At first I said I wouldn’t make any posts on this series because I didn’t like it, but as I continued to watch more into the story, the story starts to get better..
After watching the first 2 or 3 episodes I wasn’t really impressed by this series. I hated how Dayo’s character kept beating up people. I thought it was rather lame and I couldn’t see how the storyline would be engaging enough for me to keep watching it. It felt like a waste of time. Cecila’s buck-tooth character was indeed ugly to look at, Dayo’s follower was annoying with the croaky voice (doing it deliberately?) The righteous “Wong Fei Hong” is embarrassing too (thinks highly of himself yet acting modest). Being a comedy, the characters don’t die that easily, namely Benz who seems to live after all that he’s been through. Most of the main casts are ‘old’ , but playing ‘young’ roles makes it look weirder. I felt sorry for buck-tooth Cecila because her family didn’t like her, nor really welcomed her return. Her god-mother treater her nicer, but I didn’t really like watching the 3 old women (wearing black)…the three didn’t seem that needed in the series.

Wong Fei Hong is supposed to be a great marital artist! There are so many scenes where he could have stopped Dayo from doing the bad things but he doesn’t. The competition in episode 2 was annoying too considering I believe his martial arts skills should be able to get back his father’s death-thing easily.
Nevertheless, this series picks up and did bring lots of laughs (it was more enjoyable than Heavenly-in-laws) and I guess watching an idiot being a protagonist is somewhat interesting because I’m looking forward to him “turning good” (hope it happens *crossed fingers*) The story actually gets better…Dayo is also a pretty good actor~
I think its because Dayo is the protagonist which leaves me having mixed feelings about his character. When he is being SO EVIL, doing all those bad things I hate him so much I want him to get beaten up etc. But when he does become vulnerable and weak and the other people gang up on him I feel so sorry for him! Usually he doesn’t seem as bad anymore even though he probably deserved it for all that he’s done to others..His character’s power goes in cycles! One moment he is evil and has all the power where everyone is scared of him, then the next he goes down and weak etc..
So far my two favorite episodes were episode 5 and 9! They were actually very good…we get to see a different side to the evil Kin (Dayo).

Up to episode 5, Dayo was trying to make Cecila fall in love with him and I enjoyed watching his efforts. Some moments were very cheesy but funny. I liked the whole trapped-in- cave scene where Dayo’s secret is revealed and Cecila learns of Dayo’s and why he became the evil person he is today…No matter how ‘evil’ Dayo was, he would not kill anyone. He just wanted to act tough in front of others to protect his inner insecurities, but what he really wants is to be loved. Even though Dayo was only faking everything, I still thought it was romantic for Cecila’s character. She eventually did for in love with him, but being the evil Kin he is, he uses Cecilla’s feelings and playing along so that he could get hold of Cecila’s god-mother’s precious land rights .and you think Dayo would be moved somehow. He ends up humiliating her in front of everyone. Very..harsh scene.. Later, Cecilia ‘betrays’ Dayo and tells everyone his past/secret.. I call it betrayal because she promised not to tell anyone back then. At that time, I kept thinking ‘poor thing!!!’ even after the thought after the humiliation scene …There were also a lot of ‘awwww’ moments for Dayo’s character and felt sorry for him.

After Dayo’s  character became Wong Fei Hong’s student, I started to ‘like’ his character more. He continued to do bad things and play tricks on people but he wasn’t as bad as before when he was in charge. It is also because he is by-himself now with no gang and his croaky-voiced friend is in jail. The pranks were rather silly, but not-death-threatening. I find it cute how he actually listens to Wong Fei Hong and goes copying those religious books as a punishment at the temple. His ideas of revenge and imagination is quite funny and immature, and he actually spends days trying to dig up a hole in the ground (trap for Wong Fei Hong to fall into)

I thought the relationship Dayo and Vivien had was SO CUTE!! and So SWEET! omg..Dayo is actually nice to her and they become genuine good friends..its amazing..I liked how he shared the chicken with her, how they chatted about things, how he went to buy the toy windmill-like thing for her because she was sad that her one broke! XD He was happily buying it back for her..but those evil bullies had to come and pick on him..stepping on his hat that his mother bought for him and had meant a lot to him. What’s more cute? Dayo actually told Vivien that he was upset, expressing his feelings and she tries to cheer him up =3 awwwww…Vivien isn’t scared of Dayo either and I guess Dayo likes her because she’s sort of like an ‘innocent’ child and cute-looking. When Dayo gets accused of murdering the guy who stepped on Dayo’s hat (which I believe was actually killed by the one the murdered guy was following), Vivien bravely stands up for him as a witness ^^ they share such cute friendship I wished there was more of them XD

In episode 10, Dayo even has lunch with ‘Jenny (Charmaine Li’s character) because he wanted to ask her about finding a cure for Vivien mental disability and eventually helps her recover back to normal =) Now Vivien is back to normal, it isn’t as cute anymore XD

I’m looking forward to watch more of the series~ I think Cecila and Dayo’s chemistry is pretty good and even though Cecila hates Dayo for everything he has done to her, its obvious she still has feelings for him. I wonder how its all going to happen.

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