This episode focuses mainly on Chung-Jai (Vincent Wan). HoMa has taken him back from England and has been staying at her place. At first everyone was against HoMa for let him give up on his study and return to look for work but HoMa kept standing firmly on her position. Even I kept thinking it was a little irrational of HoMa to do that but then we find out he really isn’t the studying type, even having cheated by stealing the exam paper to get 47%. JoBao understands and helps him keep this a secret from AhHong (Michelle), Grandma etc that he has returned.

Jobao seems to be around HoMa’s family more often now and it’s more looking like a family again and we get more funny family moments 🙂  One would be the scene where Jong-Jai gives a video call back to his grandma and we have the whole family pretending to be people cheering in the background as they “watch sport in Manchester” It was hilarious with the “ole, ole ole ole!” Seriously I thought they were going to recognize them considering they spoke as well!XD I’m glad Jong Jai is back with them, back safe and protected by HoMa.

While the family is altogether (except Ah Yuen), the family is really happy and Jo-bao gets drunk too and starts confessing his inner feelings and sorrow! His real emotions are revealed as he expresses how much the regrets breaking up the family and such a bad father he is, what he has put his children into, all simply because he thought Ah Hong was young and beautiful (compared to HoMa) back then..

When Moses was crying in the phone booth, Tavia was trying to apologise and explain to him that she was only pretending to call Ho Ma  about him ‘gambling’ again, but in fact she didn’t. She tries to show him that there’s no call history on her phone and when he takes it and presses a few buttons, he returns it to Tavia asking” How do you check?” so adorable!!

At the end of the episode, the family gives SaYi a surprise by celebrating her birthday with a delicious dinner, birthday cake, and a webcam video clip of her daughter “Ga Mei” (Kate Tsui) to wish her a happy birthday ^^.

SaYi was really touched and tried to kiss everyone! lol

5 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 10 Thoughts”

  • KTVB says:

    Didn’t know where to put this, so I’ll add it on the comments. SaYi looks soo funny 😛


  • Summer says:

    in tis episode, there’s 2 scene..i pretty love it.. the scene they whole family after pretend at watching football match and in a happy mood having meal at hse..and love to see Jo Bao ,great at acting Roman And Geroge Lam..haha.. and oso quite touched then he say sorry to all the kids and Ho Ma for his mistakes tat he have done…

    another scene is i love watching Ah Ka and Ah Yue…they’re pretty cute..when Ah Ka cry and then stop crying.. plus he dun know how to funtioned Ah Yue hp, tats cute and funny lo..haha..

    KTVB ~ yeah.. Sa Yi tat image is funny..haha .. 🙂

  • kris says:

    LOL, I liked how Moses tried to avoid Susanna’s kiss by telling her he was work, and he even whips out “Adeus!” xD that was funny.

  • KTVB says:

    To Summer: ahah yeah…and he knows so much about Investments/stocks but clueless about a phone XD though I take it as his phone is different so the functions/buttons are a little different hehe

    To kris: LOL! I love that part too!! Moses is hilarious 😛 There was also the bit where they were looking t jackets and Ah Sa asked Moses which colour jacket suited her more. He replied ‘the pink one because you can zip it up and cover up her mouth XD

  • Eileen says:

    i llove this episode…starting with zhong zai telling the whole family about wat happened to hoMa in England….soooooooo touching…a mother’s love for her children…and also Har Yu which i first think he is quite a jerk (jin nan yan) in this series…but at this point he has shown his conscience…very good…another touching scene of him saying sorry…and of course, love seeing moses and tavia together!!!!

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