go quickly and that he will return to her once he’s done with the project.

The Police are getting more clues and have arrested some man who is linked to the ‘black money’ activities but the man won’t admit who is behind it all (because he is getting money for covering it up). Michael becomes frustrated and gets drunk and Mandy drives him home. When she stopped her car, she confesses her feelings for her but he doesn’t hear it and attempts to kiss him but he wakes up before she does.

Michael pretends to be a lawyer from the real bad guy ‘boss’, going to find the arrested man’s wife, pretending to only give him $10,000 instead of the previous agreed $1m. They successfully fool her in thinking the bad guy is not giving them enough money to cover up the truth from the police. Through her words, she mentions the company Kong Lau (Power’s father in-law) owns!!

Because of the previous suspicions of Lau Kong’s evil doings, Michael goes to find Power and tells him about his findings in hope Power would help him find evidence against his father in-law! Power claims he doesn’t know anything and won’t help him go against his own father in-law. Michael secretly put in a hearing device in Power’s car but gets found! Knowing that Michael must have done it, Power goes to confront Michael for using him/betraying him and they have an argument, where Power declares they are no longer friends! As a result, Power’s father in-law cancels all Michael’s security jobs and is now harder to get close to them for more information.

Krystal’s mother appears, often spying on her from a distance but Krystal hates her and will not acknowledge her as her mother. Diagnosed with Cancer, Anita tries to convince Krystal to go see her but she wouldn’t listen.

Despite promising Power not to ‘bother’ him for the coming three months, Krystal tries to call him but he says he was very busy with his project. However, she sees him shopping for clothes with his wife and becomes extremely jealous. When she tried calling him the second time, he simply hung up on her. As Krystal was getting depressed etc she started to get sick again and Anita once again took her to see the doctors. There she sees Tracy who tells her than she has Power’s baby! Krystal became so angry because it was obvious that she was’ losing in the battle’. Thus, she lures Power to see her again at her home by pretending she was so sick that she couldn’t get out of her bed. Power was frustrated to see had lied to him and she tries to gets all over him, saying she wants to give birth to his child. Power angrily rejects her, seeing that she was acting ridiculous and being irrational, getting in his way from achieving his goal and leaves! Torn-up by the rejection, Krystal takes out the camera which she had secretly hid in her home, containing pictures/recording of what just happened (with Krystal all over him)! Krystal sends the photos to Power’s father in-law!

Getting everyone out of the house, Power’s father in-law confronts Power for cheating on his daughter! He will never let him into the company and leave him with nothing! Power begged so badly for one more chance but he refuses and in a struggle, Lau Kong falls down the stairs! His heart-problems starting acting up again but Power decides not to save him and let him die! Power also admits to him that he knew Michael had put the hearing device in his car..its all part of some plan?? This whole plot is sounding so familiar! omg..Power..the true villain. I knew he was suspicious from the beginning!

3 Responses to “[Love Exchange] Episode 17”

  • sugar says:

    i thought he was dead. *silly me*
    but guess he isn’t xD

  • KantariKara says:

    hahaha. keep these summaries up k!!

  • KTVB says:

    To sugar: lol!! me too!! XD

    To KantariKara: lol its great to see you’re still following the summaries ^^ have you finished watching the series ?

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