A few scenes in this episode I think are worth mentioning include:

JoBao previously (when he was still with HorMa) did some operation on the eye, but after being hit by a car he temporarily couldn’t see. Grandma let HorMa get in the ambulance with him because she knew about JoBao’s previous health situations and what the doctor had said to him back then. He was really scared that he wouldn’t be able to see again but HorMa comforted him and helped him overcome his fears…haha..Ah Hong must have been even more jealous as he kept calling out HorMa’s name, and grabbing onto her hands XD

In a scene where Ah Hong was talking to the ‘temporarily’ blinded HaYu, she asked him to be honest with her and tell her things that she didn’t know about (when he was with HorMa). I thought it was the perfect opportunity for JoBao! I’m surprised how blunt and straight forward he was to her haha..well she asked for it. JoBao said about how grateful he was to HorMa for being there for him and the jokes she’s previously made to cheer him up- how she stood by him despite what Grandpa said. He told Ah Hong how he really liked going to HorMa’s place to be with his children, and despite Linda being a filial, smart girl, she was not his biological daughter. JoBao didn’t have to feel bad because she was the one who wanted him to be honest and he couldn’t see her face expression to know how angry she was. Ah Hong pretended to be sympathetic and wanted to ‘make up’ to the children by offering them to return to the company and work for them.What is she up to now…?

HorMa stood firmly that she disapproves her children going back to ‘Ga Ho Yuet Yuen’ because she knows Ah Hong must be scheming something. She tells the children that she disapproves, but she will not be able to do anything about it if they decide to go anyway. The children initially declined the offer, but Ah Hong is starting to tempt Ah Ka and Chung-Jai. Ah Ka’s company is facing financial difficulties and Chung-Jai quickly quit his job because he couldn’t stand work for other people. Susanna was very annoying in this episode as she kept pestering them to go back, simply because of money.
There were also two flashback scenes of Young Raymond(Ah Ho) and Linda (Ah Chau) which I thought were pretty cute.


Ah Chau tells Ah Ho how she feels she isn’t good enough for him, because of their difference in background. Ah Ho is more educated and has a wealthier background, and the two of them belong in two different worlds.

Our only difference is 6 inches“- Ah Ho

It’s also kinda sad to see this scene because it contrasts to their current situation now. Ever since Ah Hong broke up HorMa’s family, the two switched around circumstances…

The four-eyed girl

Ah Chu wouldn’t get glasses because she thought they looked ugly, and that Ah Ho would laugh at her and call her four-eyed girl.

“I wouldn’t tease you that, I’ll call you..Four-eye turtle!”-Ah Ho

– – –

Ah Ho is holding up a cardboard.
Ah Ho: Ah Chau, can you see what the first line says?
Ah Chau: The first is ‘P’, the next is ‘Q’..the words are so big even a blind person can see it.
Ah Ho: Fine, read the third line.
Ah Chau: poo –
*A couple walks by and hears and Ah Chau gets embarrassed.*
Ah Chau: Saiyan (from DBZ), you’re so disgusting!
Ah Ho: Ok ok, so you’re not completely blind. I’ll give you the hardest line for you to read. What does the second last line say?
Ah Chau: I love.. *becomes shy* I can’t see, how about you say it out for me.
Ah Ho: You told me to say it! ‘I love Four-eyed Turtle!’
*Another couple stares in the direction*
Ah Chau: You’re so mushy!
Ah Ho: What? Am I talking about you? You won’t even get glasses, are you the four-eyed turtle?

“How is it the same now to when we were little? Before I could say anything..but now..”-Ah Ho (Raymond now)

8 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 15 Thoughts”

  • Rin says:

    Hehe, I thought Raymond & Linda are really cute in this episode ^^ especially whenever they do the flashbacks, it’s always cute (: btw, anyone noticed that they always almost wear the same 2 outfits during the flashbacks? Lol.

    And yes, Susanna was really annoying me in this ep. always pressuring them into working in the company -.- & then Michelle.. she’s just so selfish. Just look to the next 2 episodes. I love it when Ho Ma gives Ah Hong a piece of her mind. =D

  • Jadedreams says:

    That scene with Michelle and Ha Yu was really good on Michelle’s part. At the end, when Michelle was “fake crying” for Jo Bau, there was a brief second in which she closed her eyes for a bit and then opened them up and then she looked intently at Jo Bau in anguish only to turn away with scheming eyes.

    However, I’m really confused why Jo Bau is still with ah Hung…….when he was drunk, he expressed he only liked her cuz she was pretty at the time and he felt genuine when he said it…..so why is he still with her?

    small linda and ray were very cute indeed, but some of the things they do are just a little too weird for young kids to be doing. since when do kids convey meanings like “i love you” to each other. at their age, most kids would be like “eww…cooties” lol

  • Wendy says:

    JoBao is still with Hong because, in my opinion, he doesn’t want to have 2 failed marriages. Plus, his mom is constantly telling him not to break the family up again.

    But then again, what puzzles me is, how can JoBao and the rest of the family so easily forgives Hong after learning of her mis-deeds. They should be more wary of her actions but instead they forgive and then they get shocked again when they learn she did something bad.

  • rachel says:

    i liked the scenes of raymond and linda, they were so cute when they were young.
    i’m finding Hong more and more annoying to watch, but i also find her intriguing because whenever she does things, it seems innocent but there’s always a scheme behind it, i still don’t understand why she told the six siblings to go work at Ga Ho Yuet Yuen…what evil plan is she up to now?

  • chibi says:

    Yes I would agree with Jadedreams…aren’t they a bit…young for ‘love’? XD All this talk between them is sending me chills ^^;; Cute, but still, kinda hard to believe and kinda unrealistic at times.

  • KTVB says:

    To Rin: Regarding the young Linda and Raymond scenes, most I’m fine with but I actually didn’t quite like watching the flashback scenes in episode 1 XD a little too much for me watching little kids like that.

    To Wendy: I agree with you. JoBao also doesn’t seem the type to bring up having a divorce. He would rather have less an issue to deal with.

    To chibi: I actually can’t really make the connection of those kids being Linda and Raymond haha..

  • Ah Sum says:

    does anyone know who plays the younger versions of ray and linda?

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