Ah Hong plans to go on a two year holiday with JoBao and cut all his connections and contacts with everyone else(especially his children). Ah Hong does many things to make the trip go ahead; using her ex-husband to get JoBao angry and convincing Grandma it was the best way for Ah Hong to mend her relationship with her husband. Ah Hong and Grandma later find out that Grandma also has another heart problem but kept this secret from JoBao.

When JoBao went over to HorMa’s house, it’s sorta sad to see that JoBao really missed his children and didn’t want to go, especially not that long =(  The children were also really sad and disappointed and really didn’t want him to go. The talk started from some joking around as to the many ways JoBao can kill off/ditch Ah Hong during their trip XD Very ‘evil’ but funny, especially seeing how excited JoBo was, from what he suggested and what was being said lol. Later the talk changes into serious and emotional. JoBao expresses that he feels really bad and guilty for being the father he was, and started pushing his children to tell him honestly what they think of him, expressing themselves in any way they feel like because that’s the only way he can feel better…

Ah Ho: I really hate you. Back then when HorMa fell down, where were you? At the hospital I saw HorMa hurt so much she bit onto her lips until it was bleeding. You? Where were you? Where were you during that time!? I was still young back then, or else I would really go beat you up.
JoBao: No, it really wasn’t like this. When HorMa fell down I was feeling really sad inside. I really wanted to bring money for you, but then afterward-
HorMa: Don’t say anymore.
JoBao: Ah Hor, just let them say everything, I will feel better, go say..Ah Yuet(Tavia), you usually dare to say anything, you say something first.
AhYuet: Ok! I will. I’m an adopted child. I always didn’t know how to repay you and HorMa. Every year I only have one birthday wish and it’s to wish you both well. But ever since that time, I want things bad for you. I don’t like you! I want you to get what you deserve(retribution)!

AhHing: I can’t speak, but I’ve never blamed anyone. My only complaint to god is why I have such a lowly father!
JoBao: You’re all right.. I don’t have the right to be someone’s father.
AhKa: JoBao, back then I was only 16. The first time I followed you back home, you said a phrase- I’ll remember it for the rest of my life. You said to me ‘Ah Ka, it’s late now, go back to your room and sleep, I’m going back to sleep with your mum too.’ Who is my mum? I only have one mum, and that’s HorMa! I really hate you! I hate you more than that bad woman!

Chung-Jai: JoBao, I really hate Manchester! But I’d rather stay there than to see you!
Grandpa: You..you are such a jerk, I really don’t know what my daughter owes you! Since young she has always been smart and beautiful, why do you have to do this to her!? Why? No one will feel bad for you!*starts punching him*

Ah Ho: Grandpa, that’s enough. JoBa, if none of the things happened, how good would it be now?

JoBao: GoonGaJai..sorry…
Ah Hing: JoBao, don’t go…don’t go travel the world. Don’t leave us again and again.
JoBao: Sorry AhHing, I’m sorry..
Ah Yuet: JoBao, can you get back with HorMa?
JoBao: AhYuet, I’m sorry, Sorry, Ah Ka, Chung-Jai, sorry, father, I’m sorry, I’m sorry to you all, I’m sorry..

All the children ended up getting drunk and sleeping together in the living room. When Ah Hong attempted to call JoBao, HorMa answers the phone and tells her to leave him to spend more time with his children. Haha, that made Ah Hong so angry XD

The next morning, all the children and HorMa tell JoBao that they forgive him =) awww...

And so, JoBao and AhHong go off on their holiday and she secretly gives her number to Ah Gong and his mum so they can report things to her. When Grandma sees Raymond with Tracy, she gets excited thinking she was his girlfriend and started climbing up stairs in hope to catch up to them, but ends up fainting and falling unconscious! ><

On the other hand, things don’t seem to go all so well with Linda and Raymond. Maybe it was the wrong timing because there doesn’t seem to be much luck. When Raymond tells her how he really felt about their first relationship she wasn’t listening to the phone. When Raymond asked her if she wanted to have dinner together she was getting off work late that day because she was doing an operation. Later after work, Linda drove to the Cakeshop and was contemplating whether to find him or not and Raymond sees her back facing the cakeshop. A truck stops between them, covering the two up and Linda ends up leaving. Raymond tried calling her but she didn’t admit being there and just went home. She seemed really happy when Raymond told her he had a present to give her on the coming Sunday…but perhaps it might also be too late. Linda spends more time with Bosco (Dr. Ling) as he takes her out again..

5 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 19 Thoughts”

  • Summer says:

    This episode, the scene of Jo Bao and all children, is really touching.. when they all forgive him.. more touching.. and another side..haha.. really wanna learn the rap of ” Bou Bou Zhu Gok Kiong, Kik Sei Zhu Yuen Jiong “… haha.. Dr.Ling is cute..haha… actually he done so many thing is just to date Dr.Yue only la..haha..

  • rachel says:

    this was really emotional and touching. once again i had tears in my eyes, no surprise hahah. Ah Hong is now really starting to put the evil acts out. Before they were evil, but now, it’s even eviler if that’s a word.

    i really feel bad for Ah Ho, right when he had the courage to do all these things for Linda, stupid Dr. Ling shows up. he’s annoying me so much. he’s breaking up the couple that’s meant to be!!!! i can’t help but hate him in this show and honestly i can’t wait for linda to break up with bosco, as much as i’ve always been a fan of bosco. but linda is supposed to be with Raymond!!! i’m getting mad thinking about it >.< argh!!

  • kat says:

    I’m probably completely biased, but the Linda/Bosco is annoying!! Dr Ling reminds me of Alfred, but I thought Linda had feelings to Ah Ho! How could her feelings change so fast? Now she’s completely smitten with Dr Ling =.=

  • Chinny says:

    Crap.. i cannot stand linda/bosco!!! linda only knows how to cry and bosco is like so wishy washy abt the relationship. Both are alike.. cannot make up their mind on who they wanna be with. The Doc Couple!!!! Gou Nan Nu!!!

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