I have 2 favourite scenes in this episode:

One was where the three children- Raymond, Tavia and Fala were communicating with each other through sign language talking about Susanna so  she couldn’t understand them. At first Susanna saw them all giggling so was amused and asked them what they were talking about, but she started to get so annoyed when they continued on with and it and ignored her XD

We find out in this episode that Susanna actually came back because her husband left her and she has no where to go.  She also mentions having a daughter, I wonder who that would be…Kate?

The other scene I liked was how Susanna got ‘locked in’ the bathroom and they deliberately left her there because she wouldn’t stop shouting XD Later HaYu pays a visit and demands that Lee See Kei change her store name to something else (currently his large Mooncake business and her little store share the same name “Ga Ho Yoot Yuen”)~ and we still have Susanna yelling in the background (lol)- The others were saying that she was just rehearsing for some play in the bathroom! XD  Susanna is in rage for how HaYu is treating her sister (or how ‘riped off’ her sister is). Angered by his father’s attitude and ‘lies’, Raymond releases Susanna out of the bathroom haha! It was like setting a wild animal free to get at HaYu ~ and Raymond looked so cheeky! Go Susanna..haha..grabbing a mop and kicking him out of their house XD

Previously Raymond was able to persuade his Grandma (HaYu’s mother played by Lee Heung Kam) to let his brothers (ones that have followed HaYu) to spend Mid Autumn festival with them. However, at the end of the episode,  she changes her mind..I wonder how come..?

9 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 2 Thoughts”

  • Summer says:

    in episoe 2,i got 2 part tat love so much..
    1) is Tavia, Ray and Fala do sign language infront of Sa Yi, tis fund and nice seeing Sa Yi angry..haha..
    2) is , Sa Yi use a broom to hit Joe Ba and others 2 comer.haha.. wow..tat scene, when saw Sa Yi hit Joe Ba, we all give abig applause ..and laugh..cos, Joe Ba is so terrible wif his attitude..so happy to see Sa Yi beat him..haha

  • will says:

    damn it starts in aus next week but ive already watched the first three online =D


    i kept replaying it over and over until my mum came in haha.

    michelle yim and the grandma are really scary =S

  • Jessica says:

    im starting to love this show it so funny. the amusing and entertaining part is where Susana starts nagging and yelling. haha.

  • KTVB says:

    To Summer; Looks like we’ve got the same favourite scenes ~ haha..

    To will: lol yea same here! i couldn’t wait til it was released in Australia next week so I’ve resorted to online as well! My mum came in as I watched MR as well xD
    I think the grandma looks scary…

    To Jessica: Yea Susanna is amusing to watch lol

  • aaron says:

    I was wondering where you could watch the first 3 episodes.

  • giNnA says:

    I agree with Summer that the scene that Sa Yi used the broom to hit Joe Ba was really great as Joe Ba attitude was so bad. I believe if I face this type of person in real life, I might think of using the broom to hit him also.

  • chibi says:

    I liked this episode! Very enjoyable =) I liked how Susanna came out with a mop and hit them, lol… go girl! Seriously, they’re so annoying. Go Ray for standing up to his lying father and for opening the bathroom door XD

  • will says:

    btw in the last part when ha yu visits and they tell him susanna is practising for a stage play called chen si mei or something.. does anyone know wat it means?

  • kelly says:

    omg i love the part where sa yi hit joe bao with the broom and when raymond let sa yi out they says something that was so funny lol

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