When I saw the preview for this episode, it looked like so bad..and I was so worried that HorMa really wasn’t Grandpa’s daughter and the family was going to be turned upside-down!

After much fuss however, it turns out that SaYi is actually the one who isn’t Grandpa’s daughter!! YAY!! haha take that Sa Yi!! There is no longer any reason to tolerate SaYi’s behavior and attitude anymore  =) They kick her out of the house and her husband leaves her too XD She tried sneaking back into the house twice, pretending to admit her wrongdoings and asking for forgiveness but both times were caught out- once by Ga Mei (haha her own daughter!)  and the other by Chung-Jai. They later decide to change the lock as well! When SaYi is drinking by the wharf, she accidentally steps on the bottle and falls into the water! When she is saved and taken to the hospital, she calls HorMa but she hangs up on her!! ^^;

She seriously deserved it XD! No one is going to listen to her lies and excuses anymore =D I did feel that in the scene where SaYi was drinking by herself that she really did learn her lesson though. However, I hope she will truly redeem herself before she gets accepted back in the family!

As for Linda, she continues to go out with Bosco until she met his girlfriend at the hospital and realises who she was. Later Bosco tells Linda that he plans to break up with his girlfriend and Linda seemed a bit nervous, asking ‘are you sure?’ etc. I thought that Linda somehow has realised she shouldn’t interfere in the relationship anymore so tells Bosco that he doesn’t need to drive her home. However, she quickly changes her mind and asks him to walk home with her -_- I really hate how this is dragging on and on. After walking home, she breaks up with Bosco because she realises how long Bosco has been with his girlfriend. Hopefully Linda will seriously stop seeing him!!

I can’t stand watching Bosco and Linda like this. I really hate how Linda is interfering with Bosco’s relationship again and again and wouldn’t let go when she said she was the one who didn’t want to ruin the relationship.

Later on, Linda calls Raymond and he goes to find her, where Linda starts confessing her guilt and misery…I just felt so sorry for Raymond=(

Linda: You don’t have to worry about me. I feel a lot of pain. I want the rain to rain on me so I can wake up.
Raymond: Yu So Chau, what’s wrong? Tell me.
Linda: I’m really scared. I’m really scared I would be like my mother. I’m scared I’ll follow the same path. I don’t want to…
Raymond: You won’t. You’re not the same as your mum.
Linda: No, I am.. When Ah Sun(Bosco) told me he plans to break up with his girlfriend, I was actually really happy.
Raymond: You are not the same as your mum!S he wouldn’t want herself to wake up, but you want yourself to wake up.
Linda: Goon Ga Jai(Raymond), I know you’re really nice, but I’m scared I won’t wake up.
*Walks away from the umbrella*
Raymond: You want to get rained on, I’ll accompany you.
Linda: I’m suffering…no matter at home, at the hospital, or having tea with Grandma, I’m missing  him. I dont’ know what to do…

5 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 25 Thoughts”

  • truc says:

    oh mg. how could linda say all thoose things to ray, i mean damn…ray must feel hurt inside for that.lol

  • rachel says:

    i’m so sick of watching linda right now. i loved her in HOG, but seriously, she’s so immature and she’s breaking ray’s heart every time when she either goes back to Bosco, talk about Bosco, or cries about Bosco. i feel so sorry for ray having to endure all this when he loves her so much. makes me wonder has linda every loved raymond and how in the world are they gonna end up together when she’s always pining after bosco,…and does she REALLY like bosco? everytime i see linda with ray, i keep thinking she’s on the rebound, but whenever bosco appears, she ditches ray for him again. aagghh!! >.<

  • teeheehee says:

    This is what I don’t get. If Sa yi is not Grandpa’s daughter, then where is the real daughter (Hor ma’s real sister)? There’s no mention of this in the series. I thought the hospital had a mix up, delivering wrong babies to parents. So, hor ma’s real younger sister is still somewhere out there right?

  • KTVB says:

    To rachel: I totally agree with you =\

    To teeheehee: That’s true..I remember having a thought about it when I watched it since they keep mentioning how HorMa should exchange families, to where she should be etc. (when they thought she wasn’t the real daughter) I sorta forgot about SaYi when the truth came out.

  • Lily Lee says:

    Linda and Raymond is a lovely couple love them

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