April 2012

Love TV 3

The 3rd TVB Themesong CD Collection is finally out! It has been a while since Love TV 情歌精選 and Love 2 were released (back in 2008 and 2009 respectively).

Love TV 3

Excerpt from YesAsia:

“The third installment of the Love TV series again offers an exclusive collection of recent TVB drama theme songs. In fact, many fans have been waiting eagerly for the release of hit songs like When Heaven Burns’s ending theme “Young and Innocent” (Bowie Lam, Moses Chan, and Kenny Wong), and Ghetto Justice’s main theme “No Time for Regret” (Hanjin Tan and MC Jin). Also present are popular dramas including Lives of Omission, Forensic Heroes III, A Fistful of Stances, Wax and Wane, and Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!, performed by top stars like Kevin Cheng, Michael Tse, Bosco Wong, Wayne Lai, Ron Ng, Kate Tsui, and Liu Xuan. There are also a few that enlist veteran singers, such as the Tai Chi Band (for River of Wine), Eliza Chan (for Grace Under Fire), and Tsang Lo Tak (for Be Home for Dinner). As a bonus, the compilation also includes Bosco’s theme song “Too Wrong” for his upcoming motion picture Love in Time.

It is now available for purchase for those interested 🙂

Track List
01. 年少無知 (TVB劇集《天與地》片尾曲) – 林保怡/陳豪/黃德斌 When Heaven Burns- Sub Themesong
02. 沒時間後悔 (TVB劇集《怒火街頭》主題曲) – 陳奐仁/歐陽靖  Ghetto Justice- Themesong
03. 獨行 (TVB劇集《潛行狙擊》主題曲) – 謝天華  Lives of Omission- Themesong
04. 底線 (TVB劇集《潛行狙擊》片尾曲) – 黃宗澤  Lives of Omission- Sub Themesong
05. 目擊 (TVB劇集《法證先鋒 III》主題曲) – 黎耀祥/吳卓羲  Forensic Heroes 3 -Themesong
06. 雪下思 (TVB劇集《鐵馬尋橋》主題曲) – 鄭嘉穎  A Fistful of Stances-Themesong
07. 團圓 (TVB劇集《團圓》主題曲) – 吳卓羲 Wax and Wane- Themesong
08. 半圓 (TVB劇集《團圓》插曲) – 徐子珊 Wax and Wane- Sub Themesong
09. 盡快愛 (TVB劇集《隔離七日情》主題曲) – 黃宗澤 7 Days in Life Themesong
10. 刀槍不入 (TVB劇集《女拳》主題曲) – 陳潔靈 Grace Under Fire- Themesong
11. 回見 (TVB劇集《女拳》片尾曲) – 劉璇 Grace Under Fire- Sub Themesong
12. 相處之道 (TVB劇集《誰家灶頭無煙火》主題曲) – 曾路得  -Be Home for Dinner Themesong
13. 今朝有酒 (TVB劇集《九江十二坊》主題曲) – 太極 River of Wine Themesong
14. 細味(TVB劇集《五味人生》主題曲) – 謝天華 The Season of Fate Themesong
15. 春風化雨 (TVB劇集《點解阿Sir係阿Sir》主題曲) – 陳豪/吳卓羲 Yes Sir. Sorry Sir Themesong
16. 太錯 (電影《等 我愛你》主題曲) – 黃宗澤 – Love in Time

When I saw this listing, it made me think they deliberately excluded some songs which I thought would have been nice addition to this compilation. Given that this CD covers TVB productions from 2010-2011, there were a number of Artists seemingly explicitly excluded, one being  Raymond Lam (Mysteries of Love, Growing Through Life, My Sister of Eternal Flower, Men with No Shadows). I guess it’s cool since he has released these in his own album releases. The other obvious one is Steven Ma :Cupid Stupid, Ghost Writer, The Life and Times of a Sentinel, A Watchdog’s tale. I wonder if it has to do with Steven Ma leaving TVB

The only ones I didn’t previously have were the CD Versions of Kate Tsui’s Wax and Wane Sub Themesong and Bosco’s upcoming movie themesong.

For full list of other themesongs avaialble for DL, check out the downloads page.

7 Responses to “Love TV 3”

  • karened says:

    Was excited until I saw the list. Those I really wanted to keep have been excluded, so I doubt i’ll be buying this…

  • Mui says:

    Cool! I always wondered when Tvb will release a new one, but I mostly listened to all of them already sadly. It would be better if there are music videos included in the collection. Thanks for sharing K!!

    • KTVB says:

      They actually do invlude the MVs in the collection

      01. 年少無知 MV
      02. 獨行 MV
      03. 底線 MV
      04. 目擊 MV
      05. 細味 MV
      06. 團圓 MV
      07. 盡快愛 MV
      08. 春風化雨 MV
      09. 回見 MV


      • Mui says:

        Ahh really? I didn’t know that. Cool, then I’m definitely buying this collection then 🙂 Thanks for letting me know K!!

  • Ri says:

    Ah i was wondering whether TVB was gonna release Love TV 3 ! 🙂 And yea, i’m pretty sure Steven’s songs were excluded coz he left and Raymond’s prolly coz he’s signed as a singer to EEG or somethin?

    But yea I have all the theme songs already thanks to your trusty dl page K! haha

  • Belle says:

    I love the be home for dinner theme song!! Disappointed to see the themesong of Sister of Eternal Flower wasn’t included though.

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