July 2008

[Love Exchange] Episode 2

It turns out Michael had used Anita as part of his plan to lure out the man. He previously leaked out information on the internet about Dick’s USB containing important data. Anita was more angry when she found out he had planned it and decided to risk putting her in danger. Michael had given Anita an empty USB which the man stole and so he thinks it has something to do with Dick and Bonnie (Angela)’s death. They took the matter to the police and turns out Michael used to be a cop too. After rewatching the video clip, they realized 1/2 hour of the clip was deleted off, but Anita didn’t want to investigate the matter further since her husband was already dead.

Michael returns to his job after taking a ‘break’ and he works in security as the head.

There are elements of the story that remind me of Catch Me Now, like how Michael works as a Body/Security Guard (much like Sharon’s character), leading a team of 5.  They also use the balcony scene (like one at Damien’s meeting place) and Anita’s housewife character reminds me of Idy’s YungYung character (just a bit). In Michael’s team, there is one girl (played by Mandy Cho) who’s a great fighter, nicknamed “Little dragon girl” and said to outstanding the other male team members. She seems to have a secret crush on Michael’s character ^^; Lead by ‘Master mind’ Michael, the team are highly skilled and professional, and with his clever arrangement, they are able to complete their jobs, such as protecting the stars from the paparazzi, luring them away.

Despite Anita refusing to help, Michael continues with the investigation to find the tattooed man and with help from a team member, he managed to locate the tattoo store where it was done, the ‘group’  the man was in, and finally the man’s home. The man’s wife was there, saying her husband ran away and left them after he found out he had cancer and the insurance company in which he bought insurance from wouldn’t let him claim the insurance.

On the other hand, being a housewife for awhile, Anita struggles to find a decent job but ends up getting employed at a supermarket store whose manager does not treat her well.  On her lunch break, the tattooed man follows her and captures her as hostage, demanding for $1million, saying her husband Dick was the insurance agent who tricked him. Michael arrives asking him why he took Dicks hard disk and USB, and whether there were anymore secrets. When the man realized Michael didn’t bring any money, he attempted to commit suicide with Anita and jumps off the building! Anita gets saved but the man falls off and dies. Their last bit of ‘clue’ was gone and Michael is now left clueless in finding out the truth.

Back at work, Anita gets verbally abused by her senior again and again. This is where Power makes his first appearance in the series. When Power saw the bullying, he defends for her and takes her away. He is actually Dick’s boss at the Insurance company and seeing her in the financially difficult position she was in, offers her a job in sales. Anita has no experience but Power is offering to look out for her. Krystal also makes her appearance, another Insurance agent who worked at the same level as Dick, Power’s two managers. Anita will be working under Krystal’s team. Power seems to be a pretty calm, nice guy and Krystal is very professional and skilled. Krystal seems to be very competitive and can be the ruthless type to get where she wants to be.

However, I just think there’s more to Krystal and Power, they seem a bit suspicious to me. I don’t like Krystal’s character and I do think these two have something to do with the deaths. Could it be that Power is taking in Anita because he feels he owes her? When Krystal was having lunch with Anita, Krystal started questioning her about her relationship with Dick, and what he tells her about work. Anita tells her that she doesn’t know much about what Dick faces at work, nor does he talk much about his colleagues..

In order to keep up and work harder with her job, Anita stays at the company late at night. When Anita was alone in the washroom, the lights start flicking on and off and she tried to clam herself down, saying it wasn’t a TV series and that usually, at ‘this’ moment, a ghost will appear in the toilet. When she pushed open the toilet door, a ghost appeared!! Anita screamed!! And I screamed!! LOL I don’t think its supposed to be a horror film but it still freaked me out XD Anita ran to open the door to the toilet but it was locked!!

6 Responses to “[Love Exchange] Episode 2”

  • me says:

    i loved how anita was saying how in movies a ghost would pop out when she opened the door.
    then she opened the door and that “ghost” popped out
    haha i was laughing so hard 😀

  • tony says:

    lol KFORTVB i laughed when u said u screamed when anita screamed LOL ! i guess your not a fan of horror flicks ?

  • F.B.I says:

    I found that part kinda expected 😛 and also had a bit of spoilers from news of people complaining…I also found it a bit similar to CMN 😛 lots in common I guess

  • kat says:

    Anita’s character in LE is so cute and humorous =)

  • Jadedreams says:

    haha me too! it was hilarious although i think that particular scene…it took a little bit longer than I expected so that makes it a little freaky.

    i agree with you about Power’s character being suspicious. It seems his expressions is always a little more than expected whenever the death of ah Dick is needed.

  • KTVB says:

    To me: ahaha yea, and Anita’s quite cute there too xD All those expressions haha

    To tony: LOL err..yea, I’m not a fan of horror lol I mean, I was even expecting a ‘ghost’ to appear, but it still freaked me out xD

    To kat: agreed!

    To Jadedreams: It makes everything more exciting XD Might be scary to find out more about his personality than what appears on the surface

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