It’s been a while since I’ve posted some “Moments of Comparions”- Since I’ve only recently finished ‘Grace Under Fire” and currently chasing “Relic of an Emissary” I decided to put one together XD I’m sure TVB has  used this one before: a romantic scene where two characters get trapped in a well..

Grace Under Fire
In Episode 28 of Grace Under Fire, Fala gets captured and in the process of saving her, Bosco gets attacked and the two get thrown down a well. It starts raining and because Bosco injured his leg, he is unable to escape. After much akwardness and separation after Bosco rejected Fala in a couple of episodes ago, the two finally get a chance to talk. As the water rises, Bosco finally confesses his feelings for her. The next morning, the rain has stopped and they eventually get saved, however Fala returns to Edwin (playing the Japanese guy)’s side.

Relic of an Emissary
In episode 23 of Relic of an Emissary, the princess is ill and gets captured and thrown down a well. While Michael climbs down to save her; the well gets blocked off with boulders and the two get trapped there.  In order to save the princess, Michael feeds her his blood (a bit strange I know lol) and she mistakens it as water.  The princess tells Michael how hurt she is by the way he’s been treating her and asks him why he’s sometimes cold towards her and other times so caring …(Poor Michael- could see how hurt he was too =( ) Although Michael does not answer her,  he mumbles to himself the fact he can die by the princess’s side- there’ll be no more regrets in his life.. awww.. After they get saved, Michael refuses to admit his feelings for her and tells her he solely did it as part of his role.

Relic of an Emissary & Grace Under Fire

Very romantic, TVB haha.

13 Responses to “[Moments of Comparison] Trapped in a Well”

  • Chibi says:

    Romantic but… how often do people get trapped inside wells??? XDDD

    • Michael says:

      You piss some people off enough near a well and then taunt them a little bit just to do the trick. And voila! You’re got your insta-trapped-in-a-well plan. 😛

    • Ri says:

      Where do we even find wells these days? hahaha

      • KTVB says:

        I wasn’t quite sure how a well works..isn’t there supposed to be water in there or does it get filled up from rain? (but looking from Bosco/Fala, the water seemed to have drained out somewhere overnight)

        When Elanne was asking for water, Michael’s response was “Water? Where do I find water in a well?” XD

        So I guess..wells aren’t for water? lol

        • Karen =) says:

          TVB and their wells these days but aren’t there supposed to be water?, i mean whats the point of having a well other than throwing people in if there’s no water? XD

  • Ri says:

    LOL romantic to the character but too bad all I can think of is how dirty the well is and what creepy crawlies are in there!

    And that scene in GUF when Bosco admitted he likes Fala too felt super out of nowhere to me! Did I miss something along the way, or did that just feel like a fast forward to get them together?

    • KTVB says:

      haha I don’t really think of how dirty it is or the creepy crawlies..more like how painful it would be for them to get thrown down one.. XD

      As for GUF when Bosco admitted liking her I was like “HUH!?!? Since WHEN!!??! Did I miss something??” XD XD Yes..I believe TVB stuffed up and err..did some fast-forwarding XD It seemed out of the blue, especially when he only admitted to Xuan about liking her not so long ago. Nothing really changed since then- not hints whatsoever.. Ok, maybe we could try reason it as Bosco realising he’ll never be able to be with Xuan (“wakes up”) so he turns to Fala whom he also likes (but maybe second choice XD)

      In that well scene though, Bosco says something like “I don’t make myself clear- which lead Siu-Hao to misunderstand and make things akward for Gwai Lan” (A bit contradictory there)

    • Chibi says:

      yeah, I’m more concerned about broken bones when falling inside a well .. XD

    • misstila says:

      lol i think they showed some random hints here and there that weren’t that noticeable. haha guess he was finally touched by all the things fala did for him. xP

  • misstila says:

    omg i loved this part it was so sad! i love bosco and fala 😀

  • Cammie says:

    So SWEET in the well with Bosco and Fala. It looks like Bosco was trying to push her up and let him be on the bottom to keep her from drowning. I was wondering where all the water went the next morning. And Michael feeding Elanne his blood was new.. and weird. I didn’t see that episode yet, but can’t she tell the difference between the tastes of water and blood??

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