July 2008

[Love Exchange] Episode 4-5

Michael’s sister in-law returns from America and she seems to have grudges against him. Michael told Anita that their relationship used to be really good but after she returned, he doesn’t understand why she didn’t go find him. It turns out she hated him because she felt that he took his sister away from her after they got married (was she jealous Angela spent more time with him than her?), which she believed was also the reason he sent her away to study aboard. Michael cares about her a lot and is often seen overprotective which causes her to hate him even more, constantly making all the decisions for her. Anita is there to help Michael, looking out for her and the two get along pretty well. Michael’s sister in-law eventually accepts him. I don’t like Michael’s sister in-law much , she can’t act and I don’t feel much for her character. I do find it pretty interesting that Dick’s brother and Angela’s sister are around the same age with such a big age  gap with their bro/sis too.

Anita is facing pressure at work, dragging down the team effort and unable to get anymore clients. Krystal calls Anita into her office.

Krystal receives a bunch of flowers and after reading the card, she tosses it in the bin XD Perhaps she’s already interested in someone else? Or doesn’t need a boyfriend?
Anita: Such pretty flowers and you throw them away?
Krystal: If I have to deal with every flower that I receive, my room will turn into a florist.
Anita: Couldn’t tell that you treat love and the way you do things the same, leaving things clean.

Krystal gives her a tight short outfit to wear to see a client ‘Martin’ and sent her off. The ‘Martin’ guy was having dinner with her, and was more interested in her than the Insurance she had to sell. Later he got her to go Karaoke with him and Anita started to feel uncomfortable and annoyed that she couldn’t stand it anymore and told him off lol Luckily Power was nearby and he appeared to ‘save’ her from the scene ^^

Anita:  Lucky I have you and Jackie (Krystal) to look after me.
Power: And there’s Dick’s friend. Lap Tin looks after you too. Last time the two pretended to be ghosts to scare you, I can tell he was really worried about you.
Anita: If this person doesn’t bring trouble to me, I’m already grateful. Since it’s already passed, now I’m not afraid to say so. He’s not actually Dick’s friend. The women that had the accident with Dick is his wife. H pretended to be Dick’s friend in hope to find out about the truth.
Power: But the police have already said it was an accident. What is he suspecting?
Anita: He doesn’t believe his wife would have an affair, nor would she die in a car with a man for no reason. There was once a man with a tattoo who came into my house, he also stole the USB that Dick gave me. In it had a video clip-well he thinks there’s too many suspicious things.

Power: As a result? Did you find anything?
Anita: The tattooed man was actually Dick’s client and blamed Dick for tricking him into buy the Insurance, so came back for revenge. It has nothing to do with his death.
Power: That does remind me that once there was a person who came to the company, looking for Dick, but at the end we sent him away with security.

Power later asks whether she believed Dick would cheat on her and she replies that she doesn’t know, but it wasn’t important anymore.

I can’t believe Anita told Power Michael’s identity :S I still find him suspicious and I think it’s a bad move lol I just have a feeling he shouldn’t be told but Anita has her guards down. Later, Power and Krystal have a dinner together and the two discuss about Anita and the ‘Martin’ guy. Power tells Krystal that she was being mean to Anita by sending her to ‘Martin’ whom everyone knows is perverted. Krystal, however defends herself by saying she wants Anita to improve and is helping her to grow. It was also Krystal who told Power to have dinner at the same restaurant as Anita and ‘Martin’ so he would be there to save her, like a hero. Power apologises to Krystal because he thought Krystal was pranking on Anita to get revenge on Dick (her rival at work) and Krystal leans towards Power, asking what punishment he should get. Power reminds her that they are in public.

Something tells me they’re more than a boss/employee relationship.

Michael is given another security job from Power, to protect the jewelry from the displays and from the models (father in-law’s companies) and Power hints to Michael that he knows his real identity. During the same event, Krystal takes Anita with her in hope she can find more clients.

Anita: I used to come to these jewelry shows with Dick, but it was just to look around, but this time I’m here to learn things, my mood is quite different.
Krystal: Can you stop following me!? Walk around yourself. Did you bring any business cards?
Anita: Yesh , you said you can forget to bring your wallet, but you cannot forget to bring your business cards.
Krystal: It’s not just bringing, you have to hand it out. The more you hand out, the more people you will know. This is where clients come from.
Anita: Jackie, but I really don’t know these people.
Krystal: It doesn’t matter, just chat and you will know them. Do you want to be rich?
Anita nods.
Krystal: You want to be rich then go hand out your business cards. Try it yourself. *walks off* XD

Anita is so cute and dopey XD and you can tell Krystal was so annoyed lol

Half way through the show, Michael notices a suspicious ‘cleaner’ coming out of toilets and he starts chasing the burglar to a car park. The burglar then took Power as hostage, but Michael took the risk and captured the man, while Power got injured.

At the hospital, Michael saw the birthmark on Power’s stomach which was funny shaped and remembered they actually knew each other when they were younger and used to play with each other a lot by lost contact. Will this bring the two closer as friends..?

 Anita’s mother in-law started investing money in the stock market and lost heaps, later even borrowing from the loan sharks. When Anita found out the debt she owed, Michael lends money to Anita to pay it off without Anita’s mother in-law knowing. As a result, Anita worked even harder to get clients to hope to repay Michael sooner.

Anita successfully got another client after she followed the women off to another place, but because she was unfamiliar to the place at that night, Anita gets robbed when she trusted a couple in a car that drove by. When she was freed, she called Michael and again, asked him to keep this from her mother in-law.

When Anita got back the early next morning, Anita’s mother in-law scolded at her and accused her of ‘spending the night’ with another man (i.e Michael) and she wouldn’t listen to her.The argument broke out and Anita’s mother in-law sent her away.

Anita’s brother in-law told his mother that Anita was the one who secretly helped repay her debts and in fact stayed out all night because she wanted to earn more money. Anita’s mother in-law then knew that she had made a mistake for blaming her and when Anita returns to apologises ,the two reconciled.

I’m amazed at how filial Anita is to her mother in-law, even when her mother in-law was the one who wrongly blamed her, she apologized admitting she was the wrong one instead, begging her to let her come back to her side..awww..I hope Anita’s mother in-law will value what a good daughter in-law she has..

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  • kinki says:

    I think the relationship between Anson & Jackie is quite interesting. I mean you know what they are doing is wrong, but you just won’t hate them much for doing it. It’s not like the regular “third-person relationship” where the man doesn’t love his wife anymore, blah blah blah. Anson seems to love both Jackie and Sophia (his wife) a lot. Or should I say, so it seems at this point in time of development in the series (@ep13)…dunno if (but dun think) he’s faking it.

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