December 2009

[Message from K] December 2009

Hey everyone!!

Hope everyone has been well! What’s everyone been up to lately? 😀  Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!! and looking forward to 2010!  Here, K for TVB would like to wish you all a Happy New Year ^___^ and a joyful seasons greetings!!

As most of you know, I’ve had a very hectic month. I have never felt so busy with work and study- hopefully the new year will be a bit more relaxing XD (kinda doubt it but it’s always nice to hope haha). As a result, I left Born Rich hanging for a month. I know- I’m very behind lol but I had to get my priorities right.  And so..now I’m back!! I’m officially on break for two weeks :D! Having the rare opportunity to take a break from work, I ended up traveling to Hamilton Island (in Queensland, Australia) for a relaxing holiday last week 😀 and will be going on a short road trip again next week too!!! I’m quite excited ^^ I wish I can go on more relaxing holidays- I’m very tempted to make Sabah my next holiday destination 🙂  I have been really happy, relaxed and in holiday mood for the last couple of days  so I stayed away from my TVB for a bit.

Hamilton Island 2009

I did however, wanted to complete Born Rich and judge the series for myself. As a result, I went on a 2 day TVB marathon and finished off Born Rich this morning lol I don’t even know where to begin blogging! I’m just glad it’s over because I feel so delayed! I’m still deciding whether I should go with the 5 episode at a time, or just one for the remainder of the series^^; That’s quite a fair bit to write though..it’s kinda scary eh? lol The series kind of left me speechless. lol

Most people would have finished the series by now but  I feel I should jot something down since there were quite a few anticipating  my thoughts on it ^^ We’ll just have to see…

Raymond Lam Concert DVD & Linda Chung's My Love Story

P.s I’ve  received my Raymond Lam’s Let’s get Wet Concert DVD and Linda Chung’s “My love story” for Christmas!! YAY!! Thanks chibi!!! ^^ Will be posting up some more photos later!!

9 Responses to “[Message from K] December 2009”

  • Apple says:

    OMG!!! Hamilton Isalnd looks so nice!!!!!!
    It looks so realaxing… 🙂 Did you have fun??? OMG. Seriuosly. that place looks so nicceeeee! I WANNA GO THERE!!! LOL 🙂

  • kinki says:

    Your vacation spot seem so relaxing! It must be so refreshing to have a break from school and work!!

    Congrats on finishing BR! You seem released! lol~

    Can you take this much, Raymond & Linda both at the same time!! 😛

  • chibi says:

    Sounds like a relaxing holiday XD XD XD!
    Don’t worry K, I’ve been working hard on BTROC posts while you’re away, lol.

    Welcome back! Glad you like your pressi ^.^

    • KTVB says:

      Thanks chibi! Your updates on BTROC have been fab! (esp when I was either dying away or when you were off on holidays yourself!) XD

      Do hope you’ll be back after BTROC to blog some more in the future!

  • Annisa says:

    Congrats on getting a break from being a busy bee K! Hope to see lots of posts in the next few days. 😀

    The cover of Linda’s 2nd album looks sweet! So much better than her 1st one.

    Happy holidays!

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