Hi everyone! =D

I quite like leaving my own personal messages here on my blog, because I can feel like I’m chatting with you guys haha..so I think I’ll post more [Message from K] more frequently ^^

Just to let you guys know what’s on my mind at the moment..there’s just so many things I wanna post entries on! (which also needs a lot of time) I feel like there’s a lot of entries that are long overdue for posting so I’ll need to catch up on them, especially since Moonlight Resonance will be airring soon too!

I don’t have any intentions of doing episode summaries for Speech of Silence (they’re too common :P)- and surprisingly I haven’t got any requests for that haha.. ^^ Speech of Silence has just finished airring in Hong Kong~ I’ll just take my time on watching that =)

I’ve also currently watched up to Episode 15 of Love Exchange, and episode 11 of Speech of Silence. Love Exchange is almost coming to an end and I’m only up to Episode 3 summaries/screencaps lol. My main focus for the upcoming week will be posts on Love Exchange =) Hope you guys are looking forward to more of that!

Speaking about Love Exchange, the upcoming posts will be very bias XD A lot of the episodes are focused on Anita (Zita)’s family – brother in-law, mother in-law etc, Michael’s sister in-law, Ai Wai (the cop friend) which aren’t particularly appealing to me.. so I’m leaving them off the summaries XD My apologies for those who are interested to find out more about their family matters. INSTEAD, my posts will focus more on Anita(Zita), Michael (Lap Tin), Power (Anson) and Krystal (Jackie)’s characters ..and of course! And clues which are related to Eddie(Dick) and Angela (Bonnie)’s death 🙂

so…stay tuned!

P.s: And yes, Forensic Heroes 2 episode 21-30 post will be coming a litle later ^^; Anyone anticipating it?

Pp.s: I just re-watched the Sales Presentation trailer for Love Exchange (a.k.a Suspicious Hearts)  and realised its so different and misleading!! Other than Anita and Michael(who both look very different with Anita having long hair), the characters have all changed and the whole feeling of the series is greatly contrasting. I wonder what happened lol

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  • FaNNy says:

    to K: omg, i know. the sales presentation for LE is so different from the series. i think i would like to see a series like the one they put in the sales presentation though even though im liking the LE they currently have =]

  • sugar says:

    I’m staying tuned lol. xD

  • F.B.I. says:

    change a lot from the sales presentation, it seemed like they were the ones that planed it instead of ‘no one’ knowing, but I wished Anita still had long hair tho…

  • foreverleila says:

    Yes, I am anticipating for Fornesic Heores II episodes 21-30.

  • kinki says:

    I’ve just started on Love Exchange a few days ago (@ ep6 now)

    It’s certainly less suspicious & mysterious than the Sales Presentation’s trailer. But it’s still entertaining to watch.

    Love Anita & Krystal the most so far!~
    Some of Anita’s expressions and dialogues are just hilarious! 🙂

    I finished Speech of Silence, and I enjoyed it. The storyline is the same old stuff, but it’s still good to watch Kate & Kenneth together. There are some sweet moments here and there too. 😛

  • omg i agree…the triler for love exhange seems soo much more scarier and thrilling..lol..but its not too bad right now…im assuming you really liked it rite now?

  • KTVB says:

    To FaNNy: I agree with you, would like to have seen something like the sales presentation but I like how this Love Exchange turned out =) It sut feels weird when expectations turns out differently ^^;

    To sugar: yay ^^ 🙂

    To F.B.I: yea when I saw the sales presentation I thought the cops which were investigating were actual main characters in the story as well, except now Christine Ng isn’t even in the series.

    To foreverleila: yay that’s one person ^^

    To Kinki: ahah I agree with the dialogue and expression bit =) The 4 main characters are good to watch =)

    To Lavendar_Bluez : From episode 9 onwards, yesh! lol

  • Summer says:

    KTVB ~ Yeah…waiting for ur screencap of Forensic Heroic II, i dun do for tis series and oso Love Exchange, but i did done for Speech Of Silence ” Moment of Kate and Kenneth ” if u wan, can viewed at my site.. i posted up to episode 17.. will soon finished de la.. later, wil busy on doing screencap for Moonlight lo.. haha..

    to Love Exc.. i m up to epi 10, and its makes me, stil hanging up side down for tis series.. cos, since 1st episode say abt Zita’s Husband die wif Tin’s wife in a car… and the case, is just like closed up.. form epi 2 until 9, its just touched on the relationship of Zita & Tin’s family member.. 1 by 1 of their family and friends appear.. and until episode 10, only touched back abit on abt the case.. abit funny of the series.but, its started make me to chase the series lo..

  • TVaddict says:

    Hi! U r from Singapore? haha..me too! nice to meet u!

    Thanks for ur blog!haha..there are so many tvb songs here! 😀 Thanks! 😀

    i’m watching FH 2 episode 20 now..i’m sure u have finished it!haha..i like Kevin in there! so cute!lol

  • KTVB says:

    To summer: yeh I like how the focus is back on track about the Bonnie/Dick death case from episode 10 =)

    To TVaddict: ah, I’m not from Singapore, I’m from Australia lol but nice to meet you too!

  • cF says:

    yeah i love Love Exchange right now, but i’d really like to find out what the original idea was in the sales presentation. that seemed a lot more dramatic and all!

  • nich says:

    Keep the summaries coming. I love reading them. In the case of LE, it’ll help me decide if I want to watch the series.

    I’m almost done with SOS and it’s just an okay series, nothing to shout about. It’s just bland, the characters are so-so and the plot is typical. Maybe I should’ve watched LE instead of SOS!

    Are you doing summaries for Moonlight Resonance (similar to what you did for taichi)? I’ll be looking forward to that!


  • KTVB says:

    To cF: yeah, since Anita seems like a very ‘strong’ type of women too, rather than the housewife she is in love Exchange.

    To nich: yay! Glad you like the summaries ^^ as for LE, I’m filtering out a lot of the ‘family stuff” though, which you might, or might not like. but the story does pick up in the latter half so stay tuned for them =)
    As for Moonlight Resonance..I have no idea yet LOL It really depends on how much I like the series I guess, and if it’s easy to talk about. There’s just some series which are easier for me to write up , i.e if lots of thing happen, like in Master of Taichi XD and I LOVED that series a lot haha.. I do have plans to more posts on MR though =) (rather than when dog loves a cat)

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