Another old post I drafted back then but never got to publish. It’s now complete! lol Hope it brings back some memories on this drama although it wasn’t one I would particularly recommended . Enjoy~

  • *Contains Spoilers*
  • Men with No Shadows
  • Series Synopsis | Episode 1-5 Thoughts
  • I watched this series for Raymond even though I didn’t have much expectation for the series. They said this was the series Raymond was using to go for TV King for 2011, so I wanted to watch his performance. I’m glad it wasn’t as cringe-worthy as “Fly with Me” (Thank goodness!) and I managed to complete the series (^.^v)  The initial idea of “Death God” sounded somewhat interesting although it turns out to be quite different from what I imagined.
  • I felt the series was split into different segments. During the first 5 episodes, I really liked Raymond’s character- he was cute trying to learn to be human and trying to pursue Tavia, and loved it when he had those lost expressions on his face. He seemed carefree and let Bobby live, so he didn’t seem that much of a “devil”. The other characters were really annoying though (John Chiang, Gigi Wong, and Bobby’s parents…)
  • The series started to turn dark from episode 6-10 when we find out Raymond was scheming to take revenge on Bobby!  I was quite shocked!! It made the series quite interesting as he turned out to the son of the man Bobby couldn’t save 10 years ago…What left me majorly confused was when they revealed Raymond had a sister (played by Mandy Wong) who stayed at the hospital. It was interesting how he willingly let a Death God possess him to allow him the powers to come back to life to take revenge on Bobby. He didn’t just want to take Bobby’s life; he wanted him to suffer something worse than death.
  • I didn’t know how Bobby was going to fight against- it seemed quite impossible and he wasn’t some ordinary “vampire” (still remember the scene Bobby and Tavia was planning to protect themselves using chanted Papers/crosses etc)
  • Raymond wanted to take Tavia’s life and the baby (Bobby and Tavia’s child) after she gave birth. The video recording Tavia did for her future baby was so emotional. The series became quite dark, especially when Raymond bought her a grave.
  •  In desperation to get rid of this death god, Bobby set up a trap, and lured Raymond into a shed and locked him up while burning down it down.  At the same time, Sire (Bobby’s sister) started to realise Raymond was actually a human! It was a really suspenseful scene. Sire realised he caught the cold when trying to save her earlier, which meant he really wasn’t a Death God.
  • Now that Raymond’s scheme has been revealed, the series moves into a new phase where Raymond starts pretending to have forgiven Bobby and will start a new life. However, he secretly continued to scheme, manipulates people and causes A LOT of problems for Bobby. He turned his life up-side down. When Raymond found out Tavia was actually John Chiang’s daughter , he  made Bobby think Tavia cheated on him (according to the DNA test, Tavia was carrying John’s baby)><
  • At the end, Tavia ends up losing her unborn child and becomes so distressed she goes into a depression and this breaks up the family. Raymond also manipulated Power to betray his company to take revenge on his own father and everything was turning so messy!
  • Men with No Shadows
  •  Raymond also set up a trap and hired an assassin to kill him and John Chiang, and then accused Bobby instead. He put the company betrayal blame on Bobby, so he could no longer continue his research or continue as a doctor.
  • To be honest, I didn’t enjoy watching the series that much. It was ok but there was something about it …It might be because of the large number of unlikable character in the series (especially Bobby’s dad). I was also a bit disappointed after they revealed Raymond was actually human. It just turned into a guy wanting revenge type of story and he was totally irrational. (How can he only blame Bobby??) I didn’t like what he was doing because Bobby totally did not deserve it! I felt the way Raymond treated Bobby was completely unfair.
  • I quite liked the episodes towards the end, because Raymond started using his powers again (with the red eyes).Throughout the series, it made me wonder what kind of powers he had and whether it was just  hallucination or whether he could mind-control people. Towards the end,  I felt really sorry for Raymond. He was so traumatised by the whole incident he had to create and live in a fake world to escape reality. I was quite shocked when we found out the scenes with his sister were all fake and she hadn’t woken up from her coma all along! I thought it was pretty sad and I wanted to give him a big hug!
  • Men with No Shadows
  • He started pursuing Tavia again towards the end after some encouragement from his sister (who turns out to be his imagination).
  • When his sister finally woke up, she told him not to take revenge. If only his sister had woken up earlier =P
  • The series had a eerie feel to it which was a bit uncomfortable to watch(might be also due to the cheesy graphics used)
  • I felt the 2 hour finale was a nice closure to the series and tied all lose ends and questions : ) I liked Raymond’s performance here, but the series itself was quite a let down..

4 Responses to “[Men with no Shadows] Overview”

  • Chibi says:

    A series with some interesting ideas, but poorly written and horribly executed. This drama was a huge turn off, and I couldn’t even stand watching the 20-30 minutes of each episode while I sat down to have dinner when it was broadcast. *shivers* The cast were very unlikable as well. I didn’t like any of the characters, and the story went weirder…and weirder..

    Kudos to TVB for “trying” different ideas from the typical dramas, but it was an awful series overall.

    aahh.. XD

  • nicole says:

    what happened to tavia in the end?:)

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