August 2008

Love TV 情歌精選 !!

Released on 21 August, 2008 the latest TVB drama themesongs album is out![Love TV 情歌精選] 😀 Initially I was quite excited when I saw it, but then realised a lot of the songs are repeats from previous TVB drama themesong album ^^; I really hoped they would have Face to Fate Sub, Wars of In-Laws2- Sub, The Seventh Day Sub and Word Twister’s Adventures themesong included.

I had most of the songs available for download on the [Downloads and Goodies] Page, but I am excited to add a few more !! Such include full version of: Track 13- Moses’ Put Me To Death, Track 8- The Building Blocks of Life.

01. Unintentionally Hurting You (Moonlight Resonance Themesong)- Susanna
02. Most Beautiful Seventh Day (The Seventh Day Themesong)- Kevin Cheng
03. Good Bye (Wars of In-Laws 2) Themesong- Liza Wang/Fama
04. Small Story (A Journey Called Life) Themesong-Steven Ma/Linda Chung
05. I’m So In Love With You (Steps )Themesong- Bernice Liu
06. Every day with you (Healing Hands 3) Ending Themesong- Bowie Lam
07. Appreciated (Heart of Greed ) SubThemesong-Raymond Lam/Linda Chung
08. Deep Love (The Building Blocks of Life) Themesong- Lui Fong
09. Forbidden Love (Maiden’s Vow) Ending Themsong- Charmaine Sheh
10. Fortunately (War and Destiny) Themesong-Myolie Wu
11. Love Ordinary (Trimming Success)- Themesong- Kevin Cheng
12. Truth (Into Thin Air) Themesong- Bernice Liu
13. Put Me to Death (The Ultimate Crime Fighter) Ending Themesong- Moses
14. Only need you (The Biter Bitten) Themesong- Shirley Yeung
15. Butterfly Transformation (Maiden’s Vow) Themesong- Charmaine Sheh
16. Have Mutual Affinity (Best Bet) Themesong- Linda Chung
17. Can’t Speak out (Heart of Greed) Themesong- Susanna Kwan

**If you want to purchase your every own album, it is available online here: YesAsia.

For the files uploaded on sharebee.com, rename the file with “.mp3” extension at the end and it should work =)

8 Responses to “Love TV 情歌精選 !!”

  • hjk says:

    KTVB, like you i have almost songs but i m happy to add CD version of “Put Me to Death ” and “Deep Love” to my collection. i love FTF sub but i cant find it, your link died already, can you reupload it?

    Reply from KTVB: I’ve fixed the link =)

  • kat says:

    What a disappointing compilation! Most of the songs had been released previously and the new one… hrm, I haven’t watched those series so I don’t have any interest in them.

  • wewah says:

    Dear k-tvb

    Do you know if the bonus dvd for this cd are tvb series mv or is it personal music video of the singer?

  • KTVB says:

    I’m not sure, but considering its a TVB album, I’m assuming that it’s going to be a MV/compilation of scenes from the actual series. Some of the MV might include the singer + scenes form the series, like Susanna’s HOG and MR MVs.

  • TVaddict says:

    THanks for uploading the songs! 😀 i can’t dl Fortunately (War and Destiny) Themesong-Myolie Wu.. hee..can you email to me? Thanks so much!

  • cuiyu says:

    where can buy this album?I live in Pahang…tq

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