August 2008

[Love Exchange] Episode 18

Lau Kong (Power’s father in-law) gets into a coma, and Power convinces Tracy to let him manage his group of companies. At the hospital, Lau Kong’s assistant tells Tracy that the day before the accident, Lau Kong found out Power was cheating on her and implies it may have something to do with the accident. Power overhears the conversation to realise Tracey already knew about the affair, and doesn’t mind as long as he ‘knows his way back home’. She trusts Power and still loves him a lot. Upon hearing this, Power uses Tracy even more! Argh…annoys me so much that he’s so confident Tracy will tolerate him and continue to support him, so he openly goes to find Krystal..now he’ is free to do anything without worrying his wife will have a divorce with him!! argh!! She’s so dependent on him >_<

Michael overhears Ai Wai attempting to ask Anita out to go Macau or have a trip with him for his birthday and she hesitates, saying they’re not even that close. Michael helps her out of the situation and only then, did Anita realised AiWai likes her XD

She asks Michael for help and he encourages him to confess his love to Anita during his birthday party to force Anita to reject him in front of everyone. So slack xD The poor guy honestly believed Anita loved him back.

With the help of Anita, Krystal forgives her mother, spending the last 3 months happily with her =)

Power went to beg for Krystal’s forgiveness, saying he doesn’t want to break up with her etc and Krystal falls for it again…this time however, he uses her against Tracy >_< Back at the company, the other shareholders do not accept Power so he deliberately makes Tracy desperate to keep her husband by letting Tracy see him having lunch with Krystal and her mother. He then puts on an act, saying he doesn’t feel like a part of the family and is thinking about a divorce.  Tracy returns to the company and backs up Power….

Once Power takes control of the company, he sacks Lau Kong’s assistant and Power goes to find him at the car park, ‘thanking him’ for taking the photos. The assistant reveals that he didn’t take those photos, but someone sent it to him in express mail!

Power realises that Krystal was the one who had betrayed him!! He confronts Krystal and officially breaks off his relationship with her. With the power he has now, he doesn’t need Krystal anymore and reveals that its all just a game. He also tells her how he used her to get back at Tracy as well ><  Poor Krystal!!…argh..I feel it for her!!

The next scene, Krystal goes into Anita’s office who finds her draw stuck and it won’t close. Krystal suggests to her to take it out because most likely something is stuck at the bottom. There turns out to be a USB and Krystal said it was could be Dick’s since Anita was using Dick’s old office! I have a major feeling Krystal put it there…a revenge on Power for the way he treated her..I mean, there’s no way Krystal can act normal after Power left her-being ‘betrayed’ by another guy in her life.

In it had data about Dick’s bank accounts and transactions. Michael checks the account where large sums of money has been transferred and the account belong to Power!! They suspect Power was the one who got Dick to do the ‘dirty work’ and change over the illegal black money. Michael decides to talk to Power (other thing is, I remember the last time they spoke, they declared to be enemies, why are they acting like friends again?) confronting him with the evidence he found. Michael asks him what is most important to him. Power replies ‘ friends and family’ (what a lie!) He asked Power whether he was the one who killed Dick and Bonnie and he didn’t deny it. However, Power said he would seriously think over what has just been said, and that he will take responsibility for anything he did.

In the next scene, a drunk-like Power goes to the Police station admitting he was the one who used black money and cheated the Insurance company, also killing Dick and Bonnie ..what is he up to?? It doesn’t make sense for him to really admit killing someone, not with what everything he has >< It’s probably another scheme and probably going to put the blame on Michael or something! But I can’t figure out his plan! Evil person..

2 Responses to “[Love Exchange] Episode 18”

  • sugar says:

    ^ haha. that’s what i thought when he admitted it. have you finished this series? i got one more episode left. ^^

  • KTVB says:

    I finished the series, but will have to get the Episode 19 and 20 summaries/thoughts up soon XD

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