October 2006

[Maiden’s Vow] 5 episodes left..

Maiden’s Vow is coming to an end this Friday~ What do I think of the 4th generation so far? Quite interesting actually lol It was interesting to see how Charmaine and Joe’s relationship would develop. I liked the little addition they added with the relationship between Joe’s character and his mother. I liked how they made up with each other (much like the 2nd generation with that women and her blinded mother). on Episode 26, it like a “testing” episode for Joe’s character since he seemed to be warned a lot about Charmaine’s character and the possibility she is sticking to him only because of his money~ and its proven wrong =) *is relieved* lol The whole time I was like *please don’t stuff up Charmaine* (i.e don’t take all his money) Cause she seems to be easily pressured and influenced from her friends who constantly tell her to use his money etc xD So far, all the Charmaine’s in the previous generations didn’t do anything wrong, and if this one did~ it would ruin everything. Another point that made me go o__0?? was when Charmaine’s friend said she was turning 18..that’s like, no way 18 ~~ she doesn’t look 18 and doesn’t act 18, and honestly when she’s not even “18” and she goes sleeping with people? Is TVB trying to say that’s ok? (Is that what a modern girl does nowadays~ or have they been exaggerating the view with the traditional roles of women?) So Charmaine’s character is around 18 too then I assume~ Also, why does it seem like TVB is trying to make it look common that a guy gets “injured’ so easily (impotent is it called?) ~ gets his problems like in Men in Pain, Love Insurance and in Maiden’ Vow (if you guys know what I’m talking about). I don’t seem to see them use this idea in series produced in other years..why this year?

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  • mysticdust says:

    hi, just wanted to say i like reading your posts. they are great for spoilers (I especially like the story synopsis of face to fate). anywho, I just recently watched up to ep. 26 of maiden’s vow and just wanted to comment on the 18 years old thing. I don’t think she is actually turning 18, she was just saying that b/c she doesn’t want to say her actual age. In the beginning of the 4th story, Charmaine in her narrative said “I am 2…well not quite 3.” Which means she is 20-something (I am guessing mid to late-20’s). I think her friend was turning 28 and was saying 18 so people would not know her age. It’s in reflection of how age-sensitive females are, I think.

  • KTVB says:

    oh…XD I didn’t remember the “I am 2…well not quite 3.” part ^^; That makes sense then lol Thanks for that =)

    I just checked from the offical tvb website, it says Charmaine’s character in the 4th generation is 27 and her friend is 26

  • T says:

    its like how they say don’t ask a womans age and stuff age isn’t something to tell others
    kinda saying never growing up and old so beauty is still there and stuff not really saying they are 18 years old

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