The three other children are introduced, played by Moses Chan, Vincent Wan and Chris Lai Lok Yi. The scene where they first appeared was somewhat amusing where we have Raymond trying to talk to the the three of them and each of them appear to be in their own world. Moses reminds me so much of his Dak Dak Dei character in HOG. He’s a bit geeky, funny and gets along with the older aunties at the Cake shop (like to his customers at the Abalone store in HOG). He’s really into investing in stock/shares and the way he wears a white coat reminds me of a mad scientist hehe..

Vincent seems to be the quiet, shy, introvert type of person who is having some issues of his own. Chris seems to be the one who cares the least about the family and spends time trying to please his girlfriend and dating. When Raymond was talking to them about the family dinner on the 15th-Mid Autumn Festival, he asked Raymond ‘Can I not go? It’s my girlfriend’s 1/2 month anniversary together, she’s break up with me if I don’t spend it with her‘ o_o… what..a bad boy. It’s sorta expected though, since they were brought up by Ha Yu and Michelle..

I really felt sorry for Lee See Kei’s father. He was so happy when he was told that he could finally have a family dinner with his grandchildren on Mid Autumn Festival night. However, his hopes kept going up and down.. happy..and then disappointed..happy…disappointed, it must feel really bad! I felt exactly how he did, ‘Mid Autumn festival is supposed to be a family dinner, it’s tradition..why does it have to be so difficult?’ That was his biggest wish and was happily willing to give up his Cake Store name to exchange for that one dinner. Michelle’s side don’t keep their words!

Like ‘Ho Ma’, I can forgive Wayne’s character and accept him because he seems to be genuine in his apology. I did feel sorry for him even though it was his fault for leaving ‘Ho Ma’s Cake Shop for ‘Hong Yi’s one in the first place. I guess the importance is acknowledging the mistake he has made, to remain loyal and to see Michelle’s true face.

This episode was really exciting! 😀 I enjoyed watching the battle with words between ‘Hong Yi’ and ‘Ho Ma’. Wow is what I can say lol especially in the final scene with the dinner.

It was really exciting and dramatic when Grandma and Hong Yi arrived at the restaurant! Ho Ma was always blamed for causing the death of Jo-ba’s younger brother but Wayne finally steps out and reveals the truth! I’m very proud of his character and feel very relieved for Ho Ma for not having to feel guilty anymore =) Go Wayne!

I was relieved to see that Moses is always on Lee See Kei’s side and not Michelle’s . The other two brothers do speak up at the end, saying they want to finish their dinner with their grandpa as well =)

I really like the series so far 😀 It’s got the whole Heart of Greed family conflict and feel to it 😀 I can’t wait to watch more!

9 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 3 Thoughts”

  • KTVB says:

    The scene where the family were watching the video clips, singing songs etc really reminded me of HOG where they were celebrating Ba Bao and Dai Kei’s anniversary 🙂

  • Jessica says:

    Yeah true. It did to me too. but i liked HOG one better lols. For Part II the drama fighting happened a bit to fast..lols. but overall it was a good episode so yeah.

  • summer says:

    KTVB ~ me too.. when i watch the dinner part..its oso makes me think of HOG Dai Bou And Dai Kai’s anniversary… actually there’s few scene..makes me think back of HOG …

    and i love episode 3, cos.. Moses appear.. he as Ah Ka is another good role of him , will miss Duk Duk Dei and now as Ah Ka, oso not bad lo..
    then, the scene of Ho Ma phone chat wif Ah Hung, wow.. tats excellent.. give applause to Ho Ma.. and the dinner is so touching.. so happy seeing Ah Ka, Ah Yuen and Zhung Zai wanna stayed to cont the dinner wif Grand-Pa.. so touching lo..

    to me, more and more love MR .. 🙂 nice series..

  • chibi says:

    ahhh the drama! Best episode yet =) I like how strong Ho Ma’s character is, and it’s good Wayne turned from bad to good. Previously I hated Wayne’s character so much and didn’t expect him to change from one end to the other. However, the transition was still very smooth, and thanks to too acting, I think it was quite realistic and well put together.

  • will says:

    moses is kinda dodgy in this series. but man the scene in the restaurant was dramatic =/

  • Michelle says:

    Ooh I’m loving Moonlight Resonance heaps! Ho ma is so cool in this episode! 🙂 Hehe.

  • nich says:

    The war of words is excellent!!!

  • melissa says:

    the show was damn greet…i like d show…subscribe ,ore la about vincent..XD
    he’s cute..^^
    aswell as ho ma…she’s d “tulang belakang” 4 d whole family..

  • sugar says:

    it was funny when Moses was singing in the microphone haha. xD

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