June 2014

[Message from K] June 2014

Hi everyone 🙂

Hope you all like my new ‘The Ultimate Addiction’ Banner featuring Kate, Bosco & Nancy! ^____^ *Thanks chibi for making it for me!* hehe nice and refreshing!! I have been following this series and am quite enjoying it- half way through 🙂

The Ultimate Addiction Layout

Recently facebook deleted a chunk of my posts and screencaptures from my Facebook fanpage (including the Raymond Lam Banner!) saying it’s copyright infringement, and that they would delete my entire account if I post anymore *sigh* So…if you go to the page now, it doesn’t even have a banner. I haven’t added anything since- not sure if I should. I’m considering closing it down to avoid any potential issues linked to this blog. EDIT 26/6: Facebook has now closed down my facebook account.  I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those 1,194 people for the page likes and those who enjoyed my daily updates screenshots as I was watching the series. Hopefully you will continue to support my blog via twitter , RSS feeds, or regular visits to our blog.

My main concern this K-tvb.net which I’ve spent my last 7.5 years on. A couple of TVB blogs have been shutdown in the past due to ‘copyright issues’ and it almost feels like we will suffer the same kinda fate *touchwood*. It’ll be just a shame. I just think it’s stupid for TVB to kill off blogs who are merely creating some online activity and promoting the series for them, essentially for free. I am not claiming that I am affiliated with TVB, nor that I own any of their materials. I’m just a TVB fan who dedicated her time in watching TVB, making screencaptures and sharing my thoughts and opinions. The screencaptures all have TVB logos on it!!! TVB is already going downhill as it is, I just hope they seriously reconsider what they are doing and how that actually impacts themselves. TVB is not going to benefit from it at all… *annoyed*

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  • Chibi says:

    Glad you like the new banner 😀

    It’s a real shame TVB are going around filing copyright claims to fan blogs. Seriously? What they should be directing their resources to are to companies selling bootlegs of their dramas instead, whoa re actually making money off it.

    Anyway, I will support this blog right to the end 🙂

  • vanboonie says:

    your blog is so awesome ! will support you all the way *fighting*

  • JacJac says:

    Unfortunately, Fb closed your account. It would have been better if you shut it instead of letting fb deleting it. :/ At least your blog will always be here.

    • JacJac says:

      I know a tvb fb admin who got in the same situation, and he decided to close it down instead of having tvb deleting it.

    • KTVB says:

      Hey JacJac,

      I did think about closing down my facebook page but I guess I wanted to test my luck whether they would leave my older content. Unfortunately they went through deleting my older contents and ultimately my facebook page. Some of the stuff they deleted I think are questionable. Some are just facebook statuses or polls. My banner which Chibi drew cartoon versions of TVB characters got deleted too. Clearly that’s not copyrighted by TVB. Seriously. It’s clear they just wanted to delete everything.

      I don’t think it would have made too much of a difference for me. At the end of the day, it’s gone. (Different story if it was my TVB blog of course). *touchwood* I do hope my blog will always be here…

  • summer7879 says:

    wow !! nice banner .. yeap , me too, enjoy the series so much 🙂

  • Rachel says:


    Always glad to see you update and put up posts!! It would be a shame to have this bog taken down! Can’t believe it’s been running for 7.5 years! I think i’ve followed this blog for a majority of the time and would hate to have it taken down! So many good memories here and lots of good quality posts, pictures, and commentary to relive the good old days.

    Is there a way for your to archive everything in case it ever happens? (praying that it never does though!)

    • KTVB says:

      Hi Rachel

      Thanks for your support and kind comments! 🙂 Always nice to know dedicated followers of the blog 🙂 It has been a really long time…hoping nothing bad will happen to it!

  • haiziwang says:

    Hi KTVB, I agree that this “copyright” thing is getting a bit over the top with TVB.

    Instead of making fans upset, they should be thinking about better ways to spend their resources and produce quality stuff.

    Nowadays, when companies are paying people to write about their thoughts and act as a form of advertising/marketing, totally makes no sense to me why they want to shut down fan blogs at all.

    Maybe that’s why it’s going downhill, with a management style like that.

  • haiziwang says:

    Forgot to say, go go KTVB!

  • ShermaineC says:

    I hope that this site will not be closed down by tvb. I’ve been with you for quite some time but I rarely leave any comments. I discovered you when I was googling about The Drive Of Life. (Note: I watched it 2years from the original run). I think that’s is pretty long right? Anyways, I love your site so so much and I think I’ll be really sad if it is not around anymore.
    [I’ll keep praying for you!]

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