Episode 6

And Dayo’s plot continues..Going on a date? He takes Cecilia to come rock and starts writing their names on it~

Dayo starts thinking he wants to vomit just by looking at those words XD

Cecila is really touched and Dayo faces the ocean, screaming out that he loves her. Cecilia turns and does the same.

– —

Dayo made another surprise for her which truly moves her. She feels happiness ^^; There Dayo starts telling her about ‘their future’ together because he is serious about their relationship. She tells him that she feels the same. To celebrate their ‘happiness’, the two drink wine, where Dayo purposely makes her drunk.

The next morning, Dayo makes Cecilia think they slept with each other after being drunk the night before, telling her that he’ll take responsibility for his actions. Cecilia doesn’t believe that he loves her because no one has ever been so nice to her. It was too good to be true. Dayo ends up convincing her and she embraces him with her dodgey english of “I love you” XD

There Dayo continues on with his plans, saying they should go and find her parents right away so that he can propose and arrange their wedding. All going as planned, Ah Pao pretends to captures him (while Dayo tried to ‘protect her’), holding him as hostage. The only way he would let him go was for exchange of Cecilia’s god-mother’s land right (after all, that was the aim from all Dayo’s acting). The poor Cecila falls for the love trap ends up taking it to exchange for him…as soon as she does, Dayo reveals is true face and humiliates her in front of everyone, telling them all about how she fells for him and even slept with him. Making matters worse, he tells another lie, saying that the one she actually sent the night with was Ah Pao (his follower), taking out a piece of her clothing as ‘evidence’…

Side note: I wasn’t too sure about including the above scene as a part of this post..since i wanted to share those funny ‘romantic’ attempt scenes from Dayo and Cecilia rather than a more serious scene, but decided to include it anyways for completion purposes for those interested. It shows the true evil nature of Dayo (Garn Yan Geen) and it seems impossible for the two to fall in love (or for Cecilia to ever trust him again) but the story just gets better..

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  • chibi says:

    awww..a Geen is a slacko here. I guess thta makes it more awwww.. when he really falls for her.

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