At first I thought AhSa was doing some good things for once. She firstly helps Wayne get a really well-paid job & working conditions in Australia where he could reunite with his sister (I had doubts at first); then next convincing Grandma to ‘let go’ and stop hating HorMa,  helping patch up the relationships with the families- I was so wrong -_- Ah Sa was only doing it for money and ends up sucking up to Grandma, lying & exaggerating to her about their risk of the oven exploding and hurting the children; the cost of new ovens etc in hope to scam her money! When Wayne spoke truthfully about the prices etc, AhSa was boiling mad at him for being a ‘selfish’ person who ruined her opportunity. She regretted helping him; and thus threatened to call her friend and take her words back of referring him; shattering his dreams of working in Australia =( Poor Wayne ><!! AhSa blackmailed him and as a result, Wayne started apologising to her and begged her to give him one more chance..

HorMa went into hospital to do an operation on her back. While she was away from the household, Susana causes more trouble; being the b**** as always, grasping every opportunity to hurt people’s self-esteem and this time, Chung-Jai gets his share, saying how useless he is being illiterate in both Chinese and English.

Luckily he has very supportive brothers and sisters to cheer him up and help bring up his self-esteem 🙂 *Their sibling love is so sweet*

 The rapping scene was really cute XD They even bought him a canoe so he could practice for the upcoming race! Chung-Jai end up getting first place!!! 😀 yay!! ^^ *Feels proud of his achievement*  HorMa was also watching his race through her video phone =)

On the other hand, Susanna wanted to gain Grandma’s trust and ‘friendhsip’ that  ended up betraying HorMa by telling Grandma that HoMa had ‘captured’ Chung-Jai at her place and hiding him from the rest of them! Wayne was there but he couldn’t say anything, but keep quiet about it. Grandma, Ah Hong etc go to HorMa’s place and take Chung-jai away~ and Susanna blames it on JoBao who ‘must have told Grandma about it’ . Wayne couldn’t stand it anymore , confronting SaYi and finally speaks out the truth!!! 😀

I really like Wayne’s character =) He isn’t selfish..and willing to speak out the truths despite compromising his career and reuniting with his sister in Australia. I didn’t expect him to speak out so soon. It goes to show more reasons that HoMa didn’t make the wrong choice in hiring him back after he betray them at the start =)

4 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 11 Thoughts”

  • KTVB says:

    Another pretty funny moment in this episode: Moses, HaYu, Raymond Tavia start imitating Michelle, Grandma etc XD

  • Summer says:

    KTVB ~.. yea… i love the part, they imitating HUng and their grand-ma.. its so funny..haha..

    and love the rap part of the few of them… yes, true, their sibling is sweet …

    and ending, so touch to see Lin Ji Yung voice out everything abt Sa Yi… tats so touched

  • Eileen says:

    i started crying alot in the next few episodes…coz the family bond is tooooooooo touching….=)

  • rachel says:

    it was starting out so nicely, but as usualy Sa Yi just had to go and make a mess out of nothing…i like her sometimes and i hate her sometimes!

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