July 2008

[Love Exchange] Favourite Pairing

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I voted for Lap Tin and Anita simply because I think the two look the best together and I like watching their interaction with each other. To half way through the series, the two still appeared more like friends than lovers and I did find my interest turn towards Anson and Jackie’s relationship. Nevertheless, Lap Tin and Zita still wins it for me. Their romance-scenes are limited but they gain my vote and was rooting for them the whole way through ^^

I think it’s sorta hard to vote for Michael/Anita with their partners since their scenes/flashbacks were limited. I also think Dick’s personality is a little too strange for me. Is aggressive the word? What do you guys think?

5 Responses to “[Love Exchange] Favourite Pairing”

  • sugar says:

    Haha. I voted the same as you. xD
    I’m on episode 4 but at the moment Anson is married to Sophie (Tracy Yip). Or did I miss something cos Jackie seems to like Anson ..

  • Sara says:

    I tried to vote for Micheal and Anita too, but it didn’t seem to work. Anyway, I liked how they quietly fell for each other unknowingly but tried to remain true to each other’s loved one. I can sort of understand Jackie’s behaviour, but it still creeped me out at the end. And Anson too… that guy is just twisted. I thought Dick’s aggressiveness was abit surprising because well we just didn’t know that side of him from what Zita and his family said about him. Overall, I enjoyed watching this series.

  • KTVB says:

    To sugar: Oh nah..you didn’t miss anything up to this point =)

    To Sara: ah..you can try to vote on the poll on the sidebar instead. That usually works =) Yea, they always mention about loving Bonnie and Dick, but I get the impression Michal loves Bonnie more than Anita loves Dick because he believes in her so much more. Anita is more about living on~ though her commitment to her family (mother in-law and brother in-law) can also be seen as commitment to her husband.

  • Cal says:

    Thank you for your nice website! It seems we have a few favorite series in common plus a few other things such as the favorite coupling of actors for “LE”. I did vote for Tin and Zita. It’s interesting that they seem to be quite traditionally Chinese valued (though hard to distinguish that from being cautious after having suspected that one’s spouse might have cheated on you) when it comes to love and relationship. Even though this couple was never hot and heavy during the entire series, I think it makes sense because each had a spouse who died. Having met someone through a tragedy does make things complicated. It makes sense to really sort out your feelings before going for it. Especially since the significant other is also such a good friend.
    Anson is definitely too twisted to be voted for anything romantic. He makes a decent villain. I was pleasantly surprised with this series since there was very little discussion about it or reviews on the internet.

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks Cal ^_^ yea, this series doesn’t seem to have much of a talk in this online world ^^; i totally agree with what you’ve said about their relationship. things would have been quite different I think if either of them had a child lol

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