March 2011

[Message from K] March 2011

Hi Everyone!

I’ve finally finished my exams on Tuesday  (hopefully …FOREVER!)..YAY!! That hopefully means I will have a bit more time to do what I want haha.  I’ve also just finished watching “The Rippling Blossom 鱼跃在花见“!   I watched the series largely because of Chilam XD  I only had the chance to watch from episode 13 onwarads until the end but from what I’ve seen, the series was pretty enjoyable.  Being interested in the Japanese culture, I liked watching the setting in Hokkaido, and looking at all the oiishi food XD I finally went to satisfy my cravings for Japanese food last night when I went out to have Japanese for dinner ahha  XD ITADAKIMASU! hehe Although the series is probably another typical-ish TVB series , the Japanese stye, cooking and Chilam (of course) makes up for it, and I think it’s one of the better series released this year so far (although I can’t say that this year has been that great…). I’ve added in some of my thoughts on the series here. Do share your thoughts! 🙂

Chilam and  Myolie @ The Rippling Blossom Speaking of Chilam, his “What is Love” album will be releasing soon too! So to help him do a bit of promotion:

Extract from Yesasia.com:

The popularity of TVB drama The Rippling Blossom has put its leading man Julian “Chilam” Cheung back in the limelight. Twenty years after his first break as a singer, Chilam finally gets to hold his first solo concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum in March 2011. In the meantime, he is to release his latest album What is Love, which features the concert theme song “Melt Your Heart” (which is tailor-made for him by Mark Lui and Lin Xi) and his new heartfelt ballad “In Love with an Extraterrestrial”. Other songs on the album include The Rippling Blossom’s theme song “How Deep is the Sea”, the song Chilam penned for his son called “Toy Story”, plus two Mandarin songs.

The album comes with a bonus DVD containing a music video.

He recently appeared on Jade Solid Gold and performed “Return of Cockoo/The Rippling Blossom” Theemsong! Checkit out here. I’ve always loved his voice- I fell in love with his previous TVB themesongs as well, especially “Wish You Well” (Return of the Cockoo) and “Love has no Dreams” (The Point of No Return). His themesong for the Rippling Blossom is also uplifting. I’m definately looking forward to his new release, and I want to wish him the best of luck for his upcoming concert!!

Chilam- What is Love

Some of you may also have noticed, K for TVB  has finally set up a facebook page! If you haven’t already done so,  please check it out and “like” us! 😀

And finally, I’ve started watcihng “Grace Under Fire”- be sure to come back to check out our updates!

Talk to you guys soon!

10 Responses to “[Message from K] March 2011”

  • Dee says:

    Chilam was so cute in this series.
    I really enjoy the whole setting in Hokkaido as well.

  • zihwye says:

    rushing for school now but i just wanted to say OMG ME TOO. as in i had a mad craving for japanese cuisine after watching this show :/ so all those japanese restaurants in my country should go thank tvb. but actually this show was sponsored by a japanese restaurant chain, so i guess im not surprised.
    brings to mind what happened to japan though :/

  • Ri says:

    Yay on finishing your exams! 🙂

    I’ve always heard about Hokkaido being beautiful but I only realised how beautiful after I watched The Rippling Blossom! I did find the fact that they flew back and forth to Hokkaido so often kinda amusing. Haha!

    Like you, Chilam was totally the highlight of the show for me. I wasn’t a huge fan before this, I just thought he was a good singer/actor but his charming performance as Ying Chai really made me like him even more. Damien was really funny too, and it was quite a departure from the roles I’ve seen him play recently. The Damien-Chilam-Myolie trio was fun to watch. Surprisingly, I liked Myolie too, probably because she was really cute with Chilam. Or probably because the alternative (Michael and Tavia) was just not fun to watch at all.

    Ugh, where do I even start with Michael and Tavia? Michael’s character was annoying and Tavia’s character was so wishy washy. Like someone trying to be evil but actually doesn’t have the guts to be. I like Tavia but this role was so meh. Only really thought she had some backbone towards the end when she told Michael off.. finally!

    Pierre Ngo was really REALLY good as Chi Po! He really looked mentally retarded and played the role to a T!

    All in all, The Rippling Blossom was a good watch and the Jap food/culture was a bonus! 🙂 Chilam’s opening theme song is really good too!

    • KTVB says:

      Ri!! 😀

      haha yea it was like, instant trip. I wish Japan was that easy to get to XD

      i agree with you in regards to Michael and Tavia..thought their get together scene was slightly cheezy too. Maybe I just didn’t like either of them much. The whole “let fate decide” annoyed me because it reminded me of Tavia and Michael in “Cupid Stupid” lols XD

      • Ri says:

        K!! 🙂 🙂 *waves*

        OMG YEA I almost forgot about Michael and Tavia in Cupid Stupid. Gah, I WISH I could forget – that was another frustrating ending! Tavia has a lot of frustrating endings somehow.. did you watch “Sweetness in The Salt”??

        • KTVB says:

          OMG..sweetness in the salt…yes I did..I liked that series (like Cupid Stupid)…until the ending came along..

  • Vivian says:

    AWW, i love myolie and chiliam <333 tavia and michael's part was just boring..and like it made me go..UGH COME ON ALREADY.!! anyway, do you knwo the american song that comes up that tavia and michael listens to? 🙂

  • kes says:

    hehe… nice promoting. – I’ll definitely get his album

    I love Chi Lam’s voice too. – He is one of my fav singer (along side with Steven ma and Patrick Tang :D)

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