Warning: Ending Spoiler!! [All my posts contain spoilers, but this is the ending, so an extra warning message ^__^]

// I’ve just finished watching the last episode and can’t help but to jot down my thoughts of the ending. I’ll be posting up more episode summaries of Men Don’t Cry after my exams! So stay tuned~//

==Contains Spoilers==

Aww..I’m so sad that it’s finished T_T And I’m so disappointed with the ending because Dayo and Cecilia don’t end up together! The fortune-telling guy lied… the two didn’t even get to have a good talk with one another..After doing so much, Dayo just leaves…Cecilia never got the chance to tell him her true feelings. Cecilia never found out all the things Dayo did for her (like blackmailing the dentist to fix her teeth)
On the other hand, I’m happy that Cecilia chose not to be with Wong Fei Hong ^^; I never liked this couple or Wong Fei Hong at all. Its obvious Cecilia has never loved Wong Fei Hong so I’m glad that she wasn’t persuaded by Charmaine Li (who plays Jenny). I don’t think anyone can replace Dayo in Cecilia’s heart..
I also hate the fact that at the end, the truth doesn’t come out and everyone still thinks Dayo is a bad person. No one finds out what a heroic, courageous person Dayo is, except Wong Fei Hong. It’s so unfair!!! Wong Fei Hong takes all the credit . I know it was Dayo’s choice but I feel unsatisfied with the whole thing =( Dayo deserves so much better..and he definitely doesn’t deserve to be lonely for the rest of his life.. Why can’t they just make everyone know the truth and he returns to the city to protect it together?

The ending I wanted was for Cecilia and Dayo to end up together, Vivien accepts them because she knows how much they love each other and how willing Cecilia was to sacrifice herself for him. It would have been nice if they showed Ah Pao come back and have a scene with him and Dayo talk. I wouldn’t mind any other funny comedy at the end..it would have been nice..

The real ending of the series was quite funny ^^ Will talk more about this in a later post ^^

==End of Spoiler Posts==

I want Dayo to win Favourite Male Character Award! I just love his Garn Yan Geen character!! His character has changed so much through the series and he becomes SO LIKABLE! We see the smooth transition, and he redeems himself towards the end and becomes a truly selfless person..I grew so much pity for his character.. Dayo portrayed his character so well… his character had so much personally and was enjoyable to watch. I loved watching Garn Yan Geen‘s softy-side, the way he says one thing, but actually means another ^^; He has very good chemistry with the other casts (Cecilia, Benz, Dominic (Wong Fei Hong), Vivien)

This series deserves a much higher rating than it has been received. Men Don’t Cry is one of my favorite comedy TVB series! (I can’t think of other comedies as enjoyable as this one). It exceeded my expectations..It has a lot of funny stuff, a great story line, a great romantic plot which keeps me engaged to the screen and I just wanted to watch more and more. A TVB series I love is one which keeps me wanting to watch the next episode, I just couldn’t enough of it.

There’s not many TVB series that could do this to me lol so its a truely *thumbs up* for TVB. I truly enjoyed watching this series and I hope they’ll make more productions like this one!
Unfortunately this series was not well received in Hong Kong..so..I’m not sure of the likely chances of him getting the award *sigh* Hope he gets top 5 at least.

Recommend? If you like Romance Comedy, this series is a much watch! The cast doesn’t appear that strong, but Dayo’s chemistry with them all makes it all the better. As previously mentioned, I did not like the first few episodes, but the story picks up quickly so don’t give up on the series! It becomes so much better all the way until the end ^^ It’s so funny, romantic, and enjoyable to watch !!! It beats so many TVB series released this year, one that should DEFINITELY not be missed!

21 Responses to “[Men Don’t Cry] Episode 21- Final Thoughts”

  • chibi says:

    I can’t believe they don’t get together……………………… ! But yesh, the series was heaps good!! It started off really bad though but then after the first few episodes it really gets you watching and hooked =) I hope Dayo would get the Favourite Male Character too… his garn Yun Geen character is so good.

    I wouldnt say its the funniest comedy.. (that probably goes to VOH) but the series had more than just comedy and if only they decided to give the “perfect TVB” ending for this, it would be great.

  • Lizzy says:

    Yups I agree about your whole thing you wrote about the MDC ending!! I found the last two episoded really really good, but just hate the ending. After years, in that MHK event, he choose the “Sau Nga” one as the winner, that means that he still loves Cecilia (they are all really old after so much years) we don’t know what happend to Kam Chin Pao (he’s funny) XD

  • CaR says:

    I was really dissapointed with the ending as well! =(….it’s so sad he decided to leave and towards the end, he still doesn’t get acceptance from the people in “棋下街” But yeah, I really hope Davo gets recognition for his role in Men Don’t Cry because he portrayed a really “evil 奸人gin” *grins*!

    Fav part in the series: When he was rehearsing the play script with Vivien..so funny!! lol

  • Jadedreams says:

    ah…I thought about what the fortuneteller said too….did he say they would end up together or that they have three time fate only….

    I also would like to see Dayo win Most favorite character too, but it’s sad that this serie didn’t do so well. It seems like the HK audience had complaints about this serie, and well… the hype of the HOG wave still is still very strong.

    btw, ah chui did have an opportunity to tell dayo what she’s feeling when Dayo broke up with Vivien, and told her that her sister is very important to him. And after vivien left, dayo asked ah chui what does she think, but she told him she doesn’t feel something for him. And after that, he was like, “don’t fall for a man with a very important mission” or something like that.

