October 2008

Message from K

Hey everyone! How are you all doing?

Its been a while since I left a message so I thought I’d make a small one to keep you all informed on what’s been happening.

As you all know I’ve finished watching MR quite a while ago yet I still haven’t completed the summaries/thoughts! I shall try finishing them off soon!

As time approaches the TVB Anniversary Awards, I hope to catch up/finish off the posts regarding the series of 2008, leaving a fresh start for the coming year of new TVB Series =] These include:

  • Moonlight Resonance 38-40 done!
  • Love Exchange Episode 20 done!
  • Forensic Heroes II 20-30
  • The Legend of DemiGods 21-22 (maybe)

And hopefully some sort of mini comments/overviews for other series this year which I haven’t quite mentioned yet 🙂 They’re so long overdue I hope I can still remember them more clearly ^^;

Things are changing in my life and I know I won’t have the time to update this blog as regularly as I use to anymore. And so, I’ve decided that Moonlight Resonance will be the last series of Episodic Summaries/thoughts/Screencaptures I will be writing up. I hope you all enjoyed what I had to offer here =] Despite not having the regular episode write-ups, I will continue to share my thoughts on the various TVB series but they’ll be snippets of various things ^^

On a side note,  I just saw the ad on ‘The Four” and “The Gem of Life” on TVBJ satelite. I’m also starting to follow The Gem of Life and watched two episodes of it today. I have to say I don’t like the themevideo XD It gives me a big headache watching it scroll across the screen! Everyone ready for this 80 episode Grand series? ^^

15 Responses to “Message from K”

  • Maggie says:

    Hey, Thats a shame you won’t be able to upload that regular and MR will be the last episodic Summaries you will be writing up…I really enjoyed your blogs and summaries! Anyway I still support your blog! Have fun! xxx

  • Sammi says:

    I alway visited [“K For TVB”] – Expecially for your wonderful screen captures of each of the series. I also love reading all those wonderful summaries you put up onto your page, and the songs to listen to as well.. I like the new series “The Gem Of Life” also seen 2 episode this morning, Can’t wait to watch the 3rd Episode tonight. I thought there was going to be 82 Episode for this series. =] All the best for you..
    Take care! Have Fun.

  • sugar says:

    Aw, I’ll miss your screencaps! 🙂 TGOL themevideo is kinda annoying to me too with all the moving images across the screen. xD

  • Amy Le says:

    How is TGOL? Can any of you give me some head up? Can’t wait to watch them. Thanks.

  • rachel says:

    aww i’m sad you’re not doing your episode summaries any more. i always enjoyed reading them and seeing your pretty screencaptures. but i understand, there are things much more important than tvb, if only i knew how to use my time wisely like you…college wouldn’t be as scary hahah 😀 but that’s another story. well anyways, i still will look forward to whatever you’re going to post up! especially finishing up with the series. i love to read about your opinions 😀

    as for gem of life, i don’t like the themevideo either and the song isn’t very interesting. but i’m definitely looking forward to watching it! don’t know if it’s just me, but i love love love extra long series because i get so attached to the series that i watch, i get sad when it’s over. so a long series is good 😀 hahah

  • Wendy says:

    Hi K… It’s a pity that you can’t continue with your episodic summaries, but I know that they can be time consuming. Looking forward to the day when you can post the summaries again 😉

    As for Gems, I know that there’s a lot of hype on how spectacular this series will be, but just hearing that its 82 episodes alone is really scaring me. I’m not sure if I have the power and stamina to sustain and persevere through these 82 episodes. I’m really hoping that it won’t lose steam mid-way then it’ll be a drag to finish the show.

  • Butifly says:

    You have been doing a great job with all the screencaps and summaries. I enjoy reading them, and the screencaps are very helpful visuals while reading the summaries. I’m sure myself and everyone else will miss your episodic summaries, thoughts, and screencaps. Hope to see more updates from you even if it’s not regularly. Thanks for updating and your hardwork! 😀

  • kinki says:

    Totally agree with your sidenote, KTVB! I hate the theme video of The Gems of Life too!I got sooo dizzy watching the theme video. I mean the song’s isn’t bad, the the video is SUPER bad!

    First, the slide show is a bad idea, and it’s going waaaay too fast! Plus, it’s just mostly filled with screen shots with a few clips from the series!! It’s like watching a really poorly made slide show. I mean, come on, it’s a “grand” production!! It definitely got one of (if not the) worst theme video ever! And it’s 82 eps, oh my!

  • Lil-azn-pianoplayer says:

    I always visit your blog regularly and you’ve done such a great job with it over these two years. I will miss your great summaries and screen caps.
    I’ll still check your blog and look forward to what you post.^^

  • miniJC says:

    awe… I’ll miss your summaries and screen caps… I’ve done it before so I know it can be time-consuming…

    BIG Thanks for providing such wonderful summaries and screen caps and most importantly your time and dedication… Best Wishes to you =)

  • KTVB says:

    Thanks everyone for your warm wishes and kind comments 🙂

  • nam1ra says:

    we always your site..u have done a very good job in keeping this blog updated.
    do you know how i can have access to tvb drama with english subtitles? i’m now living in warsaw,poland and i miss tvb very much..i love raymond but i didn’t get the chance to watch The Four.. 🙁 huhu..

  • Prinxess19 says:

    Dear KTVB, I really enjoy reading your summaries and your thoughts on each episode of the different series plus all your screencaps. I am sad that u r stopping the summaries and screencaps but I understand I still will come and support ur blog. Keep up the good work

  • 'Muff says:


    I’ll be awaiting the FH2 20-30. *is an avid fan of that drama series*


  • 'Muff says:

    Sorry for the double post! oAo

    But I sorta accidentally pressed “tab”+”enter”. T_T


    Oh oh oh, and I’ll be awaiting the LotD 21-22~

    *nudgenudgehinthint* =D

    They’re awesome shows~

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