Chung-Jai is forced to go home, and Ah Ka(Moses) decides to move out. When Grandma finds out from Susanna that Chung-Jai is secretly going back to HorMa’s place, Grandma starts raging. She forces her grandchildren to return or else she’ll starve herself to death =_= seriously, my response was simply ‘go die then’ XD I mean come on, what an annoying woman! She can’t just whinge and complain and expect to get everything she wants. The grandma is so unreasonable and selfish!! She makes all those remarks about how a family should be together and shouldn’t have to be split up etc, but she’s a hypocrite – being the one who is trying to split up everyone when they’re trying to be together.

I was quite moved when Raymond said he’ll move back in place of Chung-Jai, because he didn’t want his younger brother to be sad. I was thinking that the story would feel completely different if Raymond really moved there.

All the grandchildren (except Chung-Jai) return to see Grandma and instantly her mood changes to a happy one, especially upon hearing that Ah Ho(Raymond) was going to move ‘back home’. However, when she realises Chung-Jai was not coming back, instead having Raymond replace him, she goes berserk again; wanting ALL her grandchildren to live with her. It was really Fala’s essay that really moved grandma =) and of course Raymond’s words afterwards. It was a very touching scene 🙂 Go Ah Hing!! ^^

Raymond helps Fala translate her sign language:

She said she remembers when she was six years old, she wrote an essay. Topic is: My Elders. She also remembers that the first two lines she wrote this: ‘My Grandma is the Moon, the first day and 15th day of the month are not the same’. Grandma loves us a lot. Once Grandma took us to play at Ocean Park, hiding the fact from HorMa. But she thought that we’d go missing, so she’d hold onto our hands very tightly. We said we wanted to play the ship ride, and Grandma played with us. But actually, she was so scared that her legs were shaking; face turned pale. We all love Grandma too. But sometimes grandma changes like the moon on the first day of the month- all black. She would yell at HorMa in front of us, making the family have a lot of arguments frequently, and also helped separate us 6 siblings, making us really sad and shedding a lot of tears. Grandma, why have you changed into this?’

At the end, Grandma realises what she was doing was wrong…and wants everyone to be happy =) And thus! Chung-Jai can continue to stay at HorMa’s, and Raymond doesn’t need to move in place of him either ^^ yay! Hopefully after this, Grandma will be nicer etc

While all this happened, HorMa was still in hospital. It was really cool to see the children making an influence on Grandma .I think HorMa would be really proud of her children.

Now that HoMa has come out of hospital, she tells SaYi off for all the trouble she has caused and gets her to help Wayne get back the job!!  =D yay!!

I was really happy for Wayne that he does ended up going to Australia to reunite with his sister. ^^ He stood up against Susanna, something the right person would do , but he doesn’t end up losing his job =) It was sad to see him leave HorMa’s family and their cakeshop, but we’re all happy that he’ll be happier with his sister =) In return for all HorMa’s family has done for him, he makes them a huge Mooncake.When HorMa gave him a red Pocket, he refused to accept it because it contained $20,000; despite HoMa saying he deserved it and it was his bonu payment

At the airport, the family gives him a teddybear present to give to his sister and he takes it.

In it actually had an envelop with the same equivalent AUD! and a card/letter for sister. Another very moving message ^^ Awww.

5 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 12 Thoughts”

  • Summer says:

    A touching episode, seeing grand-children approach the grand-ma not to be so selfish … its pretty touching scene..

    another is Lin Zhi Yung, luckly he stil can go Aust to meet his sis and the ending , is really touching…

  • Jadedreams says:

    I was touched by Hor Ma’s message to Wayne in the card……, and Wayne’s blessing to Hor Ma at the end. I wonder if Wayne’s character would turn back up again? If not, it would be a pity.

  • KTVB says:

    Yea, I hope he’ll be back soon…it’s a sad feeling that he’s leaving the bakery 🙁 I agree about the blessing he gave to was very moving!!

  • Eileen says:

    i love this episode…love it…2 of my favourite scenes…fala cooling down grandma with her touching stories…even reading your sypnosis makes me cry,,,and of course, wayne’s last scene at the airport…i love wayne….love hor ma also…
    more kleenex in this episode…

  • VWaterlily says:

    I started this show earlier this week. I love it so far! I’m loading episode 16 as I type.

    My repsonse to the grandma was the exact same thing! I was watching, and then when she got all “I’m going to starve myself to death if they don’t come!” I scoffed and went, “Go ahead! Just die already!” I then felt a bit bad, as she was an old woman that wanted her family together and all… But then she went “Family all together… blah blah blah” Then I thought-yelled, “HYPOCRITE!”

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