These are all a part of Dayo’s scheme in making Cecilia believe he has changed into a good person and trying to make her fall in love with him.

From Episode 5

The Dinner

Here, Cecilla has truly believed Dayo has changed and the two have dinner together. There’s a part where Dayo holds up the cup and looks at Cecilia, using the cup to cover up from seeing Cecilia’s buck teeth, thinking she looks better without them. Cecila thinks that Dayo is peeking at her lol

The Cave

The next day, Dayo takes Cecilla to a cave which were filled with lots of shining crystals and Cecilia is truly amazed. He tells her than he remembers she likes looking at stars so he took her here to watch the ‘stars’ with her. Dayo even offers to pick one for her and she points to a very large one.

As Dayo climbs to get it, he accidentally slips and falls and Cecilia catches him. ..ehehe..the catch was quite funny and as you can see in the screen caps, Cecilia asks ‘Are you ok?’ and Dayo immediately looks away to avoid her ugly face. Facing the other way, he holds up the crystal to her “this is for you” XD

Dayo pretends to confess his ‘true feelings’

Inner insecurties and Secrets Revealed!

As soon as he said those words, a lightning struck the opening of the cave, and the rocks crumbles, blocking out the exit. The cave becomes pitch black where we see Dayo’s true inner feelings and insecurities, revealing his secret (i.e his past)

Later, Dayo starts wakes up thinking ‘ comfortable’ shockingly realise he was sleeping on Cecilia’s lap XD He realises that he must of been crying because of his eyes, but has completely forgotten everything that had happened XD

When Cecilia wakes up, she reminds him of the things he has told her, and promises to keep it a secret and that she would help him. Dayo didn’t trust her and attempted to kill her off but then Cecilia’s family found them and rescued them.

Having a Picnic?

Dayo starts having self-pity on himself, saying because one of his leg is ‘disabled’, he cannot compare to Wong Fei Hong. He tells her that he doesn’t blame her if he doesn’t believe he has turned good because of all the bad things he did before, but then comes about saying ‘It doesn’t matter if no one believes me, as long as you do.’

Cecilia moves closer to him: “I’ll always believe in you!”

Dayo ends up looking the other away again because he can’t stand her XD

The turns back around and faces her, trying hard to stare her into her eyes and Cecilia smiles sweetly back at him. Dayo thinking to himself: Don’t turn your face around~ Don’t close your eyes. Hold from vomiting, don’t vomit. I really can’t stand it, look lower a bit..lower a bit, no! The teeth..look up a bit more, go back up. Hold on ‘Evil Kin’, this part is very crucial, once you past this stage, she would believe that you love her! Girls really believe the eyes, hang in there! Oh no, here comes her teeth again..

It’s so silly that she can’t tell from his face expression what he really is thinking~

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  • chibi says:

    hehee..the moments are so sweet to look back on, considering we don’t really get to see them like this when he’s serious about her.

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