March 2010

[Message from K] March 2010

Hi everyone! How are you all? 🙂 I thought I’d just drop by a quick little message here to let everyone know what’s been happening with me and all.
Deep apologies for those still waiting for my final post on Born Rich– I still have not gotten around writing it up yet and feels like months since I’ve last seen it. I have been really really busy with life to blog. Please forgive me!

I have still been following a couple of series though- it’s a lot quicker to watch TVB than to blog- trust me! Since my last “Message“, series I’ve seen and completed include:

  • The Season of Fate
    Awesome cast- lovable characters & chemistry. Story could be better. Most satisfying ending I have seen in a long time XD
  • Cupid Stupid
    Romantic love story:  Love the main characters. Side stories were boring. VERY disappointing ending. OMG!

Other than the review on “Beauty of the Game”, I haven’t made many additional posts on the other series as I simply did not have the time. As a result, I was leaving mini comments/my thoughts on those respective series page  as I progressed through the series- to share with those who were still following me ^^So for those who want to know what I think- visit those respective pages above and have a read of the comments 🙂

I’ve also started watching “Beyond the Realm of Conscience“- currently around episode 10 when Moses becomes the King haha..I know, I’m probably the only one who is THAT behind ^^ Don’t get me wrong- I love the series!! It’s really exciting and all but work commitments are holding it off at the moment. As chibi has been writing up wonderful episode summaries for BTRC, I’ll be leaving comments on the respective blog entries to share my thoughts on them as well.

I’ve also been re-watching “In the Chamber of Bliss” as they are airring on TVBJ during my dinner time- last episode tomorrow! I’ve fallen in love with the series all over again- It’s still equally as exciting watching it the 2nd time around. It’s disappointing to see the series was not that popular- in HK and netizens. For those who haven’t seen it- you’re missing out!

As for upcoming series, I currently don’t have plans to watch anything. Just really, really busy and need to get on top of things in life. I will continue to update my blog with anything new though, including song downloads and such and replying to comments 🙂 I will miss chibi’s updates too! As a guest blogger at K-TVB.net, chibi might be coming in and out with things to share too 🙂

Have a lovely March everyone!!

7 Responses to “[Message from K] March 2010”

  • rachel says:

    wow! so many series you watched! i’m really looking forward to any reviews/thoughts you’ll be writing.
    one series i absolutely want to read a review on is Cupid Stupid…the ending actually made me depressed for a couple of days. hahaha. i watched it online and for some reason i couldn’t watch the last minute or so of it, but still saw who tavia got together with, and i was so devastated!!! so so sad, so i’m hoping to read people’s thoughts on it, i hope i’m not the only one who feels this way lol

    i have a quick question, how can you watch BTROC when all of the episode summaries and spoilers are on your site? isn’t it tempting to read what happens? i’m happy/surprised you are enjoying it judging from all the negative responses i’ve read. i personally really liked tavia’s character. i hope to read some of your thoughts on it too! well, i feel like i’m starting to ramble now, so i’ll stop, but glad to hear from you! hope to read some posts soon! 🙂

    • KTVB says:

      Hey rachel! It’s been awhile 🙂

      I’ve actually written my thoughts/comments of those series in the pages (if you scroll down the page and read the comments, my comments have blue box! ;)” but OMG Cupid Stupid…you are not alone rachel XD After the final episode got released, there’s like 40 comments/rants/cries or so left:


      from people who are all disappointed by the ending. (incl myself) Feel free to join us lol

      As for BTROC, its’ tempting, but I know if I read it, it’ll ruin my enjoyment of the actual series..so I resist! Hey its working lol, despite the posts being on my own blog haha i guess I haven’t really been in the loop to realise the “negative comments” which you speak of lol

      • rachel says:

        oh wow, i am slow and not very observant lol i am so glad there are so many people who feel the same way, i just ranted some more on Nhi’s tvb guide lol
        thanks for letting me know there were comments about it! i would never have known

  • karened says:

    haha nope, you’re not really that behind. I haven’t started on BTRC and I don’t foresee myself starting on it anytime soon. I’m waiting very very patiently for Mysteries of Love though.

    • KTVB says:

      oh lol are you anticipating BTRC though? What’s holding you back from starting it?

      Oh yes, my dear Raymond XD can’t believe it’s already been a year without him.

  • engsamnang says:

    Really think the same way to you. I don’t know some series must deserved the high rating but then begin ignore by viewer in case of some problem. For example: The charm beneath which totally build to such a interesting climax and dominate the touching potential over family drama, business conflicting, love story and nice twist. However begin dump by viewer due to lack flavour of gigi” stole the award”. Not yet watch chamber of bliss, surely nor watching online or the arrival in cambodia not avaliable. Depend to your comment, I may give this the try. Something obviously the best, can’t judge from outer appearance. Oh you on episode 10 of beyond, wait to see tavia evilness so. SHe’s so evil but i still like her. After watching it in internet, i now started repeat it in Thai channel( Thai dubbed) and sure watch again in my own language casue it planned to air after vitues of harmony. I don’t know i in love with it.

  • Cara says:

    I agree with you on several accounts. The Beauty of the Game was interesting, and I think Christine Ng did well in her role, but as for the others, I’m not so sure.

    For The Season of Fate, I loved the cast chemistry and the characters! I think because the cast isn’t quite so extended, it gave the writers a chance to expand the character development as well as make them more realistic. The plot was really interesting in the beginning, and had a lot of potential… but I would have liked more flashbacks to see exactly what happened rather than just through the characters’ narrations.

    Haven’t seen Cupid Stupid yet, and not sure if I’m going to.

    I remember In the Chamber of Bliss, and it was heartbreaking that Damien was never reunited with Kathy at the end. He’s a good actor, and should totally be in more dramas!

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