July 2008

[Love Exchange] Episode 9-10

Anita finds out Krystal and Power’s affair and she starts going crazy. She doesn’t know what to do so tells Michael about her findings and asks him for advice whether she should talk to Krystal about it. Michael told her that she should mind her own business but Anita just couldn’t do nothing and ignore it when she knew it was happening.  Eventually Anita does go to find Krystal, saying she knows that she is having an affair with a married man and that it was wrong. She tried to convince Krystal to leave the man, but Krystal told her that she was being too nosy and that she shouldn’t get into other people’s private life.

I slapped myself in the forehead when Anita went to talk to Krystal XD. She’s getting herself involved in a mess even after talking to Michael :S. I thought she made it so obvious she knew the man was Power because she kept having something against the two when they were together.

When they were in the lift, Anita pushed through the two of them saying ‘I can’t stand it anymore!’ When Krystal and Power asked if she was feeling ok, she replied with a ‘I want to vomit’ XD

Jackie (Krystal): I never thought about destroying his family, nor do I need him to divorce his wife.
Zita (Anita): Then what is it that you want?
Jackie: Just being with him, I’m already really satisfied.
Zita: Every third party starts off saying the same thing ‘I don’t care if I share someone else’s husband, I just want the happiness now‘ And when time goes by? Result? They’ll want the whole man to themselves. At the end, forcing the man to have a divorce because she wants to be his official wife!
Jackie: Are you acting like you’re the official wife, come to teach me a lesson?
Zita: I just can’t bare watching
Jackie: Don’t forget, you and I are just boss and employee relationship, don’t consider yourself to be my friend.
Anita hated the feeling of being cheated and third party ruining a relationship. She also cared a lot about Krystal and didn’t want her to invest time and effort into a relationship that won’t go anywhere.

Michael has a chat with Power and indirectly leads into the conversation of  loving more than one person. Now Michael is the smart one because it wasn’t obvious at all XD

Anson (Power):..if it’s just playing around then it’s ok, but if you develop real feeling you’ll have to handle it carefully
Lap Tin(Michael) : How do you do that?
Anson: Firstly you can’t let your wife feel that another women exists. Women need to feel a sense of security, and towards feelings they are extra sensitive so the way you treat your wife must come out of real love and being genuine.
Lap Tim: Then how about the lover?
Anson: You need to let her know that you need her.
Lap Tin: That simple?
Anson: Other than needing a sense of security, a woman needs to feel existence. You need to let your lover know that only she can give you the satisfaction you can’t find from your wife. Of course though, this is reality, if not, a man wouldn’t need to have an affair.

Michael comments that it’s unfair to both women involved.
Anson: Honestly, how many men can marry someone who loves them and understands them? So that’s why the lover and wife are usually two different people. (This sounds so wrong!! Though I do think of Raymond, Linda and Yoyo’s love triangle in Heart of Greed XD).

Somehow after hearing this I just can’t hate his character…Is the world really like this? Sad to think that though ..Michael jokes that Power would be a master if he was in that situation xD.

In another scene, Krystal finished her job quickly in order to go a date with Power, but Power canceled the date because he had to be with his family. Krystal was unhappy and during lunch, Anita and Krystal have another conversation.

Zita: I know! Tonight you’re going have a candle light dinner.
Jackie: It’s canceled.
Zita: How come?
Jackie: Oh wells, he is someone else’s husband, no matter what, that side is always more important.
Zita: I really don’t understand why you love these kind of unfaithful guys wholeheartedly. Today you’re his lover, there might be a second, or a third.
Jackie: A lot of people know that principle, you don’t have to say it out, but the feelings between when two people are together isn’t as simple as 1+1=2.
Zita: I really don’t understand why you’re so attracted to him.
Jackie: He’s really nice to me. He can help me suppress my past experiences, maybe it’s because we experienced similar things in the past, so he can particularly understand how I feel.
Zita: You’re saying his background is similar to yours?
Jackie: Maybe that’s how we came together without knowing or realising.
Zita: So that’s why even though you know he has a wife, you don’t mind being the third party?
Jackie: Who wants to be the third person? But since this is the road I picked, I can’t do anything about it. Most we can do is try make both parties comfortable, best if no one gets hurts.
Zita: Sometimes your ways are hard to understand. Nevertheless, at least I now know that your relationship isn’t based on physical attraction. But because of this, I’m more worried about you.
Jackie: What are you worried about now?
Zita: Worried that you’ll love too deeply..but nonetheless, whatever you do, I’ll support you!

//Is Zita contradicting what she said before?

