April 2009

[Message from K] April 09

Hi everyone!

*Update* I’ve just made screen-captures for the spoiler in episode 22!

As you are all probably aware, I’ve been quite into watching EU (Emergency Unit) for the past few weeks. I have finished the series, yet still have a few more posts I wanna write up for it ^^ Neat yeh? I hope TVB will produce some more exciting series to watch!

As for the moment, I haven’t quite started on anything else. Unlike in the past when I had time to watch any TVB series that was releasing,  I only want to be watching one (rather than 2 or more at the same time) and only if I believe will make good use of my time 🙂

The King of Snookers, Wintermelon Tale and Man in charge actually doesn’t appeal to me much…(where’s my Raymond Lam gone? haha I hope he’s 3rd album will be releasing soon!)

Let’s see..what else has been happening..oh that’s right! I’ve finally set up an email address at k-tvb.net 🙂 About time yeh? Please no spam though, and only use if you really need to. I’d much prefer comments about my posts on the respective posts, general TVB series comments/blog comments on the tagboard or Guestbook. Well, here it is: kerry@k-tvb.net (I hope I won’t regret exposing my email 🙂 )

And finally to finish off, on a more personal side (rather than TVB) I’d like to promote this newly launched Blog: MoonSticks!

Moon Sticks

This blog is owned by ChibiJennifer, aka. Chibi (who someone of you may be aware): has drawn many cute TVB chibi drawings for my blog 🙂 She is also K for TVB‘s Web hostess. It’s a rather cute blog where she’s starting up little cute Sailormoon comics! I would be greatly appreciate if could show her some support by checking it out  and giving her some feedback 🙂  Thanks guys!!

lol, I so need a new layout change XD

4 Responses to “[Message from K] April 09”

  • sugar says:

    I love Sailor Moon. ^^ I’m going to check it out now. XD

    Hehes, Raymond is filming a Mainland/China series with Bosco. :/ I don’t know if he’s going to film any (maybe one?) TVB series this year.

    He’s having a concert ^o^ in June though. 😉 Ooo. New layout, which series/stars you going to feature? XD

  • kelly says:

    new layout..i hope it e.u..

  • chibi says:

    Thanks for the site plug-in K! =D

  • MiuFan says:

    A few weeks? I finished watching the whole of E.U in a week! XD

    Reply from KTVB: haha, well back then the whole series ahsn’t been released yet, so had to wait each day for it to come out ^^

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