Kate appears in this episode and Moses is already head over heels in love with her! XD His initial reaction was quite funny to watch and you can already tell Tavia was not impressed! Tavia and Moses’ reaction to Louis and his mum (thinking either of them were GaMei) was quite entertaining to watch too.

Why did they have to add three more annoying characters? I hope they’re not as bad a Tavia’s family in Heart of Greed. I’m also not convinced that Susanna and Louis love with each other nor can I see what is there to like about either of them XD But oh wells, I’ll let them be.

Kate appears to have control and power over Susanna and even tells her off for her actions when no one else is around. She disapproves her of bringing Louis and his mum home to dinner, calling Tavia ‘Lor Lui’ and blames her for making her in a bad mood and appearing unmanned in front of the family. Kate disapproves Louis being her stepfather and expresses she is unhappy. Susanna apologies and doesn’t argue back o_o I remember there were bits and pieces said through the series about how Susanna didn’t look after Kate very well when she was little, so I wonder if its because Susanna wants to make up for it now or Kate  had always had her ways around? From what it looks now though, Susanna loves her daughter a lot.

Kate and Moses get a long really well and Kate keeps sticking to Moses, making Tavia really jealous! She joins in the gym/dance promotional performance and when they go Karaoke to celebrate the success of the function, Kate was dancing all over Moses -___- You can already tell Kate isn’t as “innocent” as she appears in front of others as she tells Moses about her ‘past’ and how ‘poor’ she use to be, trying to get sympathy.

On the other hand, after Bosco has mysteriously taken the 10 day leave, Linda constantly tries to contact him but with no luck. She leaves him a lot of messages, but he doesn’t reply back to her. I don’t know, I just think its a bit too much?…I’m not even convinced that Linda likes him so much as she shows it and suddenly she bombards him with a lot of messages. After reading his blog online, Linda continues to learn more about his past and how his dad used to sell icecream. She tried to find the ice cream store, asking neighboring stores if they have his home number. Finally, Linda sees him on the streets as she was calling him, and he hangs up on her, leaving in a taxi.

After that, Linda walks aimlessly everywhere and suddenly Bosco hugs her from behind and apologies…I don’t really get it. Was he following her around all those place all along? The two spend more time together as he starts telling her his life story. When he was young, his father worked really hard selling icecream to save up enough for his son’s education. However Bosco wasted it all by skipping school and constantly gambling at a young age. His friend, who was 4 years older him, tried to help bring him back up and but only after his father passed away did he finally realise his wrong ways and ‘woke up’. The friend who has been with him through the hard times since is actually his current girlfriend.

Upon hearing the story, Linda realises that she ‘shouldn’t be in the story, or there won’t be a happy ending’.

Bosco apologies, saying he has the responsibility to give the story a happy ending.

 The two catch the ferry back and Linda takes off in a taxi crying.

Personally I think Bosco is very..unreliable and suspicious. I don’t like how he handles his situation. If he has a girlfriend already, he should have let Linda know in the first place instead of leading her on. He made Linda think he didn’t have a girlfriend! If he was avoiding her, why did he suddenly get back close with her? The way his story was told was kind of weird too. I didn’t even realise his friend who was 4 years older than him was his girlfriend until the “I’m sorry” part. It left me a bit confused! Also, aren’t Bosco and Linda born in the same year and month? If Bosco started off poorly in his education, how did he end up finishing his degree and becoming a doctor, delivering so many babies before Linda officially became a doctor? Or do we just assume that Linda was poor back then too so didn’t get her education until later? Either way, I’m not getting any good feelings when I see Bosco and Linda together anymore =X

15 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 22 Thoughts”

  • cF says:

    i didn’t find bosco’s actions troubling at all. maybe i’m just easily convinced ^^

    i actually like the bosco+linda pairing more than raymond+linda. i think bosco is a lot more fun, and linda seems happier with him. they seem like equals. maybe i don’t like the awkwardness in the raymond+linda relationship. plus, they’re too much like brother+sister..

  • kat says:

    After this episode, I disliked the Bosco/Linda pairing even more, it’s so weird. All those messages, going online etc etc, it’s like Linda was majorly stalking Bosco! Now she’s prob going to go back to Ray since Bosco doesn’t want her. Argh, it’s come to the point where I don’t really care too much who ends up with who, since I kept rolling my eyes at Linda and her behaviour loool.

    Should focus on Moses/Tavia/Kate instead! I like Tavia’s character!