Threats continue to happen to Tracy and her family and Lau Kong(Tracy’s father) gets blackmailed (?). As a result, Power hires Michael as their bodyguard again to protect their family’s safety. Even with security, Tracy finds a doll stained in blood at the car park and Michael has a talk with Lau Kong, asking whether he has done anything bad or had any arguments with. Lau Kong tells him about his business partner in the past who was imprisoned. It was about time he would have been freed however, after investigating, it turned out he has already passed away in jail. Something tells me Lau Kong isn’t a very nice guy..he’s probably being doing so many bad things but acting like a decent honest businessman. Of course, his daughter doesn’t know about it either.

Because of the job, one of Michael’s team members “Lai Wai” couldn’t go home and his wife complained about it, and is upset. Adding to that, a thief breaks into the house at night, scaring both her and her son (played by little Jacky boy)! Even though no real injury was caused, they were mentally hurt and wanted him to be by their side but he refused even after hearing the news >__< He said his job was important but even Michael encouraged him to go back. He has such a good boss, yet he remains committed to his job..WHY? I hate how he treats his wife, he doesn’t seem to care at all nor able to express himself. It seems like career is more important to him than family even though he claims that his job is to raise his family..I think it’s just all excuses!

Later, ‘Lai Wai’s wife is sick and faints at home but her husband wasn’t there. She leaves with her son and stayed with her mother. Michael wanted Lai Wai to go find his wife, apologise and make up with his her so Michael and Anita offer to look after his son while he went. Michael and Anita act like the boy’s parents ^^ Aww these scenes are always sweet as they look like one happy family together =)

One day when Anita was with Jacky boy waiting for Michael to come pick them up, a man comes up to them and takes them away with a knife, kidnapping them! Lai Wai suddenly receive a phone call, blackmailing him with his son to kill Tracy or else he would kill his son and Anita! Since Lai Wai was on security duty with his other team members, Tracy’s house had tight security. A gun was also prepared for him. Michael went to find Lai Wai when he couldn’t pick up Anita and the boy but Lai Wai denied knowing anything to do with them! He should have just told Michael..argh..!  It’s not like the man will know >< Lai Wai secretly wanted to go kill Tracy  to save his son..what the heck?? Luckily Michael realises and stops him in time and they set up a set, where Tracy pretended to be shot dead on her bed, and then sending the kidnapper a video-recording of it.

Michael realised where he was and started chasing him with his car! The man’s car gets in a car accident and crashes. He was actually Lau Kong’s business partner (who died)’s son come back to take revenge. Before he gets arrested by Michael, he reveals all the bad things Lau Kong has done- burnt down his own factory because the business was losing profit so he can ‘claim’ all of the insurance and then accusing his business partner(the man’s father) for it. Being imprisoned for 20years, he eventually dies in there and his wife eventually gets sick  too and dying because she felt so bad not being able to get back any share of the insurance from Lau Kong.

When Lau Kong questioned Michael about the things the man may have said to him, Michael said its not part of his job to deal with anything not related to his job, and that he would protect the privacy of this ‘boss’.

One day, Michael incidentally remembered ‘Bonnie’ (Angela) was really good with folding lucky stars and when he was looking at the jar of stars, he realised there were messages written in them! He started unfolding them all and realised they were love/poem like statements typed from someone with a signature ‘D’ (Dick?)! More evidence was pointing towards Bonnie having an affair with Dick and the truth was starting to crush Michael since he never believed Bonnie had an affair.

When he told Anita, she told him that he should face reality…and that he was really insensitive and doesn’t listen to other people, always demanding his own ways. This reminds Michael that perhaps what she said was true. When he got back from his one month business trip, things started to change in their relationship. He bought “her” a present- a little jade bracelet for their ‘baby’, and Angela(Bonnie) was telling him that she didn’t want to have a baby anymore even though they had plans initially.

Bonnie: You said you liked kids, so I was  agreeing with you.
Michael: I don’t get it. I just went away for a short period of time, why do you change your mind so quickly?
*Michael starts to get angry*
Bonnie: Having a child requires a lot of time and thought. My career has just started. I know your personality, if I have a baby you’ll make me stay at home to look after the baby and not let me work. I don’t want to be a housewife. I don’t want my figure to go ‘off’, the thought of it is scaring me.
Michael: If you think it will be tiring/painful, I can hire a servant to help you out.
Bonnie: Why don’t you understand?? I don’t want to have a baby! I don’t want kids!
Michael: Ok ok.. I know you’re still not ready yet. I won’t force you. We’ll wait for a while, ok?
(In anther scene still part of the flashback)

Michael: Bonnie, I’ve got some good news for you! The things you’ve said to me the other day, I thought it through. I decided not to force you anymore.
*Bonnie is overjoyed*
Bonnie: So you agree with me not having a baby?
Michael: I know that you’re always worried that I don’t have enough money to raise a kid, so I just sold away all my shares and adding to the money that I already saved, it’s enough money for you not to work at all .Then you can use all your effort at home to raise the kid.
Bonnie: Why didn’t you discuss with me beforehand? You don’t understand! Money isn’t the problem…I don’t want to have a baby.
Michael: I’ve already let you have your way, can’t you let me have my way for once?
Bonnie: If we’re both not happy together, let’s have a divorce!

