Michelle tries to stop JoBao going over to HorMa’s place by putting on her usual act in getting Grandma to talk to him about it.

However it is obvious he really wants to be with his children and would secretly make video calls with them 🙂 He may be staying at home with Ah Hong, but his heart lies elsewhere.

Ah Hing has been feeling really upset and when she received a sms, she started to cry too. When asked by HorMa, she said it was because HorMa has never scolded at her before, so when she makes a mistake at work and gets yelled out, it really upsets her.  She asks HorMa to cheer her up by wearing a wig and fake moustache and pretend to sing for her; like how she used to with JoBao when they were young XD JoBao remembers back the good times as a family =)

Raymond and Linda find out that the truth from Ah Hing. She has been dating her colleague, Kelvin (Dexter) for 3 months already. Back then, Kelvin would say late behind at work even though he didn’t have much work to do, but he actually wanted to stay and keep Ah Hing company. Secretly he also learned sign language so he would communicate with her. Also, instead of driving to and from work, he suddenly changed to catching the bus with her. The two were really happy together until one day, he let go of her hands when he saw his mother, and only introduced her as a collague. Their relationship has been shaky because her boyfriend feels it won’t work out because she was mute…

After the final breakup scene with Kelvin, Ah Hing was crying herself and JoBao and the rest of the family went there to sing for her and cheer her up =) Aww, such family love!

Michelle deliberately took Grandma with her overseas for a short trip to test HaYu whether he would secretly go and see HorMa’s family. When she returns to find out he did, she deliberately told Grandma to visit her grandchildren~ where the family and JoBao were going to have hotpot together! JoBao’s phone ran out of batteries so Raymond couldn’t contact him to stop him from coming up to their place. HaYu sees them as he was about to exit the lift and in a rush to run away, he gets hit by a car downstairs!

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