This episode mainly focuses on the love relationships.

There was a little hint at the beginning where Tavia and Moses is having lunch together. Tavia wanted to make a new ring-tone with Moses’ voice because she thought he was really cool when confronting Hong Yi and he teases her that she has a secret crush on him.

Ah Ka(Moses): We’re brothers and sisters- it’s impossible.
Ah Yuet (Tavia): You’re crazy! *After a long pause, Tavia replies that she’s only adopted* hint hint AhKa~(haha, doubt he realises)

In a scene where Linda and Raymond are singing Karaoke, they get interrupted when Linda’s doctor colleague sees them and invite the two to join them in the next door room where another doctor is celebrating his birthday. They sing an English song ‘My Love will get you home” (haha love the HOG reference) and Raymond feels a bit left out because he’s English isn’t very good and can’t join in =( Poor Raymond!! This scene also suggests that Raymond isn’t that compatible with Linda because of their difference in educational background.

Ah Hing(Fala) and Kelvin (Dexter) get back together in this episode because they find out its actually his mother was the one who actually cared she was mute and not him.

In another scene where Raymond is driving Linda:

Linda: I can tell Ah Hing(Fala) really likes Kelvin. What do you say?
Raymond: It’s the first time Ah Hing is dating, so its her first love. First love’s for you girls leave a special deep impression, doesn’t it?
Linda: You asking me? Don’t mention it. First relationship for me was more like a nightmare. It has left me a negative affect. It’s the reason why I still haven’t dated since.
Raymond: You have been affected negatively? As if I haven’t. It’s like a ghost’s shadow who keeps bothering me and I can’t get rid of for the rest of my life.
Linda: You think it’s really easy for me to get rid of? I’m worried that I’m psychologically affected. I should request for compensation
Raymond: You want compensation? I should be the one claiming compensation.
Linda: Of course not, should be me claiming from you.
It’s kinda cute that they’re talking about their first relationship like that as a joke.

There is also more progress with Bosco and Linda’s relationship. Bosco offers to drive Linda home but she said she wanted to buy some Japanese food first and he ends up driving her somewhere really far(requires catching a ferry), saying they should eat the best one if they want to eat it.

In hope to learn more about her, Bosco suggests to guess things about each other, since they might have some special connection since they were born in the same year and month and in the same hospital. When they find out the last ferry back was canceled, the two run for the second last ferry. It s raining so Bosco gives her his jacket, grabbing onto Linda’s hand and running together.

 So far I think they’re kinda fun and cute together but I feel a little sad in the back of my mind for Raymond.

When Kelvin’s mother finds out her son is dating Fala, she strongly disapproves of the two because Fala is mute and doesn’t want her son having another ‘burden’. She beleives Fala is not good enough for her son =( Even though SaYi is usually quite annoying, but sometimes I like the way she sticks up for Fala, straightforward and to the point (though it causes more trouble ^^;) -SaYi was only doing it because she was sucking up to JoBao(‘s money) anyway XD. Again and again I’m really relieved every time HorMa is on screen =) She’s so awesome! When she’s here you just know things will turn out fine and not go out of hands 🙂 HorMa speaks out Kelvin’s mother’s thoughts: how hard it was for Kelvin to take care of his father, and now herself. HorMa doesn’t blame Kelvin’s mother and defends and justifies her actions and thus, Kelvin’s mother gained her respect.

HorMa: I really want you to know, I have a daughter like this, other than crying with her, what else can I do? Lately I’ve been all over the place with her to find a job in hope to tell you that my daughter doesn’t need your son to ‘carry'(a burden) her. If we do become one family in the future, there is no need to use the word ‘carry’.

I loved the last sentence~ it gave me a warm family fuzzy feeling inside. As a family, would you see/consider your family members as a burden?

At the end of the episode, Kelvin and his mother goes back to find Fala. Using sign language, Kelvin’s mother tells Fala how she was moved how much Fala cared about her and wanted Kelvin to treat her well, not having any negative feelings towrds her. She apologises for hurting her and hopes that she can also be forgiven, and they can be one family 😀

8 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 18 Thoughts”

  • rachel says:

    this was a touching episode for Ah Hing and Kelvin. i was so mad at his mother for saying those mean things to Ah Hing, and i was actually cheering on Sa Yi (for once :D) because she really gave Kelvin’s mom a piece of her mind. i totally agree with you, Hor Ma is so awesome!! i love it when she can calmly respond and actually influence other people. and i loved the ending part when Kelvin’s mom did sign language, that was so so touching!!! i was crying once again. seriously, i don’t think any other drama has made me cry so much hahah

  • Summer says:

    tis episode is a touching episode of Ah Hing.. esp, the ending touching. and another part, i love the scene of Dr.Ling and Dr.Yue lo..haha.. i always feel, when Dr.Yue wif Dr.Ling is more happy then be wif Ah Ho.. although is sad to see Ah Ho being rejected.. but, wat to do.. Ah Ho proposed abit slow lo..

  • j00ky says:

    I am so glad that Linda is paired up with Bosco lol.. I never liked her with Ray, Ray is too good for her XD

  • Wendy says:

    I’m so annoyed with Chau because she just can’t seem to make up her mind. She wanted to be with Ho, but then she backed away when she heard that he’s with Ting Ting, then she go off to be with LingB.

    And when she’s with LingB and she’s unhappy she wants to confide in Ho, which is unfair to him. And Ray is so sweet just being there for her, which makes me so want to strangle her and ask her to wake up!

    And Linda, the crying scenes really needs more practice. LOL!

  • Rich says:

    I was wondering at the end of ep 18 when they were singing that sad slow song when they were showing how fala chen and dexter young were still communicating even though he had to leave soon…what song was that called? it sounded like bosco wong sang it but im not sure. Can you please msg me what is the name of the song and once again it was played during fala and dexter sad moments.

  • J says:

    yea, I wanna know what was that song Rich is asking about too! It’s nice. 😉

  • Ellis says:

    I love moonlight resonance so much!
    Love this episode a lot too. 😀
    Thanks for posting up, ((:

  • junee says:

    the song is 祝君好 – 张智霖

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