July 2008

[Love Exchange] Episode 3

Anita wakes up in hospital where Michael tells her that the people found her fainted at the office. Anita gets so scared from seeing the ghost that she thought about quitting her job, but later decides to stay because she needed the money. For Anita’s safety, and the fact he thinks Dick’s death might have something to do with his workplace, Michael decides to go with her to work in the morning to investigate the ‘ghost’ situation and he discovers clues that perhaps someone within the office was pretending to be a ghost to scare her.

There, he meets Power and he pretends to be Dick’s old classmate. The two have a chat in Power’s office where Power revealed that Dick was a really hard worker and a really good help. He loves his wife a lot, but often sees/ ‘plays around’ with other women, but he didn’t know he’ll play to the extreme of death. As a boss and a friend, Power claims he has tried to remind him/look out for him once in a while, but he didn’t ask Dick about it much because everyone has heir own privacy and secrets. When Michael asked whether he knew the girl who died with him, he mentions that he ‘thinks’ she was a property agent. Somehow I don’t trust what Power is saying and I think he’s just trying to cover up the possibility of his involvement in his death..Power probably knows more than what he claims to know..

Learning that Michael works as a bodyguard, Power asks him to provide the security for his wife’s performance party event at his home. Power lives with his wife Sophie (played by Tracey Yip) and her father, coming from a very rich family. The celebration at night was for Tracy’s success in winning some performance award. Wow..rich families lol somehow she seems spoilt XD Tracey is really pretty and elegant, a kind-hearted person who has a father who loves her a lot. It is mentioned that Power, however, does not work for his family businesses, instead on his own at the Insurance company.

On the other hand, Krystal is extremely annoyed by Anita’s poor performance in front of a client and scolds at her. She tells Anita about a ‘difficult’ potential client and said she’ll let her stay in her team if she can convince him to buy an insurance.

Whilte Tracey was playing the violin, we see a shot of Krystal watching her. I can’t really describe her face expression but she doesn’t look very happy..
During the night of the performance celebration, which Michael is at work with his team, Anita was alone at the office working on her proposal. She gets freaked out because she received two phone calls with no voices, so calls him to calm herself down. The office lights suddenly start flicking again!!’…that was pretty funny, and she was holding out the Christian crosses, the bible? and Buddha things XD Anita is hilarious lol And the lights eventually turned on again.

Being relieved in thinking her mystical charms helped scare the ghosts away, all the phones in the office suddenly start ringing~ and two Green Ghosts appear, almost scaring her to death again! XD Luckily Michael and Power arrive and help fight off and arrest the 2 ‘ghosts. It turns out it was two of her colleagues who didn’t like her pulling down the team effort and the fact Krystal gave away two of their clients to her. Michael gets in trouble from Power’s father in-law for leaving the house while he was supposed to be on security, but luckily Power was there to defend him and Michael seemed very impressed by the way Power handled the situation.

Anita kept getting rejected again and again by the customer and was feeling very down. Michael saw her and decided to give her hints/techniques on sales, and at the end of the episode Anita eventually successfully does ^^

In attempt to help Anita’s brother in-law get away from these bad teenagers, the watch Angela bought Michael breaks. Anita and Michael have a chat over the phone about their husband/wife.

At night, a girl appears drunk on the street where Anita’s brother in-law finds her. He had no choice but to take her home. She gets kicked out of the house by Anita’s mother in-law when they find her the next morning. Michael appears at the doorway, revealing that she was actually his sister in-law (Angela’s sister). Michael was shocked to see her, and appeared veryr worried about her, asking when she had returned to Hong Kong and whether she had received the messages he has previously sent her. Angela’s sister is extremely angry to see him and angrily shouts back that he was the one who caused her sister to die!

3 Responses to “[Love Exchange] Episode 3”

  • Jadedreams says:

    How do you like Michael Mui’s sister in law in the series? She looks like someone, but I just can’t pinpoint it. But her voice….too high and screechy for me.

    and Yoyo and Power Chan just doesn’t match looks-wise.

  • KTVB says:

    I don’t like Michael’s sister in-law, her character is quite annoying and acting (especially her voice) is irritating =\ I wonder who she is and how old she is. Probably got through into the story as

    She looks a bit like Isabelle (the singer)I think.
    Do you mean Power Chan and Tracey Ip? or Krystal?

  • Kat says:

    When ‘ying ying’ first appeared, I thought she resembled Cherie Chan 陳少霞 (A former TVB actress) http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Cherie_Chan

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