March 2009

[Message from K]- Quick Update

Hey everyone! 😀 How are you all?

Just letting you guys know what’s been happening and to answer some of the FAQs. Updates have been less since I’ve started full time work but I do manage to watch an episode of TVB a night which is nice 🙂 hehe for now anyways before I hit busy season. I have been actively chasing E.U! As with most of you I’m waiting on episode 15 and it really ‘wow’s me. I’m enjoying it a lot and I like most of the characters. ooo..half way through the series already! Can’t wait to watch the rest of it. More about it in my next post-(hopefully I’ll write something up later today but no guarantees- if not, it’ll have to be the next weekend!)

On a side note, The Greatness of a Hero is airring on Monday on TVBJ Australia at 7pm (After Page of Treasure). I didn’t really watch Page of Treasures, only bits and pieces and it didn’t appeal to me much! Wayne and Sonjia were entertaining to watch, but I wasn’t that interested in watching the other sibling’s relationship and love interest. It was funny how Macy’s character turned out to be a lesbian though XD And I loved the TVB drama references they had throughout the series.

I’m still wondering if I should give ‘Greatness’ a go..seems to have mixed reviews. The new series “A Wintermelon Tale” doesn’t look all that exciting either. I wanna see something GOOD. haha

Talk to you guys later! Gotta go do some stuff lol (weekends are so valuable once you start working!)

7 Responses to “[Message from K]- Quick Update”

  • iciel says:

    Hey K,

    You should give the Greatness of a Hero a try, I promise you, it’s great! I just finished watching it. It was touching and suspenseful 🙂

    The veterans like Wayne, Kent, & Lee Heung Kam are awesome. You’ll like Sonija in here too, finally, TVB gives her a kind role. Sonija and Kent’s chemistry is great. At first I was skeptical since Kent is so much older than Sonija, but their love was very beautiful. I recommend it 🙂

    p.s. Also, as a bonus, this series doesn’t have the typical TVB ending, it was surprising but good!

  • KTVB says:

    lol! I didn’t know Sonjia and Kent are going to be lovers in this series XD The trailer they showed on TVBJ was mainly showing Rebecca, Queenie, Claire and Kent..so I was wondering who the younger/more mainer characters were going to be.

  • hulahula says:

    I agree with iciel. I think you could give this series a try. The series is not without its flaws, but I still really enjoyed it and it kept me engaged until the end. I think it’s best to watch it without reading any of the spoilers. Please give it a try! lol

    Reply from KTVB: yes, no spoilers please! XD

  • AC says:

    Hi KTVB! I think you can give it a try, but I personally hated the ending. It is different, but I guess I like normal happy endings. haha

    For me, I have more time to watch tvb series now than before, since when I was in college, I had a job at the same time and I would be behind in my series. With my full time job, I have more time after work and I can look at tvb blogs when I’m bored at work too. =)

  • Rin says:

    Like the others, I recommend giving the Greatness of a Hero a try! ^^ I’m almost done with the series and so far, I’m enjoying it (:
    You get to see Leila too! Haha, it’s been a while since I last saw her.. Hmm The Last Princess? But that wasn’t a TVB series 😛

    Oh my, it seems like you guys have different liking to the ending… I hope it’s something I like >.>

  • rachel says:

    yup, i agree with everyone else, give greatness of a hero a try 😀 i think it’s really good and i’m only on the second episode. but the one that i’ve been obsessing over and watching it everyday is EU. Eu is awesome! i think it’s so much better than the first two. i hope you do more screencaps from EU!

  • KTVB says:

    To AC: ah that’s good to hear 🙂 Just curious, what kind of job are you doing?

    To Rin: lols, TVB really need to come up with ‘better’ endings

    To rachel: agree! I’m watching EU everyday, so exciting XD

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