Hey everyone!

I can’t believe it’s October already! Hope all has been well ^^

As some of you may have noticed, the post below for Beyond the Realm of Conscience Lyric Translations was made by chibi ^_^ That marks her debut blog entry on K for TVB!  She will be a guest blogger on K-tvb.net, so I hope you can all make her feel welcome when you see her random posts around!

What else have I been up to?  I have been really really busy lately : ( I’m looking forward to the Xmas break already because I can really relax then, but until then, just have to keep going, don’t I? =)  I’ve recently completed In the Chamber of Bliss, which was a great series =) Kathy fans should definitely give this series a go- she cries so beautifully lol I love all the political stuff in there, great stuff!

Most people would already be feeling it. Yes, we have finally entered the TVB Anniversary mood with the TVB 42 Anniversary Lighting Ceremony held last Monday! This year’s one was quite special because it was also held on the same night as the airing of the first episode of 2009 Grand Productions/Anniversary Series:  Born Rich & Beyond the Realm of Conscience! The Lighting ceremony was really exciting to watch, which heavily promoted these two series…I wanted to watch both of them so much! They even got the cast to watch the first episodes with the audience, there were performances of the main themesongs & subs and interviews with the cast- the hype was if they have reached the finale already xD

Which 2009 Grand Production are you most anticipating?

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As of 2 November (which is next week!), TVBJ (Australia) will be airring the 2 grand productions (Beyond @7.30 and Born Rich @8.30) They have been showing “The Stew of Life” on weekends as well as weekdays to finish it off. it looks like they’re skipping In the Chambers of Bliss ^^; At least we’re not too behind HK now, just 2 weeks!
I wish I had time to watch both series, but I can’t. As a result, I decided to watch Born Rich first (though I’ve noticed more people are anticipating Beyond). Hope both series will be mega hits!!

I will try squeeze out some time to make some posts on Born Rich =D

TVB 42 Lighting Ceremony

What’s also different with this years Lighting Ceremony is the fact they didn’t release the nominations yet…which is understandable if they want to include Born Rich & Beyond the Realm of Conscience in this year’s anniversary awards (which wouldn’t make sense if people haven’t even seen it yet) I think the date of the Award Ceremony is pushed back a bit later too. If this is the case, wouldn’t this years’ competition be INTENSE??
We will technically have 3 Grand Productions –as I believe The Gem of Life will be in this years one– (including the actors in the respective series) competing in the same..year lol!! How is that going to work..?
Adding to that, the series released earlier in the year seem to be fading as well. When the Award ceremony comes along, will the popularity of Rosy Business, Sheren Tang’s Sei-lai lai, Wayne lai’s Chai Gao-gor still be there? How about Michael Tse’s Laughing Gor? Does he still have a large fan-base as back then? Series which are released closer to the Anniversary date seem to be better off as people still remember it..I wonder what will happen…

Only time will tell…

5 Responses to “[Message from K] October 2009”

  • turtle88 says:

    It does seem like more people want to watch BROC, but after giving both series a try, I think I’m liking Born Rich because it’s a bit more exciting and I finished the first five eps very quickly. Gallen and Anita’s acting and characters are amazing 🙂 I like Kenneth in it too 😛
    BROC is okay, the first episode is sad already, but it’s not exciting enough to keep me going on it yet, maybe I’ll give it another episode. I have so much school work as well…

    • KTVB says:

      ooo icic ^^ I have always anticipated watching Born Rich more than BROC. I look forward to seeing both though, but my first priority in TVB series goes to Born Rich! I hope both will just be as enjoyable!

  • chibi says:

    Thanks for the welcome 😀 I hope both series will meet out expectations! ^.^ Will definitely be watching Born Rich after I finish Beyond the Realm of Conscience!

  • Kelvin says:

    Hi K, i have started a blog because i was inspired by yours. Surely it is nowhere as good as yours. But i’ll be watching Born Rich as i am more into business than ancient dramas. By the way i really love your episode summaries an maybe you can visit my blog when you have time.

  • fiona says:

    hellooooooooooo, actually, personally…I think that BTROC seems more intersting…not only the storyline itself, but the cast is very actractive as well…but I actually hope that both series are good…just that BTROC would be my first choice!!!!! 😀

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