This episode was quite exciting!

Grandma becomes hospitalised and when Ah Gong calls Ah Hong to tell her the news, Ah Hong deliberately does not tell JoBao! Everyone wanted to contact JoBao but they couldn’t get to him >< Grandma’s condition was so bad that she might be ‘going’ and she really wanted to see her son, but Ah Gong kept insisting to his mother that they follow Ah Hong’s order and pretend they don’t have their contact number. Tavia overhears the conversation between Ah Gong and his mum and she tells HorMa. When HorMa tried to question and force out Ah Gong’s mum’s conscience in giving her the number, the stupid annoying Ah Gong appears and stops her, dragging his mum into a car and convincing her not to tell >< He tells his mum that he’s stolen the company’s money and that he’ll go to jail if Ah Hong comes back and finds out.

When Raymond and the others find out Ah Hong has given her contact number to Ah Gong, they start questioning Linda for the number.

: Ah Chau, are you sure you really don’t have another number?
Linda: I already said before, I don’t.
Grandma: Ah Chau, if you do know, please tell us.
Chung-Jai: Yea, give us the number, don’t lie to us.
Fala: Ah Chau, Grandma really wants to see JoBao.
Moses: Did Hong Yi tell you not to tell us?
Linda: No, I really don’t.
Raymond: You’re the closest person to her, she doesn’t give it to you, but gives it to Ah Gong and his mum?
Linda: How should I know why mum would so such a thing? Now Grandma is like this and JoBao can’t come back, you think I’m really happy??

*Linda runs out of the room and Raymond chases after her*
Raymond: Yu So Chau, I’m sorry I didn’t mean it that way. I’m not saying you’re hiding it from us. I just acted on an urge, I really wanted JoBao to come back.
Linda: I’m not angry, Grandma is now like this, everyone is in a bad mood, I understand. I need to work now, I’m fine really, you go back and accompany Grandma.

Bosco sees the crying Linda and goes to comfort her as she confesses her feelings to him.

Linda: I really hope mum doesn’t know anything about this matter. But facts are telling me, it’s possible that she does. It’s possible that she’s deliberately not coming back; not letting Dad see Grandma one last time…Why was I angry at GoonGaJai (Raymond) for? Why would mother give her number to her husband’s cousin and Aunty and not me? I am her biological daughter. I shouldn’t have blamed him for suspecting me..why am I angry for? Brother (Bosco), I’m really scared. I’m really scared Grandma will really go and dad won’t be able to see her for the last time.

When Grandma’s condition started going worse again, she spoke of things in the past and starts saying how she can see all the other people who have died a long time ago >< Luckily HorMa  tricks her, saying Raymond, Moses, Fala all have a boyfriend/girlfriend and that she must hang on to see their joint wedding! HorMa continues to yelling at her and telling her not go to and to wait for AhJo!  Because of this, Grandma survive the battle!! =D Grandma is really grateful towards HorMa and I really do hope Grandma will be on HorMa’s side now ^__^ Grandma tells everyone not to tell her son about her condition though because she is fine now and doesn’t want to make him worry and come back from his holiday now. In hope it will not affect Grandma’s condition negatively, HorMa asks AhYuet & the rest not to tell Grandma or JoBao about Ah Gong’s evil doings.

Again in this episode, things between Raymond and Linda do not go so well, or perhaps just more favourably for Bosco. When Grandma is dying in hospital and Linda cannot contact her mum, she becomes extremely upset and scared and Bosco comforts her.

Adding to that, when HorMa asked Raymond to bring Tracy to see Grandma to pretend she was his girlfriend, Linda appeared to have taken it as if it was for real and was unhappy to see her with him.

After Grandma was recovering, Raymond makes a cake for Linda with “I love Yu So Chau” on it in hope tell her his feelings.

Unfortunately, just before Linda was about to open the cake, Bosco takes her out again and she doesn’t see the message, spending more time with Bosco.

She tells him that she shouldn’t think about it ( her first relationship with Raymond) anymore, and just be happy being  be the ‘Chau‘ from ‘Ga Ho Yuet Yuen Heng Chung Chau

While Linda and Bosco were having a great time together, the scene is contrasted with Raymond who is thinking about Linda and wondering how she would react to seeing his present. He was waiting for her response/reply …while Linda appears to have fallen in love with Bosco! *sigh*

Linda only sees the cake when she gets back…..I wonder how she’s going to respond!

7 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 20 Thoughts”

  • Jessica says:

    this episode was so touching =(..loved the scene with ray making cake for Chau that was soo sweet =)

  • truc says:

    wow..their relationship was reaching at a high point. man cant believe they ended it like that.hope u post the next ep really fast. i wanna noe.!!^^

  • kat says:

    This ep was kinda weird, after all the drama about Grandma’s health, how could Ray be in the mood to make a cake for Linda? It just doesn’t make sense @@ I guess we all know the writers are trying to tie Bosco and Linda together, but I thought it was really out of character for Ray to be doing all this lovey dovey stuff while Grandma hasn’t even recovered!

  • KTVB says:

    To kat: haha that’s true! i didn’t really realise when I was watching it (sorta did when I was writing up this entry though!). Maybe it was because Grandma was recovering and passed the ‘danger’ stage of ‘going’.and he wanted to apologise to Linda for upsetting her last time since he really cared about her feelings.

  • Jadedreams says:

    I thought that Ray was making the cake for the grandma too! But then Linda was sad for a moment and then laughing in another very quickly….so yeah….a little too much focus on Bosco & Linda though.

    By the way, I dont think Linda can cry very well…

  • chung says:

    Let me answer this question: Since there’s many people asking about how will the three end up, I will give something that I know. Well, yeah, Raymond definitely acts like a father in the family, even sometimes he’s worried about his family, and sometimes making jokes in front of anybody. But to this stage, I know how will Linda respond to this: The only thing is, there’s an SMS heading to Raymond saying: You’re so good in treating to a ‘sister’ like me! Well everybody, does this answer your questions?

  • emily says:

    what was the chinese song played near the end of the episode where raymond was sitting in his room waiting for linda’s call and linda is out with bosco?

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