November 2007

[Men Don’t Cry] Themesong Lyrics

Lyrics written and sung by Dayo Wong

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Here is my attempt to translate this song (I put a lot of effort into it XD ) but its a bit hard because of how colloquial/slang the language is, so let me know if I’ve got anything wrong~ Its the literal translation of the song written up with help from a few friends, which takes on the persona of Gan Yan Geen (Evil Kin). Please give credit back if reposting translations =)

So cheap/low life that new ideas/meaning are born
Pretends to laugh, pretends to cry, pretends to be crazy
So deceitful that juice comes out
So deceitful that horns come up (as a devil)
This “deceitful” word
The stinking injustice is like a manure pit
Because of one problem
have the guts to try

Is there true love?
If there are emotions in this world
When the rainstorm hits your head
Just pretend its watering the flowers

For my friends, I’ll be deceitful/evil boy Ah Geen
I’ll have a deceitful heart, deceitful face (surface/appearance)
Use my dodegy/sneaky moves to defeat evil ghost/spirits/monsters

Break my arms, legs, feet, and lose everything, but I’ll still be eating
Fame is just dirt under our feet

Long empty nights, having an intimate friend
is it wrong?
Lonely world
Try to release your worries
Is there true love?
Let me feel the love
Be a silly person.


I quite like the themesong and lyrics because it reminds me of the series ^^ It’s even better that its sung by Dayo Wong himself who actually plays Gan Yan Geen. It just gives the series the extra touch =) I think it describes his character quite well and the way he sees things.
He doesn’t care about recognition, fame or getting any credit for the good things he does because he doesn’t it do it just to show other people. (Revealed later in the series when he turns good) ” Fame is just dirt under our feet”

10 Responses to “[Men Don’t Cry] Themesong Lyrics”

  • chibi says:

    nice job on the translation..tis’ a tricky one ^_~

  • Jadedreams says:

    thanks for the song and the translation! the lyrics are very clever, and i read from somewhere that Dayo wrote them. it really does correlate with his character very well. my favorite part is “Long empty nights, having an intimate friend……….is it wrong?…….Lonely world……..Try to release your worries….Is there true love?” which seems like something his character is asking from deep down his heart

  • KTVB says:

    To Jadedreams: I like that part too! esp in the song where the music/tune changes too ^^ It shows more of his real emotions and feelings ^^

  • Tavia says:

    Do you have the lyrics in chinese but not in chinese words?

    ex Wo ai

  • Elizabeth says:

    This song does go wit his part,
    i wish i could understand chinese.
    i always wanted to learn it but
    i dont know where i can but i like this
    song and i like the heart of greed song.

  • sugar says:

    thanks for translating 🙂

  • KTVB says:

    Here are the “pinyin” for the themesong.Credits to
    Alice @ Starz Central

    “Lost Name” by Dayo Wong
    Men Don’t Cry Theme Song

    Jin gaak jin chut san yi si
    Baan siu baan haam waan baan chi
    Gaan do chut jap gaan do hei gok
    Je yat goh gaan ji chau yuen jeung fan chi
    Wai liu yat goh man tai gau daam si

    Si yau jan oi ma
    Sai gaan yeuk yau ching
    Bo yue tau seung da
    Jau dong lam fa

    Wai ji gei ngoh jo gaan jai a gin
    Ngoh gaan sam gaan min
    Yung ngoh yam jiu hui
    Da dai yiu moh gwai gwaai
    Daan duen bei geuk poh sue chan yik jiu sai
    Hau do fau ming geuk ha nai
    Cheung ye maan hung mik ji jam yat goh
    Si fau choh duk chue tin dei
    Jun paau hoi goo gei

    Si yau jan oi ma
    Yeung ngoh jun ching ba
    Jo goh soh gwa

    NOTE: These lyrics may incomplete because they were based on the theme video, not the full song.

  • sugar says:

    Thanks. 😀

    Btw it is complete, because the full song is the same verse again cos i’ve listened to it before.

  • Mell says:

    thank you veryy much ive been looking for it

    by the way…

    i love your banner!!

  • Wong Hong Shui says:

    Lol Benz on This epsiode to the end Call Gon yan geed [jiu jiu]=[Son]

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