January 2008

[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 17

Episode 17 did not focus on Cecilia and Dayo’s relationship, but rather on the overall storyline of Dayo, who (has now completely turned good)  now has the duty to be the one in charge of “Bo Chi Lam”. Wong Fei Hong temporarily handed his position to Dayo as he needed time off to try and find a cure for his eyes (which may go blind because Dayo had previously added a drug into this soup) and this episode was Dayo’s attempt to gain the respect from his fellow martial artist. They all still hate Dayo as the “Gan Yan Geen” and disapprove that he was handed the responsibility.

This scene occurs after Cecilia has overheard the conversation between Dayo and Wong Fei Hong and  witnessed that Dayo ‘s changed was genuine. This is also the next scene we see Cecilia and Dayo together after the fire rescuing scene. I wish Cecilia took the opportunity to thank Dayo now that the two were together alone but she doesn’t. It’s nice just seeing the two together like that though, there’s no anger and tension between the two anymore and they seem like good friends ^^

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