Dearest Sister,

It’s actually true. Someone above is really looking at us and how we are. I always laughed that Ah Yuet was ‘Lor Lui’ (adopted), and it turns out that I’m the one who is truly adopted. I always laughed that Ah Heng is a mute girl, but now I want to say sorry to you all, I don’t even have a chance. How is this difference from being mute? I always laugh that Chung-Jai is half illiterate, but now I’m trying to write an apology letter I can’t even write properly. I’m the one illiterate.

Sister, I am now living in a hostel, facing the old entertainment(?) centre, do you still remember? Back then I was taken by the stupid Richard and sold there, it’s that one. Now it’s not there anymore, it changed into a church. Every night I can’t sleep, I would only stare at the cross. I learned to pray. Sister, old things are gone and have changed into the new. I am now a new Ah Sa. Back then you didn’t care about anything and rushed in and saved me. Save me once more today. I loved money my whole life. Now when I see money I really hate them. Sis, I’m living like I’m dying. I’m married but I don’t even know if I have a husband or not. I originally have a daughter but she won’t acknowledge me as her mum. I originally had a sister and dad, but it turns out that I don’t. We’re nothing all because of money. If you will forgive me, I’ll swallow all the money into my stomach- I’m serious.

Because of this apology/regret/declaration of change letter, the family believes that SaYi was genuine in her words and accepts her back into the family. I think Sa Yi has changed and hopefully she’ll be on her best behavior from now on! Even though she is taken back, they ignore her most of the time ^^;

When SaYi overhears HorMa’s conversation with Kelvin’s mum and finds out HorMa was slapped in the bathroom restaurants by Ah Hong the other day, she looked like she felt sad for her but quietly did not say anything to her. When HorMa goes overseas on a trip with Kelvin’s mum, Ah Hong invites SaYi out in hope to bribe her to work for her as a spy; reporting back everything that JoBao does or says at HorMa’s place.  SaYi ends up fooling them back pretending she is interested and started showing them some photos  on her phone (which were completely irrelevant) and started charging them money. She finally yelled back at them, saying how she swore she would never betray her family ever again =D SaYi really has changed and I feel so proud of her =) She tried to teach Ah Hong a lesson and stick up for HorMa, constantly yelling after her as they were leaving.

Sa Yi continued to chase Michelle out at the shopping mall and slap her across the face! =D In the struggle, Michelle falls down the escalators!!

The scared Sa Yi ran home it hope to find help but when the police arrive to arrest SaYi, (Ah Gong accused SaYi) for blackmailing them for money etc and pushing Ah Hong down the escalators, the family openly points her out. That’s what happens when she has been lying all her life and it sounds like something she would do.  SaYi tried to explain that she was just fooling around with them about the photos etc because she wanted to stick up for HorMa being slapped, but no one believed her. Adding to that, HorMa is not around to prove it.

In the hospital however, Ah Hong denies that SaYi was the one who pushed her down the escalators… 0_0 that’s very strange of her! I hope she’s not using this to get SaYi on her side!

On the other hand, Kate continues to act innocent to gain Moses’ sympathy. She lied about the tattoo on her leg and even dragged Moses to go to the beach with her during work time; leaving Tavia really frustrated and annoyed as she waited for Moses to return to get their work done.

12 Responses to “[Moonlight Resonance] Episode 26 Thoughts”

  • Summer says:

    This episode, is quite fun to see Sa Yi stay at hotel and wan to eat money.. haha..she, sometimes quite cute..

    another side, so angry Ga Mei , always pull away Ah Ka and let Ah yue alone in office do all the pity Ah Yue

  • rachel says:

    yay!!! finally Sa Yi has turned around and used her annoyingness and arguing skills for good!! i was so happy for her. but at first, i was like “oh no! here we go again! she’s gonna be greedy!” but then after watching her food Ah Hong, it was awesome!!! i loved it after that. sa yi is now one of my favorite characters. i just want to see more of her arguing and yelling at Hong Yi and Ah Gung!go Sa Yi!!!!

  • Wendy says:

    Ka Mei is really a horrible, horrible b!tch. She’s constantly lying and a double headed snake. How can Ka fall for someone like her?? How can??!!??!

  • LOl I agree with Wendy! Moses is “weak” on “innocent” girls XD Btw, is Kate’s tattoo fake? I thought it was real…..

  • KTVB says:

    To summer: I agree! SaYi eating the money was cute to watch xD

    To rachel: YESH! It’s also the good feeling of having Grandma on their side too =)

    To wendy: sadly Moses can’t see the other side of her..

    To blue_angel_12: I think the tattoo is real but the fact that ‘Moses is the only one who knows about it’ is a lie (since SaYi knows about it too). I’m not sure what the true story behind the tattoo is

  • chibi says:

    yay for Ah Sa! After hating her for sooo many episodes, it’s good to see there is real character development and now she’s gonna behave =D

    Ga Mei is just a slutty two-face ~_~

  • Yuei says:

    Good one Sa Yi!!

    Nice loud slap and then great fall…

    nice outfit on Michelle though
    nice jewellery

  • Qwerty says:

    This episode was really interesting ^^
    I actually felt SaYi was suspicious even when they let her back in the family but I’m so glad she fought with Ah Hong and claimed she will never betray her family ^^ I felt so sorry for her when she went back home for help and no one believed her T__T

    I think Ah Hong denied SaYi pushed her down the escalator because while she was laying in bed Jo Bao had a phone conversation with Hor Ma. He said that Hor Ma was always like that so kind and thinking of others, etc which is why Ah Hong is trying to show Jo Bao that she also has a nice side, the personality trait of Hor Ma which Jo Bao is obviously attracted to. I don’t believe Ah Hong will use it to manipulate SaYi… hope she doesn’t becos after this ep I don’t believe SaYi will do any more bad things to her family!!

  • Maggie says:

    I remember this. Omg. When I saw that slap, I was happy. Good Job Sa Yee. XD

    I want to know the song when Kate and Moses were swimming together in the beach. I cant find that song.

  • poopoo says:

    mo sum hoi lei….

  • pooza says:


  • Dean says:

    what is the song when Ka Mei and Moses Chan are swimming in the Ocean, and Tavia Yeung is alone in the office?

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