*Extra Spoiler Warning since its the last episode for the series*

I thought this episode wrapped up things pretty well and it was a decent ‘ending’ type of episode. I liked most of the things that happened, up until the last few minutes of the series~> which was a bit disappointing. My guess about Charmaine not turning up to the wedding was right.. +_+; I just thought that so sooo mean to K.O He tried so hard to convince her to marry him and even held a wedding ceremony where he didn’t invite anyone because Charmaine’s character didn’t want a wedding just to tell the world or make it seem like marriage is just “show”. I mean, compare it to his previous wedding where he invited all those people… I reckon for Charmaine not turning up might because further problems for them (can u imagine how awkward it would be when Joe goes back?) Charmaine doesn’t seem the least guilty for what she’s doing. She doesn’t seem to care about his thoughts (not willing to give up anything for him?) Some may argue that he doesn’t respect Charmaine’s decision…I dunno – just doesn’t seem to fit the whole theme-ish thing for this series. I personally think Charmaine should marry Joe..ah wells
For the 4 different generation endings of Joe and Charmaine:

1. Charmaine marries someone else. Couldn’t be together, and explosion kills them both off.
2. Joe does not return, and Charmaine is left to grow old herself.
3. Started off married and both died together thru an accident
4. Charmaine doesn’t want to marry Joe.

Other stuff that happened in this episode:

*Sammul confesses his love to Joe, but Joe does not accept it

*Sammul wins the cooking competition and the chopsticks with the encouragement of Joe turning up

*Sammul goes off

*Charmaine and Joe get back together

*Charmaine’s friend gets married

*That man who left his wife for another women and son ends up with nothing. It turns out that son isn’t even his.

Overall, I would rate this series 6/10. It was ok…(Note: I’m not rating Charmaine’s acting, but the story overall. Charmaine’s acting was quite good)


10 Responses to “[Maiden’s Vow] Episode 30 [Final]”

  • jen says:

    hey um.. from what i heard.. she did marry him ! because in the beginning.. the rainbow (her mother? grandmother? or whatever) showed her to where she should pick her place for her restraunt.. and at the end.. the rainbow went to the elevator.. meaning she should go marry him.. i dont know but thats what i read from other bloggers (=

  • KTVB says:

    Really o.o? I thought the rainbow thing was about the right place for the restaurant or something, but not anything to do with her getting married XD What’s an elevator supposed to symbolise? Telling her to go look for him or?

  • Gamas says:

    I watched Maiden’s Vow in DVD (Cantonese Version) and for some weird reason in the last portion of the last Episode, the end was left hanging. Charmaine watch the elevator’s door opens and there was a bright light coming out from the elevator’s door. But the movie never really shown clearly what the bright light was. After that Charmaine was just smilling and THE END. Do you guys also seeing the same thing? Or this just a recording error in the Version of DVD that I saw?

  • KTVB says:

    Hi Gamas,
    It actually ends like that ^^;Left hanging.. which is why I think a lot of people have been complaining about the ending of MV. Some people think Charmaine ends up marrying Joe (something about the light in the elevator) but I personally don’t think that’s the case. Its up to your own interpretation I guess =)

  • Dawn says:

    I think it is left handing because TVB may have a sequel to it — which is great. It was a pleasure watching Charmaine and Joe. Great chemistry between them. Their kissing scenes were so real…

  • Ang says:

    I think the telling point is when Charmaine gave Joe the Valentine’s Day’s poster to tell him that she and the baby will always be with him. I also think that the producers at TVB left the ending hanging so that they can pick it up for Part 2.

  • KTVB says:

    I personally don’t think there would be a Part 2 because the story is about the lives of the different generations of woman. They’ve already reached modern day..so…

  • cici fu says:

    I hope there will be a sequel,but I really doubt there would be one like KTVB says “They’ve already reached modern day” and what else couldthe producers make up that would be better than the orginal one. Agree with Dawn that their chemistry is great not only because they kiss many times, but the care they show for each through out the whole drama.

  • Nhu says:

    I dont think that there will be a part 2. The ending is left hanging because its how the audience interpret it or they’re own opinion. Like some thing they remain a couple but not married. Some think that they’re married. So it really depend on how u interpret it.

  • i like all five princess . i already see whole movie . the movie is so intresting.

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