July 2008

[Love Exchange] Episode 6-8

These episodes focus on Krystal and Power’s characters and slowly reveals to us about their affair. I was actually quite shocked for some odd reason. I should have known from seeing the theme video XD Somehow I find them quite interesting to watch since not much was happening with the main couple.  I don’t particularly think Power looks good with Krystal or Tracy, but Power’s relationship with Tracy seems so calm that it make me wonder, can their relationship really be that good?

Krystal gets sick with the flu and Anita wanted to take care of her, ‘pestering’ her to see a doctor, take medicine and rest well. Krystal doesn’t seem to appreciate it at all, so sometimes I wonder why Anita even bothers. Anita treats her as a friend and really does care about her though so i think Krystal should really be grateful. When will Krystal open herself up to Anita?

After seeing a doctor, a women comes up to Krystal on the streets and slaps her in the face, saying how she betrayed her to get promoted by stealing away her clients. Krystal doesn’t say anything but gets into the taxi and leaves.

Anita: Jackie..
Krystal: Do you want to ask me, who that women was and why she slapped me?
Anita: Yeah, those kind of women attacking on the streets, I’d say if she hasn’t been raised up properly she must be crazy!
Krystal: She was once my best friend, I betrayed her that’s why she’s treating me like this.
Anita: You’re such a nice person though, why would that be? Would there be some misunderstanding?
Krystal: No misunderstandings, it’s just you who thinks I’m that nice. The world is like this, very realistic, you gotta eat the weaker to survive.
Anita: But people have feelings, by doing that, wouldn’t you be unhappy?
Krystal: I don’t need friends, I don’t need family. Having a career and money, I’ll have a sense of security. People’s feelings are that weak, it can betray you anytime. Why would I be unhappy for something like that? Now you know what type of person I am, are you disappointed?
Anita: I don’t know what you went through to make you so pessimistic, but no matter how strong a person can be, there would still be a time where they are weak. Like now you’re sick, you would want someone to take care of you and comfort you, right?

Suddenly a phone rings and Krystal signals Anita to get out of her room as she spoke. Anita went to see if there were any food to eat in the fridge.

Anita *talks to herself*:  Woah, everything is either cold or raw, no wonder she’s become so ‘cool’.
Anita returns back into Krystal’s bedroom and Krystal immediately hangs up the phone.
Anita: Your boyfriend called? Is he going to come?
Krystal: Have you finished asking?
Anita: I won’t ask then, but you have a fever! He’s still not coming?
Krystal: You’re here so he’s not coming, miss!
Anita: Oh! I understand, I’ll go now then, but remember to use the blanket properly and cover yourself from the cold, and remember to eat medicine and if you need anything, call me! XD

In another scene, Anita went to visit Krystal again and made her congee. Suddenly Power appeared at the door~ It’s very obvious now that Krystal’s boyfriend is actually Power! Of course, the two try to act like normal colleagues and Anita doesn’t notice anything between them.

With the help of Power, Michael’s sister in-law gets enrolled at Tracy’s school whom Tracy is the director.  The students (especially the boys in the class) seem to admire, or are even secretly in love with Tracey, trying to win her heart and impress her. The boys get jealous when Power arrives and Michael later notices Power’s car being damaged while parked at the school grounds. Later on, Power receive more ‘childish’ threats and Michael suspects it is done by a student at the school. During the next school fare, Michael is there to protect them and eventually captures the boy who threatened Tracy at the female toilets, after confessing his love and obsession towards her. Very freaky if you as me lol A school of nerds..lol What an age difference too..I really nice Tracy’s character though, she’s so nice to everyone =]

On the other hand, Power helps his father in-law’s company in a design competition and they win first prize! However, his father in-law (played by Lau Kong) does not call him on stage to receive the award and does not give an acknowledgment or credit in front of anyone; mainly because Power is not part of his company. Lau Kong praises him at home and gives him an apartment as an encouragement. However, what Power really wanted was for his father in-law to let him join his group of companies.