Anita then recalls the past and tells Michael that perhaps there were already problems between her and Dick, but she didn’t realise.

On one of their Anniversaries, Dick took Anita out to dinner at a very expensive restaurant to celebrate and Anita kept saying how it was so expensive and how much money she could save if she cooked it herself at home. Dick got annoyed because he has the money now and can afford it and wanted his wife to enjoy the experience rather than to ‘save’ money.

Later, he buys her a really expensive beautiful black dress and wanted her to wear it when accompanying him to get an award but she doesn’t want to go.

Anita: You know that I don’t like those type of events, and I’ll have to stand behind you all night pretending to smile that my mouth hurts.
Dick: Of course these types of events, husband and wives go together.
Anita: It’s going to be a lot of pressure.
Dick: Your husband me is going to get an award on stage though. Should you, as my wife, be happy for me at the bottom?
Anita: How about this, you get an award on stage, I’ll be at home preparing diner for you to return to celebrate. What do you say?
Dick: Ok.. anything will do then.
Anita: Husband, you’re so nice!

While she was looking at Dick’s box of things, Anita finds a set of keys on a star keyring that she didn’t recognise and it turned out to be Bonnie’s! Michael went to his old home(when he lived with ‘Bonnie’) and asked the security guard whether he recognise the photo of a Dick. He said that during the time Michael went off to a business trip, Angela was often seen with the man and they seem pretty close, at times, even spending the night at their apartment!!

Adding to that Anita also discovers that there was also a message behind a red wine bottle which belonged to Dick, saying something about ‘the love I have for you doesn’t have a result, looking at you will only make me suffer. I would rather kill you, than lose you– D’ !!! omg…!! It was so shocking!!I always thought that there was more to their deaths than just an affair, but Michael’s assertions were wrong, Anita was right…but Dick is actually a murderer!!

Anita: I always thought that Dick was only having an affair with another woman, but after reading this message, I only then realised that the woman he loves the most isn’t me, it’s Bonnie.

*Michael runs off into his car and Anita hops in and he drives off. Michael runs off and Anita chases him*

Anita: Ah Tin, listen-
Michael: Go away! This isn’t an accident! It’s murder! Do you know your husband killed my wife?? He’s a murderer! What giving lucky stars, coming to sleep over at my home, giving presents to my wife, it was your husband who kept bothering my wife!! The night before the incident, she called me. She said she really misses home, and wants to come back. Dick’s love turned into hate and wouldn’t let go, he used the chance to get Bonnie drunk…and then committed suicide with her. Why does god have to treat me like this? Why did they take Bonnie away?

*Anita walks towards Michael and kneels down at him*
 Anita: Ah Tin, I really don’t know what I should say. Sorry…I’m really sorry..I really didn’t know Dick would do such things..the only thing I can do is apologise for him. I’m really sorry..

*Michael kneels down next to her and the heartbroken two hugged each other as they cried*

3 Responses to “[Love Exchange] Episode 9-10”

  • Rin says:

    Hmmm.. maybe it’s just me but Anita is annoying me in this series… Something about her really bothers me, maybe it’s cus she’s too naive and stupid? T^T but yeah, bugging me.
    Like she should have just been happy when her husband wants to spend time with her & stuff but she’s just trying to save money and stuff. -sigh- & she was butting in Crystal & Power’s affair too.. she’s just.. =/

    The truth behind Bonnie and Dick’s death was so.. unexpected, I actually thought something was going on and the whole murder thing.. 😛 oh well, now on to wait for Moonlight Resonance.

  • KTVB says:

    To Rin: oo you’ve finsihed the series already, like watched the whole thing?

    Yea, sometimes I find her annoying but sometimes i find her ok too and quite cute at times.. XD I agree with you about the butting into Crystal and power’s relationship thing and about Dick having an expensive dinner to celebrate their anniversary together. I was more concerned about her not going to her own husband’s award ceremony and how she has to ‘fake a smile’. I thought she would have been giving a real smile since her husband was getting an award! She should have went for him and kept him company..she prefers her husband going alone? Everyone would probably be asking him where his wife was..

  • Rin says:

    Oh no, I’ve only watched up to episode 12 haha but I was like whoa when they found out that Dick and Bonnie really were cheating. I wonder how the story’s gonna go now after all they made it sounds like it was about Dick and Bonnie’s death.

    After watching episode 11 and 12 I thought Anita is quite cute =D haha just as long as she’s not being too stubborn and dense then she won’t annoy me. I’m just watching this with English sub and so it takes a while for it to come out =/

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