  • KTVB says:

    To Jadedreams: will have to rewatch the fortunetelling bit..hm..

    She told him that..but that’s not her real feelings =( Though..I think the two know they do love each other at heart (even without using words). It would have been nice if Cecilia admitted it though.

  • Jadedreams says:

    KTVB: I was so disappointed when Cecilia didn’t admit it. It would’ve been alright if they haven’t been through so much, but after all that they’ve been through….I was like….ahhh….why??Tell HIM!! LOL

    Actually I didn’t quite get when and why Dayo likes Cecilia though. For me, whatever little feelings he had for her was dropped the moment he held a gun to her head, and then after that, they didn’t really have any scenes that indicate feelings on his part. So I didn’t quite get how or why he fell for her again even though he did talk about her out of nowhere at times…..you know…that moment that they realize hey, I think I like this person. I didn’t think he had that moment though.

  • Techix says:

    Man, it was so disappointing that you don’t get to see them together… Like, shes probably still waiting for Ah Geen… as Wong Fei Hong only said that hes disappeared…

  • Techix says:

    It was a very sad ending… how he had to leave everyone and start a new life, especially the love of his life >_>

  • Techix says:

    Btw, how you said it was like a “comedy” series, yeah i think it was at the beginning, but towards the end, don’t you think it got a bit too serious?

  • FaNNy says:

    i just finished MDC last night and it was really good! but i was disappointed that dayo didnt end up with cecilia! they obviously both love each other very much! but i’m also glad that cecilia didnt end up with wong fei hung either. also, dayo has really changed since he admires the inner beauty now, such as the bucktooth girl at the beauty contest xD

  • summer says:

    KTVB ~ i’ve finished MDC, oh shit, dun love the ending, i never expect the ending wil be like tis, haiz..

    any way, in between,tis series is nice, just the ending part, is not nice lol….

    • Amanda Cheuk says:

      the funny part in the end is when Dayo becomes the head judge of a beauty contest.he actually growed a moustache…hahaha….and the other judges felt wierd that he chosed a buck toothed girl to be the winner…and that girl surely reminds him of Cecilia

  • sugar says:

    I agree with all the comments. Nearly .. ^__^
    i cant really type that much since everyones nearly said what i wanted to say lol. <3

    Jadedreams: i agree with you too, i dont get how Dayo likes Cecilia, maybe i need to re-watch some episodes of the first bit to rethink why he likes her lol. 🙂
    Yeah, it did seem like everyone was complaining about the language and stuff. Come on, i mean its a comedy/tvb series. Just to be funny lol.

    And yes, his character was sooo LIKEABLE!!!
    i love this TVB series, its like one of the best ones ever! 😀 Everytime i see one of them mill blowing thingys, it makes me think of Gan Yun Geen. <3

    Nice chemistry between a lot of people though.
    I wished Dayo got the best male actor award.

    Ohh, but he didnt. Hope he gets it someday.

    All i got to say is, everyone did a good job in this series! Well Done everyone! =]

  • evon says:

    i dont really like cecilia!
    i prefer vivien&dayo!
    vivien is like so pretty but cecilia is like,
    you know,
    not even that pretty after her buckteeth is gone.
    andand, th ending is soooooo sad T.T

    • Amanda Cheuk says:

      I know Vivien and Dayo looks cute together,but in Men Don’t Cry,they have strong feelings for each other but they won’t admit it…

  • Lol says:

    i really hate the ending…i really wish that dayo n cecilia b together..a comedy make people happy so it should haf a happy ending don u think so???

  • Jane says:

    The real ending is Dayo and Cecilia together after 10 years later.
    Something to ponder:
    1. Fortune teller said Cecilia will be together with him for 3 lives.
    2. When fortune teller met Cecilia for second time, he said timing was not right yet. He told her, his fortune telling could not go wrong.
    3. Dayo told Wong Fei Hung that he deserved to be alone if to pursue what he wants to do.
    4. Cecilia asked Wong Fei Hung what did Dayo told him but Wong Fei Hung said nothing and Cecilia did not believe. The message is that Cecilia still has doubt in her mind.
    5. After 10 years, Dayo managed to be one of the influencial people in Hong Kong. This means, Dayo had successfully get what he wanted to be and may not deserve to be alone anymore.
    6. He also mentioned their next charity activities are so and so and these will help their publicity as well.
    7. Dayo still miss Cecilia.

    Some thought for you.
    If you were Cecilia, you found Dayo in newspaper for charity events, will you find him to get the answers what she did not get from Wong Fei Hung?
    Do you think they will be together later?

    • KTVB says:

      I guess they wouldn’t put that fortune-telling guy in if it wasn’t to hint us about the “real” ending/what happens in the future.

      If Cecilia still loves him after 10 years, I think she’ll go find him for sure =)

    • Amanda Cheuk says:

      If I’m Cecilia,I’ll surely go find him…and I surely hope that in future,there will be Men Don’t Cry 2…Please agree with me

  • Twerpy says:

    Anyone can post link. I wanna watch this drama online. TQ

  • Kent says:

    whr can dl this one movie? anyone can tell me?

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