Power becomes quite upset and disappointed by this so goes to find Krystal where he expresses his unhappiness and Krystal is there to comfort him up. Power is said to help his father in-law a lot and proven very capable but he doesn’t understand why Lau Kong doesn’t invite him to work for the company. That continues to remain his ultimate goal and believes he will get in one day. While I was watching the scene as the conversation was going on, my mind was more shocked watching the two as a couple having an affairXD

Michael and Anita have another chat about the happy times with their husband and wife, and the fact they can never forget about them. Anita still gets hurt thinking about how he cheated on her and Michael still has dreams about his wife. The two find it quite ‘funny’ that the two of them could become god friends despite the complicated involvement between Dick and Bonnie (Angela)

Dick telling Anita that how he bought a big house for them to move into! He has been working hard to earn money to bring happiness for the family and wants to prove to his mother that marrying Anita (and getting married at an early age) was the right decision.

Angela and Michael both really want kids and the two look at baby clothes together, despite not having a baby yet.

Power and Krystal decided to go Macau for a ‘business trip’ but a technician had to install broadband at Krystal’s home. Upon hearing this, Anita offered to stay and watch her home while she was gone. Power accompanied Krystal to visit her father’s grave at Macau where she sees and angrily throws away the flowers her mother brought. She hates her mother for abandoning her when she was young and her father died early. “Even if everyone in the world dies, and only her and I are left, I won’t acknowledge her as my mother. And I won’t forgive her”

We learn about both Power and Krystal’s past when they were younger and what they had to face/suffer. They were poor and often starved, struggling for survival on their own on the streets. She thought of the time where she had to eat bread-skin out of the bin. He thought of the time he had to collect cans to earn some money. However, Power has always been the optimistic one, seeing the good side in every situation, and studied really hard to change his fate. The two started to understand each other more. as they shared their childhood experiences. I do pity these two people..

While at the hotel, Power suddenly received a phone call and had to return to Hong Kong because his wife Sophie (Tracy) had asthma attack because she was frightened by something.  Power was hesitating to leave Krystal behind but Krystal encouraged him to go and not to worry about her...so in a way I don’t think Krystal is that selfish, nor wanting to ruin Power’s relationship with his wife..

In order to make up for leaving her behind, Power decided to pick her up when she returned and the two went back to Krystal’s home. Anita suddenly returned to Krystal’s home in hope to fix up some mess that she made before.

Anita sees Power’s mobile phone with the ‘one-of-a-kind- mobile strap on the desk! I think she’s figured out the two were having an affair!

8 Responses to “[Love Exchange] Episode 6-8”

  • Lydiaclo says:

    i would like to ask the tile of an english song in “Love Exchange”. The song was sang by Krystal and also Power during Tracy’s birthday party at her house. Can you help me find out the name of the song..it will be good if you can help me get the song…i would like to download it.thanks

  • KTVB says:

    This is the wrong place to post a request 😛 But the song you’re looking for appears in Episode 15, called “Moon River”.

    Here’s the link to download the original song sang Joey McIntyre 🙂

  • kat says:

    when Anita got into the taxi with Krystal, did she do a “sticking tongue out action” to mock the other girl? xD
    I thought I saw that happened but was in too much of a disbelief! =O
    well if that did happen, another extremely cute factor of Anita!! =D

  • Lydiaclo says:

    thanks ya….haha….i found the song…but i guess the one krystal sang is nicer…

  • KTVB says:

    To kat: YES! Anita did stick her tongue out at the women when she got in the taxi XD At least I thought I saw that happen too LOL.so cute xD

    To Lydiaclo: cool~

  • Lydiaclo says:

    hey…i’ve finished watching the last episode…well, it doesn’t turn as good as i expected…ending not so nice…i guess there’s part two for this drama….

  • sugar says:

    Haha. I remember the part where she stuck out her tongue too. ^^

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