JoBao tries really hard to make a giant mooncake for the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, since it was a promise he and HorMa made to their children when they were little. He tries to keep his promise and kept trying despite the moon cake collapsing and failing in several attempts. Finally, with the help of his family, the cake was a success!

I was quite moved by watching him =) This year, the family has their dinner on the actual day and this time, Grandma joins them too ^^

The dinner and get-together turned out really smoothly and everyone had a great time =) With everyone there, Dexter also proposes to Fala and she agrees! ahah~almost the youngest in the family and one being mute, she is first to get married!

Tavia was initially really happy for her but then became sad as she hid in her room crying.

Tavia: Ah Hing’s going to get married soon. Not long she’ll have her own family. We can’t be like the same as before, being with each other everyday. Maybe only at special occasions will she come back for dinner, I’ll really miss her.
Moses: You silly thing. You should think of it like this. There has always been seven of us sticking together, now we’re not missing one, we got an extra one-and that’s Kelvin. If you think of it this way, won’t you feel happier?
Tavia: Ah Ka, how were you feeling back then?
Moses: Back then? When?
Tavia: About 10 years ago, back then you were forcefully taken away by Ah Hong, Goon-Ga-Jai(Raymond) and I were pulling you because we didn’t want you to leave us. How were you feeling back then? Did you miss us a lot? Did you hide and cry?
Moses: Of course I did. That time I was really scared. I was scared I would never see you guys again. And then I thought of some very dumb things. Afterward, I was thinking what if, I was 80 years old at an oldpeople’s village and the bed next to me there was an old woman. One day she finally couldn’t resist and came up to me asking, ‘Old person, are you called Gam Wing Ka? I’m a Yuet!’ XD

I thought that was pretty hilarious XD He also said something about the woman looking like some old duck(but not exactly sure haha)

We see another example of Kate getting her way of making Moses buy an expensive bag for her when she didn’t have the money, and even gets Moses to hire her as his second personal assistance. This is bound to bring more trouble to Tavia!

On the other hand, Bosco and Linda are bothering me again. It was only last episode that Bosco told Linda about his girlfriend and the two decided that their relationship won’t work out. Linda was the one who said she won’t interfere and step into the ‘story’, but she goes to find Bosco again. Later, Bosco asks her out again and the two spend another day together…It was as if everything in the last episode never even happened!

7 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 23 Thoughts”

  • Wendy says:

    I’ m touched as well, with Jo Bao’s big mooncake. It’s funny that no one can remember the promise except Hing. And she wanted a mooncake as wide as her arms length and Ho had to measure for her. Hence it’s 33cm.

    Kate is really up to no good and I’m a lil irritated with her trying to be cute and acting spoiled.

  • Summer says:

    i’ve watch until episode 30 ler.. hm.. i feel that, Dr.Ling , Dr. Yu and Ah Ho triangle love story abit bored… i will stick more on to Ah Yue, Ah Ka and Ga Mei triangle love more..

    Feel that, Dr.Ling & Dr. Yu abit funny, always kept on say wanna break the relation ship, but stil they wil go out each other always.. hm..

    To Ah Yue & Ah Ka.. wa.. up to now, i m just wait to see when they got together lo..hehe.. cos Ga Mei is out..hehe.. 🙂

  • Jane says:

    I’ve just watched episode 32 and I really hate Ga Mei (kate) *_* she’s such a bad person in this serie, she can do everything even it’s too horrible to get what she want to have… Poor Tavia 🙁 I don’t understand why Mose can love Kate like that??? Hate her !!!

  • chibi says:

    The Mooncake part was sweet =)Glad it all worked out and that the Grandma is on HorMa’s side now. Yay for Ah Heng!

    Kate just gets on my mother like daughter XD So evil!

    It’s very boring to watch Bosco and Linda. Far out, he’s cheating on his girlfriend he’s dated for 7 years, what a jerk >_> As if he would have broken up with her if Linda didn’t appear. Seriously, some guys just never come up with excuses. Then there’s Linda, like her mother going after someone already with a partner! She is such a hypocrite, says she’ll step out but doesn’t..what’s the point?

  • chibi says:

    Whoops, I meant some guys just always come up with excuses.

  • kamen says:

    this episode was pretty entertaining with ah Hing remenbering about the promise (;

  • ellen says:

    The part where they tried one last time to make the giant moon cake was touching, when Mo asked if he could kneed the dough then put a giant hill of flour on the table and just slammed the dough on the table and flour was flying everywhere! i laughed so hard at that part!

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