August 2008

[Love Exchange] Episode 19

Getting more intense!

Power confesses to the police that he was involved with ‘cleaning’ the black money with Dick and because Dick wanted to withdraw from the illegal activities, Power decided to kill him off. He followed Dick to a bar where he saw him with Bonnie, both drinking a lot. Later the two drove to Dick’s new house where Power made him unconscious and drugged him, suffocating them to death >< He made them look like they were having an affair..and just like that, Bonnie was killed as well. She was an innocent victim because she was ‘conveniently’ there with Dick.

I think this is all part of Power’s scheme, pretending to be drunk and  ‘accidentally’ out of guilt confessing the truth. However, later on the police find out from records that Power has actually left HongKong during the time of the incident, thus concluded that Power was only lying, and in fact not the murderer.  Power implied he was trying to cover up his father in-law’s doing..how evil of him to put the blame on his someone who is in coma!

Anita offers to take Krystal’s mother out for a day along with Michael’s sister in-law and her brother in-law. They have a really good time and they have dinner back at home. Before Anita takes Krystal’s mother back to the hospital, she was worried she would get cold so took her into her room to get her a scarf. There Krystal’s mother is shocked when she sees Dick and Anita’s wedding photo, questioning her who that man was. Krystal’s mother seemed really sad as she stared at the photo…

Soon after, Krystal’s mother passes away because of the cancer and Krystal was unable to see her for the final time..aww…feel so sad for her. They had such a short time together =(


After she left, a nurse gave a letter to Anita, in which Krystal’s mother left for her before she passed away; revealing that the man her daughter had an affair with and even got an abortion for their baby was Dick! ahhhh!!! Shocker! I’d never expected the man she had previously loved so much was Dick !! They didn’t show his face before so I assumed it was some guy she had a bad experience with at the end. Krystal’s mother had only realised Dick was Anita’s husband after seeing the wedding photo in her room! She tried to beg Anita for forgiveness and explain how much Krystal regrets and feels guilt about it too..

Krystal gets in depression after her mother’s death and calls Power to come see her. He doesn’t care about her at all, but when she threatened that she’ll kill herself, Power makes up an excuse for his wife and goes to find her. Before he arrives, Anita arrives and confronts Krystal with the letter! Anita breaks off her friendship with Krystal as she couldn’t forgive her for lying to her all this time when she really treated Krystal as her real sister… In the next scene (next morning) , Power and Tracy are watching the news where a woman (Krystal) has been sent to hospital after attempting to commit suicide! We never see Power actually arrive…so I’m guessing that Power is the one who was behind it!!Maybe he heard something!!

While Anita and Michael were driving on the road, she gets distracted and they get into a car accident. Half the car gets on flames as the two struggle to get out and Michael’s seat belt is stuck!!

3 Responses to “[Love Exchange] Episode 19”

  • sugar says:

    ^ I thought someone did stuff to the car that caused it to flip and crash xD

    1 more episode left. :]

  • Ivy says:

    Is there a review for episode 20?

  • KTVB says:

    Not written yet ^^; Its very very delayed =[

    I shall have it up in the next few days!:) Thanks for reading!

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