October 2007

[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 11

Another cute episode with more Dayo and Cecilia moments ^^ (I have removed a lot of detail below concerning other parts of the storyline~ you must see for yourself ^^)

Vivien offers to search for Dayo’s real father with him, but Cecilia gets worried that he might do something to her sister so she goes with him instead. On the way, the two fall into a hole (trap set by Benz) and Cecila injures her ankle when she falls. (She claims its because he didn’t catch her when she fell)

The two end up returning home (as Benz has planned) and he piggy-backs her. On the way when he thought someone saw them, he instantly threw her onto the ground and looked away. It turns out the man was blind XD then he continues carrying her again. He didn’t want other people to see him going good deeds for ‘no reason’. When Dayo is deceived by Benz, in making him think that Benz is his real father, Dayo couldn’t handle the truth ‘no look, no intelligence, no money….etc’ and gets himself drunk. Cecilia saw and kept following him to make sure he was ok. When he collapses, Cecilia takes him back to his home (Wong Fei Hong’s place) and even makes soup for him to drink when he wakes up. <3

Once again, Cecilia’s family as helped arrange and set up for her to meet another ‘potential’ man and she becomes angry when she realised that was the reason they “dressed’ her up. I have to say she looked horrible..her family must have really bad taste in colour and clothing. She leaves the restaurant and the people on the streets make rude remarks and start mocking her, laughing at how ridiculous she looked. They was so rude and slack to her! Not being able to walk on heels properly, she falls over and part of her dress rips, but the people continue to laugh. Dayo sees and sticks up for her. You can tell that Dayo was thankful for the way Cecila had took care of him when he was drunk but didn’t seem to be able to express himself properly. He wanted to cheer her up in that it didn’t matter how she looked, but she was unique for who she was. She shouldn’t care what others think or try to be someone she isn’t. She should like herself and accept who she is and how she looks. However, the words that came out sounded so wrong ( things like “You’re already ugly enough, dressing up like this makes you look worse than you are’ ‘there’s no point in trying to dress up when you’re already so ugly, its like throwing a dead fish back into the ocean”, comparing her to poo etc) and she becomes even more upset and angry, confessing that before she met had him, she was happy about herself, but he had to come along and trash her, making her feel like she’s worth nothing. I thought that was really sad..considering that wasn’t what Dayo meant… and the fact Cecilia didn’t want to dress up as she was wearing.

Especially after the humiliation, Cecila was determined to “sor hei” (become like the 3 women and vow not to marry). After Vivien found out, she rushes to Dayo to ask him for help because she didn’t know what to do and upon hearing, he dashes out to stop her. After struggling to get in to stop Cecilia, Dayo ends up knocking Cecilia over and her mouth is full of blood…some tooth fell out.
At first I had hoped that she would start to look prettier somehow because of the accident, but I saw the preview for the next episode and felt like screaming!! XD

6 Responses to “[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 11”

  • sirhcle says:

    lol. Yes. This show is full of WIN.

    A smart-evil protagonist against a bunch of villagers. 😀 Vivien is cute. >

  • chibi says:

    This show is getting pretty good and I liked this episode cause it reveals how much a Geen cares for her ^^ Cant wait to see them get together.

  • loungt says:

    i looking for this website a long time thank you for sharing this series.

  • chibi says:

    aww..love the screencaps.

  • EDJoey says:

    Gosh what exactly happened to her mouth next? I’ve yet to watch the next episode. Isn’t it standard in shows that she will look prettier when her bug-teeth fall out, just like how AhWang in SquarePegs knocked his head against something and he actually became a normal person instead of his mental disabilities?

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