  • chibi says:

    Well written post K! =)

    I don’t like watching the Bosco-Linda pairing… he seems very artificial and ungenuine..and Linda just annoys me overall cause she just seems to keep buggin Ray for useless things (like when she can’t sleep) etc, and now all of a sudden so obsessed with Bosco…err? I’d much prefer her with Ray, but that’s only because I like Ray’s character and hope he’s happy in the end…I don’t like Linda’s character here much…

  • Wendy says:

    You have a point there regarding the timeline of bosco becoming a doctor first, ahead of Linda. It seems weird because it was mentioned that when he was in England he wasted his time drinking and gambling and yet he could graduate way ahead of Linda! So what exactly was Linda doing in the years that Bosco spend partying? *Weird!

  • Thank you the directors for TVB for not putting such an incredible annoying and useless actors like HOG (Tavia’s family) in MR! 😀

    However, for some reason, I still don’t think Louis loves Suzanna… I don’t know why? Maybe it’s the age difference, but I don’t see “true love” in them.

    As fror Kate & Moses…. Kate is PISSING me off! I mean, her character isn’t that bad in the beginning, but why does she “pursue” after Moses even when she says right at the beginning “I see my COUSIN”. Aiiya!

  • chibi says:

    Yup yup, I agree with K and Wendy.. the timeline doesn’t make sense!! Unless Bosco was lying.. XD And Linda didn’t have the brains to realise something doesn’t make sense. Maybe it’ll be revealed!…but probably not…

    Hey blue_angel_12, hahaa.. I think for some people, Cousins can still get married as long as their surnames aren’t the same…but very weird still, I agree..

  • truc says:

    wow, linda acting sound sucky even before I watch MLR…and I just rent it today. u guys make me not wanting to watch it. Gosh I just wish linda character doesnt suck that much, I was looking forward to this soo much. Damn, every squel tvb makes is a big disappointment!!!-_-

  • KTVB says:

    To blue_angel_12: lol I think the annoying character elements like those in HOG (Tavia’s family) is represented by Ah Gong and his mum XD I don’t see ‘true’ love’ with Susanna and Louis either. They still look like a joke to me…

    To truc: MR doesn’t suck xD what are u talking about? lol It’s a great series so far and I reckon it’s better than HOG =) Linda’s character is just a bit ordinary, but you should definitely give MR a go!

  • Lina says:

    Kate appear, not happy one bit…don’t really like her character…maybe like mother, like daughter that why she is annoying to me…hope Moses realize Tavia’s feeling..lol..on Bosco case, I don’t really mind his story with Linda since Linda character in here is pretty plain, not as interesting as HOG…I think on Bosco case, he do like Linda but he is in-between obligation and love…he is obligated to his girlfriend because he is where he because of her but he loves Linda…

    Also back to Kate, since Chris Lai spoil the fact that Kate would be married to him, then I am assuming Kate is not Susanna’s real daughter..I mean, if Kate is her daughter that would make her Chris and Moses’ cousin so I don’t see how they could get married unless they’re distant distant cousin but it doesn’t seem so…so the only way Chris and her could be married is either she is not Susanna’s real daughter, maybe adopted in that maybe Susanna can’t give birth or Susanna is not HorMa’s real sister but I doubt that….

  • Wendy says:

    LOL… too many like mother, like daughter moments in MR. ka Mei like Sa Yee both equally annoying as h3ll, yu so chau like hong yee – both being the third party! LOL!!

  • Cherry says:

    I think that Tavia act was wonderfull in this MR. Good job Tavia. For Bosco and Linda, I don’t like them to be pair up at all, haha…it’s knid of weird

  • penguin says:

    MLR is okk
    they shouldnt really focus on the bosco/linda
    or ray/linda pairings.they should focus more
    on moses/tavia
    i dont really like linda’s character in MLR..she’s too
    weak..and i liked sheung joy sum in HOG for her ablity to stay strong in tough situations..
    dont really care about sa yi and her husband..just some annoying ppl.
    as for bosco…he may be a good doctor and friend
    but i have to admit he’s horrible treating relationships..
    ray..is okk i guess..he’s a cute, loyal guy and over all has a good personality
    personally i wouldnt watch it if it was all just
    i watch it cuz of moses/tavia
    Go TAVIA!

  • Missti says:

    does anyone know what brand the watch is that bosco gives to linda in the series?

    its gorgeous!!!

    help me out if you know please!

  • yuki says:

    i really hate the part where Kate appear!!!
    compare to her other series, I don’t think her acting has improve at all!!!

    I also agree that Bosco might be lying….man…i hate him!!!

  • Chu says:

    Idk if anybody comments on here anymore, but this is my favorite Hong Kong show of all time(legit), and I’ve watched it since I was 7…. And I still don’t know the name of one of the songs!! Well, it’s actually not really a song, but a short song kind of thing. It’s not “Talk to me”, but the other rhythm thing that Bosco and Linda “sang”. In Chinese it goes something like boiling a pork leg and ginger. If anybody knows the name, please tell me!!! Thank you.

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